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  • 11th September 2006

    Gay groups unsure of South African marriage law

    South African gay group OUT LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) has expressed disappointment at the Civil Union Bill which is presently before parliament

    12:00 AM — It was hailed as a sign that the continent was becoming more tolerant towards homosexuality, but now campaigners are claiming South Africa's gay union legislation falls short of what they were promised by the country's highest court last year.Last December the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that same-sex marriages should enjoy the same legal status as those between men and women, thereby giving the parliament a year to amend the 1961 marriage law.

  • 8th September 2006

    Germany asks gays to tolerate the Pope 4

    Pope Benedict XVI, referred to as Papa Ratzi in Germany, begins a six day tour of his native Bavaria on Saturday where he will visit the state capital of Munich and the village of Marktl am Inn where he was born in 1927

    12:00 AM — Germany's gay community has been urged to show "tolerance" to the Pope as he begins a tour of his country of birth tomorrow.Pope Benedict XVI, referred to as Papa Ratzi in Germany, begins a six day tour of his native Bavaria on Saturday where he will visit the state capital of Munich and the village of Marktl am Inn where he was born in 1927.

  • Rights organisations condemn outing of gays 3

    The current tabloid hysteria is a welcome distraction from the fact that the country has serious internal problems.

    12:00 AM — Human rights activists have criticised a newspaper in Uganda for publishing a list of men they claim are gay. Red Pepper claims it did so to expose how " the terrible vice known as sodomy is eating up our society."Sodomy carries a life sentence in Uganda under laws that have remained in force since the country was a British colony.

  • US synagogues preparing for gay rabbis 3

    In 1992, the last time the movement discussed the issue of homosexuality, it decreed that gays and lesbians would be welcome in its synagogues but that it would not condone gay behaviour, ordination or marriages

    12:00 AM — US synagogues are preparing for a policy shift of biblical proportions after a Conservative Jewish leader this week accepted that the movement may lift its ban on openly gay rabbis.Rabbi Jerome Epstein, executive vice president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, is reported to be visiting synagogues to sound out opinions on ordaining openly gay clergy.

  • Latvia avoids gay media ban 2

    The rejection comes after gay groups urged Latvia to uphold its commitment to human rights after the Riga Gay Pride march was banned on public order grounds last July. (photo: Ignas Kukenys)

    12:00 AM — Latvia's gay community has narrowly avoided a law which would have banned all mention of homosexuality in the mass media.The Latvian Parliament yesterday rejected a bill proposed by the Latvia First Party aiming to protect the "family institution."A party statement said the law should ensure the media do "not weaken the role of the family institution, do not split society, and do not create a misconception about a group of individuals claiming special treatment due to their beliefs."

  • Gay Christians granted approval 1

    Members of the student-led movement, which brings together students from many denominations and even other faiths, expressed their excitement about the $100,000 grant

    12:00 AM — The controversial divide between religion and sexuality may shrink, but certainly not the dreams of students who have launched a major campaign supporting gay Christian youth and young adults in Canada.The Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM), a national ecumenical network of campus groups, is launching a "Queer and Christian Without Contradiction" campaign after winning a major grant this summer.

  • Pope calls gay rights an “ephemeral social trend” 6

    The Pope mocked the concept of tolerance in his address to the bishops and called the idea of gay marriage a folly. (photo: Chris Coyote, Flickr)

    12:00 AM — On the eve of his homecoming visit to Germany, Pope Benedict XVI has launched a full-frontal attack on the rights of gay people.Speaking to a delegation of visiting Canadian bishops, Benedict once again showed his determination to interfere in the secular political process.The Pope castigated the Canadian government for legalising gay marriage and abortion, saying that they are ignoring the "Creator's divine plan."

  • 7th September 2006

    Schwarzenegger vetoes gay school bill

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill prohibiting public schools from portraying gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people negatively

    12:00 AM — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday vetoed a bill prohibiting Californian public schools from portraying gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people negatively."I am vetoing Senate Bill 1437 because this bill attempts to offer vague protection when current law already provides clear protection against discrimination in our schools based on sexual orientation," the governor wrote in his veto letter to the Senate.

  • Ghanaian gay leader attacks media

    GLAG President P K McDonalds claims that the media have printed false statements attributed to him

    12:00 AM — The President of the Gay and Lesbian Association Ghana (GLAG) has claimed that the media has made up its coverage of an event that was due to be held in Accra.Patrick McDonalds told The Crusading Guide newspaper that GLAG members were unaware of any international conference that was due to take place, and that the media had aggravated public hatred towards those with a same sex preference.

