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  • 13th March 2006

    Professor angers gay groups over sperm warning

    Genetics experts have in the past examined the existence of a gay gene

    12:00 AM — A New Zealand university professor has angered gay groups by suggesting that recipients of sperm from gay donors should be warned that the "gay gene" may be inherited.His comments come after medics lifted the ban on gay sperm donors in reaction to protests from human rights groups.

  • Bulgaria choose gay transvestite for Eurovision 2006 2

    The infamous artist, Azis, 28, will accompany Mariana Popova on stage to perform the Eastern European country's 2006 entry, Let Me Cry

    12:00 AM — A gay transvestite is being tipped to represent Bulgaria at this years Eurovision song contest in Athens.The infamous artist, Azis, 28, will accompany Mariana Popova on stage to perform the Eastern European country's 2006 entry, Let Me Cry.

  • Acting agencies accused of ignoring gay roles

    New Zealand agencies seem to be ignoring the success of gay films such as Brokeback Mountain

    12:00 AM — New Zealand acting agencies are refusing to put forward their clients for gay roles, according to a Kiwi film maker.Director Andy Boreham, who is making a gay safe sex film for the New Zealand AIDs Foundation, told a gay publication that he has been stifled by agents who don't want to offer same sex "affectionate" parts to their actors.

  • New Zealand clinics legalise gay sperm donation

    PinkNews.co.uk revealed last week that the ban may be lifted

    12:00 AM — A fertility clinic's U-Turn on a ban against gay men from donating sperm means it will start accepting donations by the end of the month, according to Reuters.The decision comes after a Wellington man was denied from making a donation after hearing about a national donor shortage and offering to help. Both he and his partner were told they could not donate sperm because they were gay.

  • Pro gay rights judge threatened with impeachment

    Mr Dwyer is the same delegate who made a failed effort to get a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage on the November ballot

    12:00 AM — After years of promising to impeach any judge who attempted to overturn a Maryland state law banning same-sex marriage, Ann Arundel County delegate Don Dwyer attempted to do just that this week when Baltimore circuit court judge M. Brooke Murdock ruled in favour of same-sex marriage.But his fellow lawmakers didn't agree, voting 20-3 late Thursday to reject a proposal to impeach Ms Murdock.

  • Gay group slams Catholic charities decision to end adoption scheme

    Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) has promised to seek an exemption from state law for religious organisations

    12:00 AM — Catholic Charities in Boston have announced that they will end their adoption programme in reaction to laws forcing them to allow gay people to adopt.The statement comes after months of infighting and was met with disapproval from gay-rights groups.

  • Immigrants tested with gay kiss 1

    The test marks a crackdown on immigration for the country usually known for its liberal views

    12:00 AM — Muslim groups are criticising the Netherlands over the use of films featuring two men kissing to test asylum seeker's liberal attitudes as a basis for entry into the country.Applicants' reactions will be tested to see if they can accept the language and culture of Holland.Leaders from the Muslim community in Holland say the film is offensive, "It really is a provocation aimed to limit immigration. It has nothing to do with the rights of homosexuals."

  • 11th March 2006

    Keanu Reeves brushes off gay rumours 7

    Keanu Reeves said: “I try not to live my life by what other people say”

    12:00 AM — The Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, prefers to laugh off rumours questioning his sexuality rather than consult his expensive lawyer.He told the New York Post: "I try not to live my life by what other people say. People were gossiping about what the king and queen were doing way back when."It's just human nature. We like talking about other people."

  • 10th March 2006

    Friends claim Luther Vandross was gay 6

    Vandross, whose hits included Dance With My Father and Here and Now, died in July 2005

    12:00 AM — A gay magazine has revealed that the artist, who died last summer, was secretly homosexual and was extremely careful not to let the public know.One friend, writer Bruce Vilanch, told the magazine that he was aware of the star's sexuality from the beginning of his career, he said: ""He was way 'in' (the closet). He said to me, 'No one knows I'm in the life.'"

  • Gay Olympics come to Copenhagen

    It will be the first major sporting event in the lead up to the country's Olympic bid

    12:00 AM — Denmark will host the 2009 OutGames as part of its bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics.The event will be hosted in the capital city of Copenhagen and is expected to attract over 15,000 competitors and 200,000 fans.It will be the first major sporting event in the lead up to the country's Olympic bid, Martin Geertsen, deputy mayor of cultural affairs said: "I feel an air of excitement all over. Therefore we will work to make sure that the OutGames become the biggest and best international sporting event for gays and lesbians."

