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  • 2nd March 2006

    Minister faces ban for marrying lesbian couples

    The Rev Jane Spahr of San Rafael will be tried by the judicial body of the Presbyterian Church, punishment could include anything from a rebuke to a 30 year ban from the ministry

    12:00 AM — An American minister could face expulsion after accusations that she led marriage ceremonies for two lesbian couples in California.The Rev Jane Spahr of San Rafael will be tried by the judicial body of the Presbyterian Church, punishment could include anything from a rebuke to a 30 year ban from the ministry.Ms Spahr, who is also a lesbian activist, insists she was honouring her personal conscience and relationship with God when she officiated at the ceremonies.

  • Gay officer sues township

    The lawsuit says there is rampant homophobia in the law enforcement community

    12:00 AM — A gay police officer who's colleague outed him to the rest of his force is pursuing legal action against his department.In 2001 Michael J. Kurz, 34, who worked at the Washington Township Police Department confided in a co worker that he was gay, his secret was then exposed to the rest of his colleagues.

  • US gays denied lower tax rates 1

    Gay families pay on average higher taxes and get fewer benefits

    12:00 AM — Gay couples in America who are married have no right to lower tax rates as the US government only recognises straight marriage, according to the Internal Revenue Service.The IRS has sent out warnings that same sex couples legally married in Massachusetts or registered as domestic partners in states such as California and New Jersey still have to file separate income tax forms, rather than joint ones which straight couples who divide their incomes do.

  • Republicans using gay marriage campaign to recruit members

    The discs contain video clips from state governors talking about what they consider as the dangers of gay marriage and why they believe a constitutional amendment is needed to ensure marriage remains between a man and woman

    12:00 AM — The Minnesota Republican Party is being accused of secretly building up a voter database through a CD-Rom campaigning for a gay marriage ban.Democrats are complaining that the disc will gather false data just from people putting it on their computers. The discs contain video clips from state governors talking about what they consider as the dangers of gay marriage and why they believe a constitutional amendment is needed to ensure marriage remains between a man and woman.

  • Brokeback Mountain gets sweet tooth 1

    Previous Brokeback bidding wars have included dolls and clothes worn in the hit film

    12:00 AM — The online auction frenzy for Brokeback Mountain memorabilia continues this week with an auction for sweet dispensers dedicated to the gay cowboy movie.An American seller on eBay is offering buyers two Pez dispensers which feature the heads of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. The custom made sweet holders of characters, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, are made from Sculpey Clay and hand painted. The name "PEZ" is outlined in rhinestones.

  • Transgendered fire-fighter claims discrimination 4

    Fire Chief Carlos Perez is named in the complaint

    12:00 AM — An American fire-fighter claims that she's being discriminated against because she used to be a man.Fire Captain Jamie Faucon, has filed a complaint against the Knoxville Fire Chief Carlos Perez and her supervisor, Mark Foulkes.Ms Faucon claims that she was denied a car and overtime because she is a trangendered woman.

  • School rejects ex-pupil for starring in Brokeback Mountain 5

    Michelle Williams has received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress

    12:00 AM — Brokeback Mountain star, Michelle Williams is persona non grata at her old school, who don't want to know her since she starred in the film of gay cowboy love.Ms Williams attended Santa Fe Christian School in California. The school's headmaster, Jim Hopson told his local newspaper that the school "don't want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie."

  • 1st March 2006

    Gay marriage bans cause stress, study says 4

    The research claims that bans increases depression and isolation

    12:00 AM — Same sex marriage bans cause mental stress for gays and lesbians, according to a US study.The research, "I do, but I can't," at the National Sexuality Resource Centre, in San Francisco, found that denying same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexuals created "the mental distress of second-class citizenship." They claim bans increases depression and isolation.

  • Size matters to gay men, research shows

    The team questioned over 250 gay men in their twenties about their self esteem and how they saw their own bodies

    12:00 AM — Dutch researchers have found that genitalia size is of prime importance to how gay men see themselves.A study at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands concluded that gay men believe a larger penis contributes to a better life and lovemaking.The team questioned over 250 gay men in their twenties about their self esteem and how they saw their own bodies.

  • Police force transgendered woman forced to urinate in a cup

    Helena Stone claims that she is now forced by the authorities to urinate in a cup in her office.

    12:00 AM — A transgendered telephone engineer from New York has claimed that she was arrested three times in the past six months by transport police for using the women's toilets. She claims she is now forced to urniate in a plastic cup.Helena Stone, 70, who is undergoing treatment for a gender chance from male to female said that a police officer called her: "a freak, a weirdo and the ugliest woman in the world." She was told: "If I ever see you in the women's bathroom, I'm going to arrest you."

