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Abu Hamza unhappy with gay nurse

PinkNews Staff Writer June 25, 2007
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A jailed Islamic preacher has complained to the Prison Service about his homosexual personal care nurse.

Abu Hamza was convicted in February 2006 of inciting racial hatred and murder. He has been held at Belmarsh high security prison since 2004.

Hamza has a hook instead of a right hand, and requires help from a nurse to wash and dress.

The Mirror reports that the hate preacher has discovered that his regular nurse for the last two years is a gay man.

Lawyers for Hamza have written to the Prison Service demanding a replacement, claiming his reliigous human rights are being breached by being assisted by a homosexual.

Prison sources say the nurse is openly gay and clearly effeminate, and his homosexuality has been obvious the entire time he has been working with Hamza.

A prison source told The Mirror:

“The nurse is upset about it. He has spent the last couple of years doing everything for Hamza, even wiping his bottom.

“It shows how little respect Hamza has for others. The nurse dresses him, washes him, cleans his teeth, cuts his toenails, trims his beard and applies ointment for his skin disorder.

“His nurse is open about being gay. He even speaks with a camp voice. His nickname is Queenie.

“Hamza has been refusing treatment while he is on duty but he won’t be able to keep that up because it is causing him a great deal of discomfort.”

The prison service says it does not discriminate on grounds of sexuality and refused to comment on individual prisoners.

Hamza has claimed that Zionists kept homosexual files on who gay politicians were in order to bribe them, and said he disapproved of homosexuality.

He said Aids had been sent as a curse on homosexuals: “They have a common punishment amongst them and they have the virus to run after them wherever they go.”

Hamza said homosexual priests had no right to preach and transsexuals are cursed.

“Men who imitated women, or women imitating men, were cursed. “Now if a woman is also trying to build muscles and decides to grow a moustache or cut her hair short or she wear suits from Lord Jones what will the next be? She will be picked by another woman.”

He declared if the state did not stop homosexuality “some people have to stop it. People will be killed, no problem.”

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