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  • 7th August 2006

    Gays and lesbians targeted in Iraq

    Last March, PinkNews.co.uk printed an investigation by exiled Iraqi poet Ali Hili, of the Iraqi LGBT group and Outrage's Middle East spokesman, which claimed that death squads are targeting homosexuals

    12:00 AM — A television documentary will tonight highlight the plight of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Iraq.As already featured on PinkNews.co.uk, an Observer investigation to be broadcast tonight on More4, will show how the "honour killings" of homosexuals in Iraq is being justified by laws in the country which call it immoral.

  • International gay community snub WorldPride opposition 23

    WorldPride highlights this week include an LGBT Clergy Multifaith Convocation: “Reclaiming Our Faith and Our Heritage,“ a protest highlighting anti-gay incitement and hate campaigns targeting lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, and conferences on gay youth, human rights and health

    12:00 AM — Jerusalem Open House (JOH), the organisers of WorldPride Jerusalem, ridiculed anti-gay protesters who tried to sabotage a youth conference at the Israeli Parliament today, as the international gay event overcame violence in the region to proceed with events and conferences.Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth were invited by Member of the Knesset Sheli Yehimovitch, Chair of the Knesset Committee for Children, to inform her of the problems and challenges that LGBT youth confront on a daily basis.

  • Fort Bragg soldiers oppose army gay policy 5

    The survey was conducted following the dismissal of Army linguist Bleu Copas, an Arabic translator who was dismissed under the ban

    12:00 AM — A July 29 report from the Fayetteville Observer indicates that soldiers at Fort Bragg, one of the US's most active combat installations, do not support the military's continued exclusion of lesbian, gay and bisexual personnel from the armed forces.In a survey of 20 soldiers at the base, the Observer reported finding little support for the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law.

  • 4th August 2006

    UN report demands more better US gay protection

    The UN Human Rights Committee's July 28 report says the US must undertake efforts to combat anti-gay job discrimination and hate crimes

    12:00 AM — A United Nations report released late last month slams the US for not doing enough to protect gay citizens from discrimination and abuse.The UN Human Rights Committee's July 28 report says the US must undertake efforts to combat anti-gay job discrimination and hate crimes.

  • Gay army applicants test Don’t Ask policy 5

    Currently, a bill known as the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which proposes to lift the ban and replace it with a policy that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, was introduced in the House of Representatives in March 2005

    12:00 AM — Three openly gay applicants in Philadelphia were rejected by a local military recruiting centre on Tuesday because they are "morally and administratively ineligible," one applicant said."Our applications were denied, none of us were accepted," Jarrett Lucas, 20, told Philadelphia Daily News, outside the Army Recruiting Station.

  • Catholic charities admit handling gay adoptions 10

    Despite Vatican teaching that calls gay adoptions “gravely immoral,“ Catholic Charities agencies in Boston and San Francisco openly acknowledged last fall handling a limited number of gay adoptions

    12:00 AM — The Archdiocese of San Francisco announced on Wednesday that its social services division found a way to help connect hard-to-place children with welcoming parents - gay or straight - without violating the Catholic Church's views on homosexuality.The San Jose Mercury News reports that by partnering with another adoption service, San Francisco's Catholic Charities will increase the number of children that find homes without directly placing kids with same-sex couples, said the agency's executive director, Brian Cahill.

  • Maryland to review gay marriage ban

    The New York Court of Appeals ruled last month that marriage recognition for same-sex couples may only be granted through the state legislature

    12:00 AM — Maryland's highest court announced this week it will review a lower court's ruling that a 1973 state law limiting marriage to heterosexuals is unconstitutional.Late last month, the Maryland Court of Appeals accepted the case as part of its fall term. The court's seven judges will hear oral arguments in December.

  • Jerusalem gay events begin despite Middle East tension 23

    Jerusalem WorldPride runs from August 6-12 2006

    12:00 AM — Jerusalem World Pride starts this weekend amid an atmosphere of uncertainty in the Middle East as Hezbollah rocket attacks increase in Northern Israel and opposition mounts against the Israeli offensive in Lebanon.But Alan Bolchover, chief executive of the New Israel Fund (NIF), says it is an important time to go to Israel to see what is going on beyond the conflict.

  • Gay games exceeds expectations 3

    The Gay Games organisation projects a financial surplus for the $9.5 million event with financial details available before 30 September 2006

    12:00 AM — Over 140,000 people attended the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago and tickets exceeded projections, according to preliminary figures from the organisers."Attendance at Gay Games Chicago events exceeded 140,000 - 40,000 more than we had projected," said Kevin Boyer, Gay Games Chicago co-vice chair.

  • Sweden reviewing gay blood ban 1

    The review will consider how to define what constitutes sex between men and what makes it high risk

    12:00 AM — Sweden is considering lifting its ban on gay blood donors, according to reports.Gay men are considered a high risk group in most countries such as the UK, USA as well as Sweden, and therefore prohibited from donating blood.But Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare today announced they would be reviewing the rule, introduced to prevent the spread of HIV, later this year.