  • French presidential hopeful rules out gay marriage 1

    Same sex couples should not be able to marry or adopt, the leader of France's Union for a Popular Movement ((Union pour un Mouvement Populaire) and potential presidential candidate Nicolas Sarzoky has announced

    12:00 AM — Same sex couples should not be able to marry or adopt, the French interior minister and presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarzoky has announced.Mr Sarzoky outlined his policies and campaigning strategy in a French magazine interview this month gearing up for the country's 2007 presidential elections.

  • 6th September 2006

    Anti gay groups courting minority churches

    Conservative groups pushing for the passage of a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Virginia are asking leaders of the state's minority churches for their support

    12:00 AM — Conservative groups pushing for the passage of a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Virginia are asking leaders of the state's minority churches for their support."African-American churches and social conservatives have more in common in our belief system than anyone could imagine," Chris Freund, of the Family Foundation, told a group of mostly black and Latino ministers last month at Pat Robertson's Regent University, reports The Associated Press.

  • US military gay policy deteriorating female presence 5

    Last month, former Army Major Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic candidate for Illinois's 6th Congressional District, expressed strong support for repealing the military's “Don't Ask, Don't Tell“ policy

    12:00 AM — Women continue to be discharged at twice the rate of their presence in the armed forces under the federal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law banning openly lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members, according to new data obtained by Servicemembers Legal Defence Network.While women account for approximately 15 percent of the armed forces, they totalled 30 percent of those dismissed under the gay ban in fiscal year 2005.

  • Transsexual recognition increasing in South Korea

    South Korea has seen an increasing amount of transsexuals applying for gender reassignment

    12:00 AM — South Korea has seen an increasing amount of transsexuals applying for gender reassignment since a landmark case allowed a transgender male to be legally recognised earlier this year.The Supreme Court announced that 17 transsexuals have applied to have their gender registered on legal records since the ruling last June.

  • 5th September 2006

    Ghanaian Muslims back anti-gay government

    Ghana's Islamic community has supported the governments homophobic stance

    12:00 AM — The Ghana Office of the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society is supporting the Ghanaian governments decision to stop an international conference for gays and lesbians.In an open letter to Ghana's President John Agyekum Kufuor the society praised the governments stance saying "we do not have to re-enact the iniquities that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah."

  • Family Pride to host US conference

    Family Pride is speaking out against legislation aimed at the LGBT community

    12:00 AM — Family Pride in the United States is attempting to buck the trend towards anti-gay and anti-homosexual family legislation.American gay group Family Pride will be hosting Act OUT: the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Family Conference in Dallas this October to help LGBT-headed families and their allies.

  • 4th September 2006

    Rupert blasts Hollywood gay discrimination

    His long career has included roles in several major Hollywood productions, but always in small gay roles.

    12:00 AM — Rupert Everett has attacked Hollywood for not giving him romantic roles because he is gay.The 47-year-old, who publishes his autobiography next month, has also revealed he had a sexual relationship with the late Paula Yates while she was married to Bob Geldof.Everett said: "Without doubt gays are discriminated against in show business."

  • Gay TV star challenges “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

    Lehmkuhl graduated in 1996, served five years and attained the rank of Captain before his honourable discharge.

    12:00 AM — Reichen Lehmkuhl has writen a book about his experiences as a gay man in the US Air Force.32-year-old shot to prominence as the boyfriend of former N-Sync star Lance Bass, who recently surprised no-one by coming out.Lehmkuhl won the US reality show "The Amazing Race" and has subsequently worked as a model and TV presenter.

  • Iraqi gay discrimination “symptomatic” of country’s fate 1

    OutRage is working to support its counterpart organisation in Baghdad, Iraqi LGBT

    12:00 AM — A gay rights group has accused the "Blair backed Iraqi government" of descending the country into an Iranian style religious dictatorship.An investigation by OutRage reveals that parts of Iraq, including some Baghdad neighbourhoods, are now under the de facto control of Taliban-style fundamentalist militias who are enforcing a savage interpretation of Sharia law.

  • Ugandan Prime Minister backs anti-gay church view 2

    Apolo Nsibambi at the International Conference on Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020 in September 2001.

    12:00 AM — Uganda's Prime Minister has backed the Anglican church's negative view of homosexuality claiming it is "inimical" to resist Western values being brought into Africa.Speaking at the start of the 18th Provincial Assembly of the Church of the Province of Uganda , Apolo Nsibambi, expressed support for the church's stand against homosexuality.

  • World Pride organisers negotiate gay march date 23

    A new date of 21st September was scheduled for the march, but this was subsequently rejected by the police

    12:00 AM — The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has responded to Israeli authorities with negotiation after government ministers thwarted plans for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 'Pride and Tolerance' march in Jerusalem.Despite this setback Noa Sattah, the executive director of the JOH, issued a rallying call to Israel saying: "I call everyone who cares about the future of Jerusalem to come and take part in the march."

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