  • Comment: The small gay pride march with a lion’s roar 2

    South Africa's gay community celebrated Cape Town Pride last week

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Nikki Sinclair reports on South Africa's 5th gay pride celebrations in Cape Town. Imagine how delighted my girlfriend and I were last Thursday to find out that, through sheer serendipity, we had managed to arrive in Cape Town just in time for 'Pride' weekend, during our brief trip to South Africa. We had spent a very interesting ten days already, visiting the rather more conservative Durban and Pretoria, and were now staying very close to the gay village in Cape Town. We couldn't wait to take part in the festivities, and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

  • 28th February 2006

    Clint Eastwood’s son is gay, friend claims 4

    Sam Kelley says he enjoyed a close relationship with musician Kyle Eastwood (pictured above)

    12:00 AM — A US estate agent is claiming to have had a gay affair with Clint Eastwood's son.New York based Sam Kelley says he enjoyed a close relationship with the Hollywood legends son, Kyle Eastwood, during his 14 year marriage to model Laura Gomez.

  • Group push for gay emergency pack 1

    The group wants an emergency pack for gay people affected by disasters

    12:00 AM — A gay council group in West Hollywood is suggesting an lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender specific emergency pack in the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.The Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board of the city of West Hollywood believes the LGBT community needs its own pack and is hoping the City Council will review and consider its proposal.

  • Group files lawsuit against school gay club ban

    The ACLU sued White County School District officials for violating the students' rights under the federal Equal Access Act

    12:00 AM — The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit in federal court against officials at White County High School in Cleveland, Georgia for illegally banning a gay-straight alliance club (GSA)."I've been assaulted at school twice and called names more times than I can remember, and I know gay students who have had to drop out of our school because the harassment was so bad.

  • Army cadets dismissed for “gay acts” 1

    Fifteen officer cadets in the Nigerian army were  expelled

    12:00 AM — Fifteen army cadets have been dismissed from Nigeria's military academy for alleged homosexual acts.An academy spokesman said action was taken after complaints of molestation. Homosexuality comes under indecency laws in the country.Maj. Timothy Atigha told the Associated Press a board of inquiry had been set up to look into the allegations, and medical examinations were conducted on all the 1,000 or so cadets at the Nigeria Defence Academy.

  • Trans teacher returns to school

    Several parents said their young children wouldn't understand the change of gender and would be confused

    12:00 AM — A Virginia school has caused controversy amongst parents after allowing a teacher to return to work after a sex change.Lily Mcbeth is a substitute teacher at Eagleswood Elementary School, she had a sex change last year to become a woman and re applied for her job under her new name.The school board allowed the 71 year old to work earlier this week amongst anger from parents to ban her from the school she had taught at as a man for five years.

  • Africans jailed for gay sex

    Homosexuality is seen as a curse in some traditional African beliefs

    12:00 AM — Two Cameroonians were jailed yesterday after admitting to having gay sex.A court in Cameroon, where homosexuality is illegal, jailed the men for a year. One of the men said he had been tricked into the act on a false promise that he would be taken to Europe.The country's tabloid newspapers sold out last month after publishing lists and photos of allegedly gay public figures in what their editors justified as a crusade against "deviant behaviour".

  • Gay pride ban against human rights, group says

    Protests against the ban are planned outside Russian embassies in London, Paris, Warsaw and Stockholm on Thursday

    12:00 AM — The mayor of Moscow's plans to ban the city's gay pride march are a threat to civil liberties and civil society, according to a human rights group.Human Rights Watch has written a letter to the mayor, Yuri Luzhkov calling on him to let the parade go ahead on the scheduled date of May 27. The document accuses him of inhibting freedom of expression and promoting prejudice.

  • Gay Games will not row on Crystal Lake

    Gay Games officials believe the opposition is an excuse to discriminate against the gay and lesbian community

    12:00 AM — The Crystal Lake Park District in Chicago has given in to residents complaints by turning down the Gay Games request to host its rowing event in the area.Illinois residents filed complaints last week with the Crystal Lake Park District over plans to allow this summer's Gay Games to host a rowing event in the area.

  • 27th February 2006

    South Korea makes gay film a hit

    The surprise hit is about a troupe of entertainers condemned to die for an act mocking 16th-century King Yonsan, but who beg to be pardoned if they can make the king laugh

    12:00 AM — As Brokeback Mountain sails past $75 million at the box office in the United States, a gay-themed movie in South Korea has become the country's third most popular film of all time.King and the Clown, which tells the story of an effeminate male clown caught between the affections of a despotic king and a fellow performer, has sold more than 11 million tickets since its Dec. 29 premiere, a feat considering the country's conservative climate.

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