Celebs split while gay marriage thrives

Ross von Metzke December 8, 2006
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“Everybody sins. No sin is greater or different than the other. To each his own. If it don’t bother Jennifer, then Jennifer don’t mind. I don’t really even think about it because I don’t believe in judging people for what they do.”

Yes folks, you read it. Unfortunately, a reporter from the Dallas Voice quoted everybody’s favourite Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson (yeah, you heard that Beyonce) saying homosexuality is a sin when he asked the budding starlet where she stood on gay marriage.

But looks can be deceiving and, like a reporter did last month with gay icon Carol Channing (she later defended herself and declared her love for the gay community in an interview with IN Magazine) Hudson, it would seem, was ambushed.

The discussion started with a recap of Hudson’s religious upbringing and quickly evolved into a commentary on her thoughts about gay marriage.

Now, a couple of thoughts. First, Hudson acknowledges that no one has ever asked for her opinion on gay issues before. Secondly, Hudson is a total novice when it comes to speaking to the press. Aside from a few quotes here and there while promoting American Idol, this is the first time the budding young star has ever sat down with reporters.

And so, she launched into the quote.

In her interview with the Advocate earlier in the month, this is what Jennifer had to say about the gay community: “I think the world of the gay community, and I feel like it’s an honour. The gay community is the hardest community to please, so if they love me, I must be fierce, honey.”

The Dallas Voice story was sent to just bout every gay publication in the United States, Gay Wired included. And while I admit I’m not thrilled about seeing the girl I sat there and punched buttons for night after night while she was on American Idol refer to me as a sinner, it’s evident when you read the whole quote what she’s trying to say … even more so when you read her response to the interview, “In a recent interview, I was asked how I reconciled being a Christian with performing at events for my gay fans. I find it upsetting that some folks equate being a Christian with being intolerant of gay people. That may, unfortunately, be true for some, but it is not true for me. I have talked often of my love and support of the gay community. I have said again and again that it was the gay community that supported me long before and long after American Idol, and kept me working and motivated. It is the gay community that celebrated my voice and my size and my personality long before Dreamgirls.

“Yes, I was raised Baptist. Yes, I was taught that the Bible has certain views on homosexuality. The Bible also teaches us not to judge. It teaches us to love one another as God loves us all. I love my sister, my two best friends and my director dearly. They happen to be gay. So what? While some search for controversy, I hope that my friends and fans who know me know where I stand.”

That says it all-perhaps her quote in the Dallas Voice isn’t phrased in the best way, but reading this, I have no doubt of her genuine love … and am getting fairly sick of writers forcing celebrities into the corner with agenda style reporting.

And, now how about something a bit less heavy-divorce, paternity and drug use.

While the UK press struggles for stories on gay divorces to coincide with the first year anniversary of civil partnerships, it is the straight couples who are splitting.

It seems that before Pam Anderson and Kid Rock went their separate ways, they sat down with GQ Magazine for an interview appearing in this month’s issue to discuss marriage. The result pretty much said what we learned last week-life hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing since the two said ‘I do.’

For starters, Kid Rock seems noticeably pissed that his broke friends couldn’t afford to see them walk down the Lido deck when they exchanged vows on a boat in St. Tropez in July. The wedding, he says, was designed for “whoever could afford to come,” adding, “None of my friends were there.” Anderson attempted to correct him, saying, “They’re all your friends, baby,” but Rock snapped, insisting once again, “None of my friends were there.”

They hit a rocky patch again minutes later when Rock insisted that singing the U2 classic “With or Without You” to his blushing bride ” … takes the gay meter right to the end.” Anderson, none too pleased with his use of the word gay, said, “That’s enough with the gay word. That’s not nice.”

But the problems started when the actress threatened divorce. When asked if his wife’s love of animals has had made any sort of impact on him, Rock joked, “Now I shoot the deer and she saves it.” Anderson, none too amused, fired back, “That’s divorce right there. You shoot anything, it’s over. That’s in writing.”

What, did Kid Rock join Dick Cheney on duck hunt or something? Me thinks this marriage was doomed long go, but it’s fun to speculate.

One relationship we’re pretty damn sure is doomed-Scary Spice and Eddie


Now I know Scary hasn’t been a Spice Girl for going on six years, but it’s a hell of lot more interesting than Melanie Brown, so I’m going to stick with it.

True, Eddie and Scary had been super hush-hush about their relationship since shacking up mere weeks after the ink was dry on his divorce from wife of 12 and momma of 5, Nicole Murphy. But they’d been photographed in public, Scary had been seen playing with the kids and they took a well known vacation as a family to the beach in August.

A month later, the press started talking, because Scary was seen sporting one of those tell tale baby bumps the photographers love to stumble upon. She and Eddie, by all accounts, were still together, so the valid assumption was that the baby was his.

Not so fast-Eddie called out a Dutch reporter who asked if he was excited by the birth, saying: “But you’re being presumptuous, because we’re not together anymore, and we don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Scary fired the next shot, saying she was hurt and blindsided by Eddie’s comments and that the baby was, without question, his.

Who’s the liar? Well, by all accounts, Scary’s track record is relatively rosy while we’re still not sure what Eddie was really doing with a transgender hooker in the wee hours of the morning on Santa Monica Blvd. a few years back-we’re pretty sure, mind you, we just can’t spell it out.

Something tells me this one’s going get ugly-and mark our words, we’ll be there every step of the way.

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