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  • 18th August 2006

    Gay teens find refuge at summer camp

    The Camping-OUT programme which finishes today in Northern Michigan, is one of six scattered across the USA.  (photo: ninahale)

    12:00 AM — It is an American rite-of-passage familiar anyone who watches The Simpsons - summer camp. There are fat camps, Jewish camps, girls-only camps, NASA space camps.Now gay and lesbian teens are being offered the opportunity to spend the summer by a lake with like-minded peers.As well as the usual activities such as crafts, campfires and kayaking, LGBT teens have sessions discussing the problems that face them back in the real world.

  • “No excuses” for Gay Pride violence 1

    Michael Cashman, Labour MEP and President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights has said there are “simply no excuses“ for the wave of recent cancellations

    12:00 AM — Michael Cashman, Labour MEP and President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights has said there are "simply no excuses" for the wave of recent cancellations, bans and violence at Pride marches in several European cities.The former EastEnder blamed authorities and police for not providing enough protection to gay events in countries such as Turkey, Russia, and Latvia.

  • Comment – Bible bashing homophobes 7

    A list has been compiled and sent to top US radio talk show therapist in response to her claims against homosexuality

    12:00 AM — Dave McElhill takes a look at emails doing the rounds and investigates the background to this great analysis of Biblical views on the people populating God's green earth.Are you tired of having to deal with all those dull old arguments concerning the Bible's view of homosexuality? Bored of hearing the same old rants?

  • 17th August 2006

    Transsexual politician demands louder Japanese gay pride

    The country's next gay event will be the Sapporo Rainbow March on September 17 2006 (JapanGayNews)

    12:00 AM — Japan's gay community must make itself known in the country, the country's only transsexual politician announced last week.Aya Kamikawa addressed around 4,000 people at last weekend's Tokyo Gay Pride, proclaiming, "If we do not raise our voices, nobody will know of our existence."

  • 20 arrested at gay ‘wedding’ in Saudi Arabia 57

    Some 250 people were detained but later released. The remaining 20 will be charged, and could face jail and being lashed.

    12:00 AM — Police have arrested 20 men after raiding what was described as the wedding party of two men in the town of Jizan, in the south of the Gulf kingdom. Al Watan newspaper reports that some 400 men were attending an underground gay event in the town when the authorities struck.

  • Illinois drops gay marriage ballot 1

    The state of Illinois will not carry a referendum question on gay marriage legality

    12:00 AM — Illinois elections officials voted to keep a gay marriage referendum off the November ballot, but supporters of the measure want a federal court to intervene, the Associated Press reports.The Board of Elections agreed with a hearing officer's findings that there weren't enough valid signatures to put on the ballot an advisory referendum asking voters if the state constitution should be amended to ban gay marriage.

  • Tel Aviv hosts AIDS art exhibition 3

    Artspace provides an outlet for HIV positive artists

    12:00 AM — This August the Artspace hall will host the 'Positive Photographers-Positive' exhibition in the Israeli city Tel Aviv.The exhibition, running until September 4, involves work that stems from the emotions and experiences of eight people living with AIDS in modern Israel.

  • 16th August 2006

    “Gay soldiers” lose war 3

    A Palestinian terror commander has claimed “gay soldiers“ lost war for Israel

    12:00 AM — A leader in the Palestine based Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has hailed the Israeli army "full of gay soldiers."The homophobe claimed that Israel was ripe for attack following its failure to defeat Hezbollah.Abu Oudai, a rocket coordinator for the West Bank based group, said that Hezbollah's "tremendous victory" had emboldened Palestinian groups to follow their example in the fight against Israel.

  • Race for Governor marred by bestiality comparisons 57

    “For some people, the alternative lifestyle is bestiality. Do we allow a man to marry a sheep?“

    12:00 AM — The contest to become Governor of Colorado has been rocked by comments from a Republican candidate comparing gay marriage to bestiality.Bob Beaurprez caused outrage by picking maverick right-winger Janet Rowland as his running mate in the gubernatorial contest.Rowland was a controversial choice, especially since a radio interview in March where she said:

  • AIDS 2006 argues plight of prisoners

    Infection rates increase in the world's prisons

    12:00 AM — Delegates in Toronto have heard how HIV transmission has been overlooked by the world's authorities and media according to activists at AIDS 2006.The 16th annual conference has heard a number of encouraging lectures on improving responses and drug treatments, but has also heard of the continuing problem of infection for prisoners globally.

  • Sligo hosts first ever pride celebration 57

    Sligo is famous as the home of three members of Westlife, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan.

