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  • 3rd November 2006

    Tennis ace joins “gay sheep” protests 1

    The tennis star has been backed by the PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) after she wrote to the presidents of both universities demanding they stop the experiments and spend the money on a worthy cause

    12:00 AM — Animal rights campaigners have praised lesbian tennis icon Martina Navratilova after she criticised experiments taking place on sheep perceived to be gay.Navratilova spoke out against Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) this week after it emerged that the institutions are conducting hormone-altering experiments on "gay sheep" to manipulate their "sexual preferences."

  • Clergyman quits amid gay sex claims

    It comes as the Christian Right attempts to persuade US citizens to vote for “family values” at next weeks mid-term elections

    12:00 AM — The head of America's National Association of Evangelicals and prominent same sex marriage opponent has resigned after allegedly paying for sex with a man.Reverend Ted Haggard, Senior Pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado, who is married with five children denies the allegations but has stepped down while an investigation is conducted.

  • China approves first gay group

    Although homosexuality in China is no longer considered a mental illness, it is still taboo

    12:00 AM — Mainland China has approved its first gay and lesbian organisation, according to reports.Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou has backed a group called Happy Together, which arranges lectures, excursions and events of interest to the gay community.Its membership includes professors, teachers and students, China Daily reports.

  • 2nd November 2006

    Campaigners question gay marriage poll 1

    A free vote on reopening the debate on same sex marriage will be held later this month

    12:00 AM — Gay campaigners are questioning a nationwide poll in Canada which shows that citizens believe marriage commissioners should be allowed to refuse same sex unions if it violates their religious beliefs.The poll conducted by COMPAS Inc for the Institute for Canadian Values and National Post shows that a large majority of Canadians want Parliament to act to protect freedom of religion in the light of legislation redefining marriage to include same-sex couples.

  • WorldPride tension spreads across Israel 23

    WorldPride organisers are still determined that the event will go ahead after having to cancel it this summer because of the Lebanon conflict and the year before due to the Gaza disengagement

    12:00 AM — Tension is mounting between ultra-orthodox Jews and Israel's gay community over next week's WorldPride march as conflict spread into Tel Aviv with a synagogue being smashed in protest against opposition to the event.The synagogue was sprayed with the words, "If we can't march in Jerusalem, you won't walk in Tel Aviv," , police told the Jerusalem Post, in an attack thought to be against the religious outbursts towards gays and lesbians planning to march next Friday.

  • 1st November 2006

    Campaigners to protest ‘ex-gay’ therapy group

    The theme of the demonstration and on-site press conference will be “Countering the Quacks“ and will feature large inflatable ducks, duck whistles and a Donald Duck character

    12:00 AM — Gay rights group Truth Wins Out will join a coalition of spiritual and civil rights groups in Orlando to protest the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality's (NARTH) annual conference this month.The theme of the demonstration and on-site press conference will be "Countering the Quacks" and will feature large inflatable ducks, duck whistles and a Donald Duck character.

  • Jerusalem gay march tension grows 23

    worldPride is scheduled for November 10

    12:00 AM — Jerusalem police are considering cancelling the WorldPride gay march as protest grows, according to reports.Ultra-Orthodox Jews have threatened "holy-war" against the march and have called on all Jewish people to oppose the parade using biblical punishments, prompting police to deploy extra officers to protect marchers.But Israeli paper Arutz Sheva reports that this is a sign that they may cancel the parade if it proves too hard to police.

  • 31st October 2006

    Spanish students to learn gay respect

    Primary and secondary school student in Spain are to be given lessons on homophobic behaviour and gay families

    12:00 AM — Primary and secondary school student in Spain are to be given lessons on homophobic behaviour and gay families amid increased attacks and discrimination against the LGBT community.It comes a year after Spain implemented gay marriage laws, and now the Education Ministry wants to teach pupils that discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong.

  • Banker caught in gay web murder

    Reid, had been wanted on an aggravated-assault arrest warrant. The charge was upgraded to first-degree murder on Friday

    12:00 AM — Police in Toronto, Canada have arrested a former investment banker and charged him with first-degree murder and the disappearance of a man he met on a gay website.After eluding police, David Kenton Reid, 46, was arrested by Ontario Provincial Police officers at a cottage last weekend, not far from where he crashed his car and fled on foot one week earlier.

  • Israeli Rabbis cannot promise gay pride peace 23

    WorldPride is scheduled for November 10

    12:00 AM — Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem are threatening to strike a gay pride parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in two weeks, prompting police to re-evaluate the permit issued to parade organisers.Ynet News reports that most recently, Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franko met with orthodox leader Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss.

