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  • 23rd March 2006

    Bishops still undecided on gay priest issue after retreat

    gay bishop debate rages on

    12:00 AM — As Episcopal bishops end their annual retreat ahead of the 2006 Episcopal Council, the issue of ordaining openly gay bishops is top of the agenda.3 out of 7 candidates put forward in the Diocese of California are living with same sex partners, and arguments about their possible ordination could create an unreachable schism in the Church.

  • Homophobia rife in US police force Amnesty Report claims

    Homophobia rife in US police force Amnesty report claims

    12:00 AM — Thousands of gay bisexual and lesbian people are victims of abuse, discrimination and even torture, claims a new Amnesty International report published today.The report, "Stonewalled - Still demanding respect", is based on extensive interviews that the human rights organisation conducted with gay people, law enforcers activists and lawyers."The interviews reveal a very clear and worrying pattern. Cases of beatings, sexual violence, verbal abuse, harassment and humiliation by law enforcement officials against LGBT people take place," said Amnesty International.

  • Gays not welcome at Rhode Island Cemetery

    Mr Paolino feels that he would like their relationship to be acknowledged.

    12:00 AM — Rick Paolino's gay civil partner Justin died suddenly at home last month and was buried at St Ann's Cemetery. When he went back a month later to order the inscription on the gravestone, he was shocked when cemetery officials turned down his requests for the words "late husband", "spouse" and even "beloved".Bereaved Mr Paolino feels that he would like their relationship to be acknowledged. "

  • USA becoming more tolerant towards the gay community 1

    63 per cent of Americans support same sex marriages

    12:00 AM — The USA is changing for the better by becoming more tolerant towards the gay community.In 1996, 65 per cent of Americans opposed same-sex marriage and 27 per cent supported it according to The Pew Research Centre's poll. The independent research organisation latest poll released yesterday conducted on 1,405 adults between 8th and 12th March found that 51 per cent opposed same-sex marriage and 39 per cent supported it.

  • Lesbian Tennis star is World number 1 1

    Lesbian Tennis star is World number 1

    12:00 AM — French tennis star Amile Mauresmo was returned to the top of the world Tennis Association Rankings this week. She has been fighting to get back into the top spot since 2004. Now, replacing Belgian play Kim Clijsters as number 1, Ms Mauresmo has high hopes for a Summer of tennis success.In spite of being knocked out of the Dubai Open by unseeded Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, Ms Mauresmo clawed her way to the top with a 300 point lead over her nearest rival.

  • Red Cross re-thinks gay blood donation policy 5

    Red Cross re-thinks gay blood donation policy

    12:00 AM — The American red cross are considering repealing a 16 year old ban, preventing gay people from giving blood. It announced that providing the person has not had sex for a year, gay blood donations should be accepted.The American Food and Drug Administration must now undertake a risk assessment process that could see the ban lifted within the next 6 months.

  • Pro gay adoption organisation seeks parents 10

    Pro gay adoption organsation seeks parents

    12:00 AM — As Catholic adoption agencies bicker about allowing gay couples to adopt, one agency in San Francisco is welcoming them with open arms.With a new publicity drive launching on Monday and a new slogan, "there's no place like home" Family Builders is determined to help children find families be they straight or gay.

  • 22nd March 2006

    Lesbian fire-fighter launches discrimination case against boss, who is also her former lover

    Bonnie Bleskachek is one of America's few gay fire chiefs

    12:00 AM — A lesbian fire-fighter has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the fire chief of Minneapolis Tuesday, a woman who happens to be the fire-fighter's former domestic partner.Captain Jennifer Cornell launched her claim in Minneapolis, USA District Court against Chief Bonnie Bleskachek. Ms Cornell named the city as a co-defendant.

  • Gay v Muslim football 3

    Gay v Muslim football competition

    12:00 AM — A football tournament played in Holland yesterday pitted a gay team against a Muslim team in a bid to promote tolerance.Frank Van Dalen, chairman of a collection of Dutch gay groups said: "There is tension between the gay and Muslim communities and a lot of this tension comes from ignorance." Watching the game from the sidelines he commented "We want to show we can live with each other."

  • Gay asylum seekers sent back to Iran

    LGBT asylum seekers sent back to Iran

    12:00 AM — Gay asylum seekers to the Netherlands from Iran will be sent back there, Rita Verdonk, Dutch Immigration minister decides.She is lifting a ban that was put in place 6 months ago following reports that Iranian homosexuals were being executed. Jean Lambert Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London spoke out against the lifting of the ban, expressing concern that Iranian Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) immigrants would face a frightening and uncertain future. "It is extremely worrying that some EU countries are willing to ignore the advice of the Human Rights Watch and signs of danger in Iran."

