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  • 26th March 2008

    Married American man ordered to pay gay lover

    The ruling may set a precedent as it is the first time that assets have been split between a gay couple who did not live under the same roof.

    12:50 PM — A court in Brazil has ruled that a married American man must share part of his wealth with a Brazilian man with whom he had a four year relationship.The Court of Justice in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, a state that legalised civil unions in 2004, recognised that the US citizen and the Brazilian man had a 'stable union.'The couple, whose identities have been kept secret, had frequent meetings in Brazil, the US and other countries, the court was told.

  • NY gay couple demand meeting with Polish leader 19

    The President, a notorious homophobe, claimed the EU treaty would “affect the accepted moral order in Poland.“

    11:03 AM — An American gay activist and his partner, whose wedding video was used by the President of Poland during a televised address to the nation in which he warned of the danger of same-sex marriage, want an apology and a meeting.Brendan Fay, who is originally from Ireland, met with journalists yesterday at the headquarters of New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch.President Kaczynski's address to the nation last week used heavy-handed tactics to warn of the dangers of the Lisbon treaty.

  • Obama and Bush are distant relatives claim genealogists

    Obama and the current President Bush are 10th cousins, once removed, according to the study.

    10:30 AM — A research study conducted by the New England Historic Genealogical Society has turned up a variety of interesting relations to the current Democratic and Republican candidates for US President.According to the study, Barack Obama is distantly related to such luminaries as George W. Bush and Brad Pitt, while Hillary Clinton has familial ties to Angelina Jolie and Madonna.John McCain turns out to be a cousin of First Lady Laura Bush.

  • Pregnant trans man speaks out against medical discrimination 3

    In his column for The Advocate, Beatie wrote that it feels “incredible“ to be a “pregnant man“.

    10:20 AM — Thomas Beatie, a transgendered man from Portland, Oregon, has revealed he is pregnant in the latest issue of The Advocate.Beatie, who transitioned from female to male, said he has faced discrimination from doctors and healthcare providers over the pregnancy.During his transition, Beatie decided not to remove his reproductive organs and stopped taking testosterone injections so he could become pregnant.

  • 13 candidates contend ‘cruising’ Senator’s seat

    Craig is still engaged in a legal battle to have his guilty plea overturned in the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

    10:10 AM — Republican Senator Larry Craig is keeping his promise not to run for re-election after a media firestorm erupted last year over his alleged solicitation of a male police officer in an airport bathroom.Craig has repeatedly denied he solicited the officer and publicly proclaimed he is not gay.Although Craig refused to resign his post over the scandal, he promised in September that he would not run for re-election.

  • 25th March 2008

    Poles favour EU treaty despite anti-gay scaremongering 19

    Despite the President's dire warning that the treaty would lead to the introduction of gay marriage in Poland, 69% of respondents did not believe him.

    6:10 PM — An opinion poll in Poland has found strong backing for a new EU treaty criticised by the country's homophobic President in an address to the nation last week.The survey will come as an embarrassment to President Lech Kaczynski, who used lurid images of gay marriage to illustrate the "threat" to the Polish nation he claims the Lisbon treaty poses.The poll was published by daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. 

  • COMMENT: Can celebs swing the Democratic nomination?

    Just because Oprah can turn books into best-sellers or put companies out of business if she doesn't like their products doesn't mean she or any other celebrity can decide what is best for the country.

    2:50 PM — Obama or Clinton? It seems to be a question at the forefront of every American Democrat's mind going into to this year's important Presidential election.While the Republican Party has elected their representative as John McCain, the other side seems to be a struggle less about the ideals of the candidates, which are very similar, and more about a popularity contest.Questions have been raised about who is more electable, who has more experience, and who has a better message.

  • Democrats plan to topple homophobic politician 10

    In 2004 Kern was elected for the first time with 67.65% of the vote.