    12:00 AM — The picturesque Irish town of Sligo will be transformed into a queer paradise this weekend, as part of the Pride Northwest festival.Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals will be joined by heterosexual people parading under the banner 'Straight But Not Narrow - Heterosexuals Supporting LGBT Rights.'The parade will move through the town this Saturday.

  • Canadian MP takes on religious right over gay marriage 57

    Garth Turner has defied his party in support of gay marriage.

    12:00 AM — A maverick Tory MP in the Canadian Federal Parliament has said he is bullish about attempts by fundamentalist Christians to unseat him.Garth Turner has defied his party in support of gay marriage. His Christian opponents held meetings last night to explore their options - including challenging him at an upcoming nomination meeting for the riding of Halton.

  • 15th August 2006

    Gay singer gets sweeping 8

    Boy George has begun his five days of community service

    12:00 AM — Boy George has begun his five days of community service in New York saying "I just want to do my job."The former Culture Club frontman appeared decked out in street sweepers orange vest to report for the first of five days work with the city's Department of Sanitation to undergo an "exercise in humiliation or in humility."

  • California lawmakers heckle N-Sync star’s boyfriend 57

    33-year-old Reichen Lehmkuhl won the US reality show “The Amazing Race” has subsequently worked as a model and TV presenter.

    12:00 AM — It was meant to be a celebration of the achievements of six Californians, role models to the millions of LGBT people who make the Golden State their home.Instead the ceremony at the State Capitol in Sacramento was reduced to the level of a farce. Republican Assembly members, instead of boycotting the event, turned up to heckle the honourees.

  • Australian government to ban gay adoption 57

    Even though adoption policy is a matter for state governments, John Howard's federal administration attempted to attach a prohibition on overseas adoption to the 2004 law outlawing gay marriage.

    12:00 AM — Documents leaked to a Tasmanian gay activist indicate that the Australian government plan to ban gay people from adopting children from overseas.Even though adoption policy is a matter for state governments, John Howard's federal administration attempted to attach a prohibition on overseas adoption to the 2004 law outlawing gay marriage.

  • Jamaica waits on lesbian murder investigation

    Jessica Stern, researcher for HRW's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Programme, claims on HRW's website that “Lesbians and gay men are still targets in Jamaica, where intolerance feeds violence”

    12:00 AM — A human rights group has written to the Jamaican Minister of National Security rasiing concern over the murder of two women who were allegedly lesbians.Human Rights Watch (HRW) wrote to Peter Phillips highlighting problems of homophobia in the country and a reluctance to investigate cases of crime against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

  • Philippines to vote on gay law 57

    The people of the Philippines demand a change in the conservative law

    12:00 AM — A new law has been placed before the Philippine Senate this week; Senate Bill 1738 regarding discrimination in the work place.Following support for Bill 1738 by Philippine Senators Ramon Revilla, Luisa Ejercito Estrada, and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, as well as international organisations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy (LAGABLAB), the bill is currently in the committee stage.

  • Prince Albert pride for Canadian gay teens

    The parade, scheduled for June 9th 2007, is the brainchild of Gay-Teen Alliance Youth Group co-ordinator Jennifer Brockman.

    12:00 AM — A group of gay teenagers who live in a small city in the heart of the Canadian prairies have asked their local council for permission to stage their very own pride festival.Prince Albert is in the far north of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and has 40,000 inhabitants. It is most famous as the home of Anne of Green Gables author Lucy Laud Montgomery.

  • 14th August 2006

    Gay internet dating service has a safe-sex message 1

    The US-based gay dating site manhunt.net has hit upon a novel way of promoting safe sex among gay men.

    12:00 AM — The US-based gay dating site manhunt.net has hit upon a novel way of promoting safe sex among gay men.An outreach worker, posing under the sign-in name of VIPBoy, is paid to talk about AIDS and STDs to site users and to give out advice about safe sex practices."If gay men are going to meet in cyberspace for hookups, they should know what they are getting into if they have unsafe sex"

  • China’s gays fear health forum

    “Regardless of what people think, same-sex love is an inevitable social issue we have to face,“

    12:00 AM — Government Authorities in Beijing are reconsidering their publicity tactics after failing to attract a sizeable interest in the city's first government-run gay Internet forum after two months on line and only 1,000 hits.The sites managers admit that "Forum for Comrades" - "Comrades" ("tongzhi") being the slang term for homosexuals in China - has suffered from a total lack of publicity despite its health messages and open nature.

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