  • Gay film festival tours Africa

    Gay groups and individuals can already watch free DVDs of films featured in the event in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

    12:00 AM — The organisers of South Africa's gay film festival are planning to take the cultural event to gay people and groups across the region.For 12 years, the South African "Out in Africa" film festival has been one of the biggest cultural events on the gay calendar, now the films will be taken to neighbouring African countries where homosexuality is not seen as positively.

  • Brad Pitt may have found gay role 1

    Last month the star revealed that he would love to appear in the ultimate gay love story

    12:00 AM — Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt is rumoured to have landed his dream gay love story.The actor is said to have been lined up for a part in The Front Runner, a film about a gay love affair between a male track coach and a team member, based on a novel by Patricia Nell Warren.

  • Gay groups say Easter discrimination is no yolk

    The White House Easter Egg Roll has been a family occasion in Washington since 1878.

    12:00 AM — Gay groups are reacting to the increasing anti gay legislation in America by organising a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) family event outside the White House in Washington.While several US states are currently debating issues such as gay marriage and adoption, the Family Pride Coalition, which campaigns for gay family equality, encouraged hundreds of LGBT families to attend the annual Easter egg roll outside the government building last weekend.

  • Man charged for endangering gay sex partners 1

    The arrest came as part of a crackdown on obscene websites

    12:00 AM — An HIV-positive man has been arrested for potentially spreading the virus by having sex with other men without warning them of his condition.Incheon Metropolitan Police in South Korea arrested and charged the 24-year old, who caught the virus in 2002, is charged with having high-risk sex with seven men he met on the internet.

  • Mussolini’s grand daughter: “Fascists better than faggots” 1

    Born Wladimiro Guadagno, Vladimir Luxuria considers herself neither male nor female but dresses as a woman and prefers to be called a 'she'

    12:00 AM — The granddaughter of the late Fascist leader Benito Mussolini has defended her relative's political beliefs and wartime actions by saying it was better than being a "faggot."Alessandra Mussolini, a member of a right wing party just welcomed into Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's coalition, made the derogatory comments on a TV chat show in Italy.

  • Officers pose as gay men to catch drug dealers

    “From our understanding, they believe that by consuming drugs while having sex, their sexual pleasure can be heightened,“ a police officer said

    12:00 AM — Police in Singapore are going undercover as homosexuals in an attempt to catch drug traffickers.Two male officers posed as gay men looking for sex to gain access to a drug ring which supplied ecstasy pills exclusively to the gay community.Officers found six ecstasy pills in the raid and later found another 136 ecstasy pills and eight Erimin-5 tablets, a banned sedative.

  • Groups try to increase gay adoption support

    Social workers, child advocates, foster parents and clergy members are trying to gain support in Florida to modify the state's ban on gay adoption

    12:00 AM — Legislation to allow gay foster parents to adopt children already in their care is reported to be losing ground.Social workers, child advocates, foster parents and clergy members are trying to gain support in Florida to modify the state's ban on gay adoption.Supporters say gay foster parents who have already shown they can look after children should be able to continue. Opponents believe the best environment for a child is in a mother-father house.

  • 9th March 2006

    Rabbis delay over Jewish gay marriage rights

    The UK Masorti movement told PinkNews.co.uk  it would never consider Jewish same sex unions

    12:00 AM — The Conservative Judaism movement in America has delayed its decision on lifting a ban on homosexual rabbis and gay marriage.The organisation was expected to debate a removal of the prohibition this week but the Rabbinical Assembly has instead decided to wait until December to vote on the controversial issue.

  • Gay Games given the row ahead

    Residents, gay rights activists, ministers and legal experts attended the meeting to raise issues ranging from tolerance, the human rights and fear the games would promote promiscuity

    12:00 AM — The vote banning the Gay Games rowing event from Crystal Lake in Chicago has been reversed.After a deadlock vote last month, it was thought that the proposal had failed and the event would have to be moved, but a rescheduled full committee poll this week gave approval for the event to go ahead.

  • Politician loses election race after gay prostitute revelations

    The Texas State flag alongside the American flag

    12:00 AM — A Democratic candidate for the Texas House has lost his bid for nomination after his support and endorsement faded in reaction to revelations that he once worked as a gay prostitute.The Dallas Morning News reported last month that Tom Malin had advertised his sexual services under the alias of Todd Sharpe as recently as 2001 via an online escort service.

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