  • Elton John funds gay marriage campaign 1

    Sir Elton was one of the first British couples to take advantage of civil partnership laws when they were implemented in the UK last year

    12:00 AM — Music legend Elton John has donated $20,000 to defeat a gay marriage ban due to be voted on in Wisconsin.The gay artist has pledged his support as debate surrounding the issue mounts amid Congress elections and a vote on gay marriage next week.His money will help gay campaign group Fair Wisconsin counter an anti-gay advertising campaign from the family Research Institute of Wisconsin.

  • Gay Asians less likely to come out

    A study from Auckland's Massey University found that differing cultural attitudes inhibit Asian people in the LGBT community from coming out

    12:00 AM — Asian lesbians, gays and bisexuals in New Zealand are less open about their sexuality compared to Western counterparts, a new report claims.A study from Auckland's Massey University found that differing cultural attitudes inhibit Asian people in the LGBT community from coming out.

  • A hell of a gay Halloween

    No clowning around: Hell Houses have been set up to scare “sinners“ into being good

    12:00 AM — Here at PinkNews.co.uk we are constantly trying to put a gay spin on the national agenda. Aside from dressing up as a camp witch or wizard (not that we need an excuse for this,) it looked near impossible to find a gay angle on Halloween, until this gem crept up on us.The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) has scarily unveiled an anti-gay programme which includes "Hell Houses," a religious alternatives to traditional haunted houses that are designed to scare people into a "sin-free life."

  • 30th October 2006

    Gay recruits warned over military blogs

    SLDN has posted guidelines for LGBT military personnel using online communities on its website

    12:00 AM — Amidst new reports that the armed forces are increasing their surveillance of online usage by military personnel, Servicemembers Legal Defence Network (SLDN) has warned gay recruits to be careful when using the internet or posting information online.According to the Associated Press, military officials are now monitoring "official and unofficialblogs and other websites" and looking at areas military personnel may visit.

  • Trans MP in toilet row 1

    Ms Luxuria, born Wladimiro Guadagno, considers herself neither male nor female but dresses as a woman and prefers to be called a 'she'

    12:00 AM — Europe's first transsexual MP may be given her own private bathroom after leaving other female toilet users feeling flushed.Vladimir Luxuria, a member Communist Refoundation Party, who was elected in Italy's recent polls, has caused outrage amongst politicians as they argue over which toilet she should be allowed to use.

  • Gay campaigners criticise paper’s “repugnant” cartoon 2

    The controversial New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas

    12:00 AM — Gay campaigners have criticised the New York Post for publishing an anti-gay cartoon in reaction to last week's New Jersey ruling on same sex unions.New Jersey's Supreme Court ruled that gay couples should be equal before the law last week, prompting the Post's cartoonist to draw a man carrying a sheep wearing a bridal ceil to get married in the US state.

  • 27th October 2006

    Get ready for gay Bruno

    12:00 AM — Following the release of Sacha Baron Coghen's Borat film, many in the gay community will be interested to know that north London's latest comedic prodigy is planning his next blockbuster based around his gay Austrian 'fashionista' character Buno.The new project however is said to be the subject of a bidding war amongst some of Hollywood's top film studios. The Hollywood Reporter claims.

  • Israeli gays fear incitement 23

    A protest was held by religious Jews last week who threatened to use biblical punishments against those attending the parade, these include stoning participants to death

    12:00 AM — Israeli gay campaigners have complained to police about homophobic incitement as opposition to the upcoming WorldPride march grows.Religious groups and right wing conservative politicians have expressed their 'disgust' towards the gay pride march since the Jerusalem police, State Prosecution, the Jerusalem Municipality, the high court and gay rights groups agreed that it could take place on November 10.

  • Canadian postmen stand up to gay-hate mail 1

    12:00 AM — Postmen in Vancouver, Canada have been threatened with disciplinary actions after refusing to deliver a pamphlet that stated "The Plague of this 21st Century: The Consequences of the sin of Homosexuality (AIDS)" writes the Toronto Star.The homophobic propaganda was produced by the Fundamentalist Baptist Mission in Waterford, Ontario and was called the "Prophetic Word".

  • Human rights blogger sacked after posting Foley messages 3

    Mark Foley resigned from the US Congress earlier this month amid reports that he sent inappropriate sexually explicit messages to teenage interns

    12:00 AM — A gay lobby group employee has been sacked after it was revealed that he was the first to publish email messages between disgraced ex-Florida Congressman Mark Foley and work experience interns.Mark Foley resigned from the US Congress earlier this month amid reports that he sent inappropriate sexually explicit messages to teenage interns, and now it has emerged that a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) employee was the source of the computer messages and posted them onto his blog using a work computer .

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