  • Gay marriage vote in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire joins gay marriage debate

    12:00 AM — A vote in New Hampshire yesterday had a tentative pro gay marriage result. A constitutional amendment had been proposed which would ban same sex marriage specifically in the state's Bill of Rights. It was defeated by 207 votes to 125.Senator Jack Raymond, an opponent of gay marriage said that he would respect the views of the house and not pursue a similar amendment in the State Senate. "The people is the third rail in politics" he said, "and obviously the people that voted against it didn't want it to hit the third rail".

  • First gay club registered in India 13

    gay club registered in Chennai, India

    12:00 AM — The first gay club to be officially registered in India has been founded in Chennai - a brave move in a country where homosexuality is illegal, and homosexuals are viewed with suspicion and contempt.The group's founder, Mr Vasu, said that he created the Men's Community Development Society (MCDS) to draw attention to the injustices that gay people suffer. Unofficially the group has been meeting for 6 years and has over 700 members in Chennai alone, but Mr Vasu decided to take the step of registering the MCDS after police discrimination convinced him that some official protest should be made.

  • Vicars weigh in on both sides of gay marriage issue

    The Rev Doug Donley: God guides vicars on Gay marriage issue. One gets green light, the other sees red

    12:00 AM — The Rev Steve Goold and the Rev Doug Donley found themselves on opposites sides of the debate as their prayers to god for guidance on the issue of gay marriage gave them both different answers.Mr Goold, senior pastor of the Crystal Evangelical Free Church in New Hope said that he felt compelled by God to voice his objection in the gay marriage debate at the Minnesota Capitol.

  • India’s celebrities speak up for gay rights

    Dino Morea said: “gays can make great friends“

    12:00 AM — With the recent official founding of gay group the Men's Community Development Society (MCDS), Indian celebrities have been moved to speak out about attitudes towards gay people in the popular paper Hindustan Times.Male supermodel Dino Morea kicked off the debate noting: "when I entered the modelling world after completing my graduation, I had loads of stories about homosexuals forcibly making you enter into an act with them."

  • Gay Iraqis face death squads 1

    Cleric's Fatwa leads to violence against gay people in Iraq

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveDeath Squads searching for gay men are active in Iraq, claims exiled poet Ali Hili. Transsexuals, he claims, are being burned and beaten to death in Baghdad.The murdered Iraqi men are "usually discovered with their hands bound behind their back, blindfolds over their eyes and bullet wounds in the back of the head", Mr Hili asserts.

  • Parity for gay men in South Korean army

    “The military will treat homosexual soldiers the same as heterosexual ones“

    12:00 AM — South Korea's defence ministry issued a statement addressing the issue of the treatment of gay soldiers in the army."The military will treat homosexual soldiers the same as heterosexual ones," the ministry said in a written statement distributed to news gathering groups.

  • Diversity Day cancelled … again 2

    Diversity Day cancelled ... again

    12:00 AM — Every couple of years Viroqua High School in Virginia spend a day celebrating diversity and tolerance in the community, promoting the values of acceptance non-judgement and charity.But not this year.Florida based law firm Liberty Counsel, representing Pastor Don Greven of Bad Axe Lutheran Church and grandfather of a pupil Charles Lind, threatened legal action if the day went ahead.

  • Mormons threatens to excommunicate member who held a legal gay marriage

    The church said that only allows heterosexuals to be members

    12:00 AM — The Mormon Church is threatening to excommunicate a long-time member who legally married his long-term male partner in Toronto, Canada last year.Buckley Jeppson, 57, married Mike Kessler in 2004, but says senior church official recently told him his life is incompatible with the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that a disciplinary council would address the matter.

  • 21st March 2006

    Battle in Conneticut court over gay marriage rights

    legal battle for marriage continues

    12:00 AM — Eight same sex couples are suing the Department of Public Health in New Haven Connecticut after they were denied marriage licenses in 2004.Backed by an LGTB advocacy group, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), the couples will argue that the refusal to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples violates the Constitution's guarantees of liberty and equality for all of the state's citizens.

  • Bishop speaks out against gay adoption

    Bishop opposed to gay adoption

    12:00 AM — San Franciscan Archbishop George Niederauer has only been in office a month but he's making his presence felt with an anti gay adoption approach.He wants the social services arm of the Archdiocese of San Francisco to bring it's adoption programme "fully in sync" with the church's views while continuing to find homes for hard-to-place children, according to spokesman Maurice Healy.

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