  • 3rd August 2006

    Undiplomatic feud emerges over “gay orgy”

    The Latvian Foreign Ministry said that the videocassettes were of footage of six-year-old Belarusian television news reports

    12:00 AM — A feud is emerging between officials in Belarus and neighbouring Latvia after Belarusian national television screened footage describing "a dirty homosexual orgy" claiming to involve a Latvian diplomat.The diplomat was named in the television report as the embassy's Second Secretary, Reimo Smits who was called a "pervert" and a "porn dealer."

  • Gay campaigner calls for solidarity with Iranian activists

    Peter Tatchell urged the gay community to show “solidarity with all the victims of the murderous Iranian regime“

    12:00 AM — Gay and human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell has called on the gay community to show solidarity with the Ahwazi community within Iran following the suspected execution of two gay, Ahwazi teenagers in the country last month."The Iranian regime is planning the imminent execution of 10 Ahwazi human rights activists from Khuzestan province in the south-west of Iran. They were sentenced to death after secret trials in June."

  • Irish lesbian couple hope for gay marriage success

    An Irish lesbian couple who married in Canada have been granted a court date to seek recognition of their union in Ireland

    12:00 AM — An Irish lesbian couple who married in Canada have been granted a court date to seek recognition of their union in Ireland.Drs Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan were told this week that there hearing will take place on October 3rd 2006.The couple said that they are looking forward to a positive outcome to their case despite the recent High Court decision rejecting Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger's bid to have their Canadian marriage recognised a civil marriage in the UK.

  • San Diego homophobic attack trio behind bars

    Police have asked prosecutors to charge the 17-year-old as an adult

    12:00 AM — All three San Diego men accused of violently attacking a group of men near the Southern California town's Gay Pride Festival are behind bars.According to San Diego's NBC affiliate, channel 4, police arrested the third suspect, a 16-year-old male without incident on Tuesday night, charging him with attempted murder.

  • Court rejects anti-gay T-shirt appeal

    The judges opposed granting the re-hearing and said Mr Harper's shirt was the equivalent of wearing a shirt that says, “Hide Your Sisters — The Blacks Are Coming”

    12:00 AM — The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals this week denied an appeal for the full court to hear the case of a student who was prohibited from wearing a T-shirt with anti-gay statements.The appeal followed a 2-1 9th Circuit panel decision in April in favour of the Poway Unified School District in California.

  • Gay clergymen prepare for WorldPride 23

    Jerusalem WorldPride runs from August 6-12 2006

    12:00 AM — A group of thirty New Yorkers are set to depart for Jerusalem this weekend to attend WorldPride, a historic gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from around the globe.Jerusalem WorldPride will be an international gathering of LGBT pride and human rights this month.

  • 2nd August 2006

    Australian town rejects gay pride flag

    Despite previously displaying flags for other local events, Heather Mutimer, the mayor of Hepburn Shire in Victoria, has rejected demands to fly the flag of the gay community for their pride event symbol at Daylesford Town Hall

    12:00 AM — An Australian town is refusing to fly all flags from its council buildings amid uproar after the local authority rejected pleas to display rainbow flags for the annual ChillOut gay and lesbian festival.Despite previously displaying flags for other local events, Heather Mutimer, the mayor of Hepburn Shire in Victoria, has rejected demands to fly the flag of the gay community for their pride event symbol at Daylesford Town Hall.

  • Participants outnumber Outgames spectators 1

    The Outgames will be held from 26 July to 5 August 2006

    12:00 AM — Canadian news sources report that the first World Outgames so far appear to have got off to a slow start, attracting more participants than spectators.As the games for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered athletes enter the third day of competition, athletes have outnumbered the fans at many events.

  • Wisconsin labour unions unite against gay marriage ban 1

    The amendment would declare that marriage is between one man and one woman and that unmarried individuals cannot be granted a legal status similar to marriage such as civil unions pioneered by Vermont

    12:00 AM — Labour unions in Wisconsin are uniting to fight a proposed ban on gay marriage and civil unions in what could become a powerful force in this November's referendum.According to The Associated Press, the groups, representing employees ranging from teachers to prison workers, say they are worried the amendment will take away their ability to bargain for benefits such as health insurance for the domestic partners of gay and straight employees.

  • Arrest made in gay pride attack

    Authorities said the assailants taunted their victims with anti-gay insults as they were beating them

    12:00 AM — Police in San Diego yesterday said they have arrested one person in connection with the hate-crime attack on five victims at a gay pride festival ended Saturday night."We're still trying to put together what we've got. We've got one person in custody and the investigation is continuing," said Captain Chris Ball to The San Diego Union Tribune.

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