    1:30 PM — Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern will face a challenge in November elections after an audio recording was leaked of her comparing gays to terrorists and telling fellow Republicans the "homosexual agenda is destroying this nation."The recording and accompanying YouTube video have sparked outrage from many, but Kern defended her words, telling the press: "What I'm saying, I believe in."The Demcratic party has announced that Ron Marlett, a 59-year-old social worker, will challenge Kern for the Oklahoma City seat.

  • 21st March 2008

    Comment: Is Clinton really any different to Obama? 14

    Which one is the right choice?

    4:50 PM — Ann Turner tosses up whether either one of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is worthy of her vote in the Democratic primary. Or, if it really matters which one she picks as they both seem so similar.As I stood in line to cast my ballot in the Washington state Democratic caucuses last month, the choice of who to support for the presidential nominee still loomed large in my mind...

  • Judge rules that gay ex-Governor didn’t torment his wife 1

    Jim McGreevey earlier claimed he and his wife took part in a threesome

    10:50 AM — The gay former Governor of New Jersey didn't plan on tormenting his wife while married a divorce court judge ruled yesterday.Jim McGreevey's wife, Dina Matos McGreevey claims that was conned into marrying a gay man who only wanted a wife in order to hide his homosexuality in an attempt to boost his political career.The former Governor of New Jersey admitted in 2004 to having an extra-marital affair with his male aide Golan Cipel.

  • 20th March 2008

    Two EU cities refuse to sign gay rights appeal 9

    Gay campaigners were attacked with eggs and bags of excrement as they aimed to quietly celebrate Riga Pride in 2006.

    6:15 PM — The Mayors of Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia have declined to take part in a campaign affirming freedom of assembly and expression for LGBT people in Europe.The Europe branch of the International Gay and Lesbian Association wanted the leaders of those cities to join 19 others in Europe and declare their support for their initiative.Gay campaigners were attacked with eggs and bags of excrement as they aimed to quietly celebrate Riga Pride in 2006.

  • Greek bloggers fight for gay partnership equality 2

    200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination.

    2:10 PM — More than 200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination to campaign against proposed new legislation on domestic partnerships that excludes same-sex couples."This discriminatory project has been widely denounced not just by the LGBT community, but also Greek citizens from all walks of life who believe that it violates the Equality clause enshrined in our constitution, as well as the country's European commitments," the group said.

  • US Presidential candidate visits Downing St

    Americans will vote for a new President on November 4th.

    12:45 PM — John McCain, the presumptive Republican party nominee for President of the United States, is visiting London today.The Senator from Arizona met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing St this morning and later had discussions with Conservative leader David Cameron.McCain, 71, is visiting France, Israel, Iraq and Jordan as part of a "fact-finding" mission ahead of the campaign for President.

  • Gay man complains about Polish wedding propaganda 19

    Mr Moulton and Mr Fay married in Ontario, Canada, in 2003. The couple also had a religious marriage ceremony in a New York Episcopal Church.

    12:02 PM — An American gay man has spoken of his dismay that video of his same-sex wedding was used in a TV address by the President of Poland attacking gay rights.President Lech Kaczynski's speech to the nation on Monday night used heavy-handed tactics to warn of the dangers of the Lisbon treaty.Over footage of Brendan Fay's wedding with his partner Tom Moulton the President, a notorious homophobe, claimed the Lisbon treaty would "affect the accepted moral order in Poland."

  • Washington grants new rights to same-sex couples

    In all nine US states have gay and lesbian spousal rights in some form.

    11:10 AM — The US state of Washington has signed into law a Domestic Partnership Expansion bill that will provide more than 160 new rights and responsibilities to registered domestic partners.The bill passed the state Senate on March 4th and the House last month. Governor Chris Gregoire signed the bill into law yesterday.It builds on a 2007 law, which created a domestic partner registry and provided specific rights and responsibilities for both same-sex and opposite sex couples.

  • 19th March 2008

    Gay poet will stay on Ireland’s school curriculum 2

    Allegations about the poet's relationship with the young boys surfaced after the screening of Fairytale of Kathmandu.

    4:15 PM — The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) in Ireland has said that works by a poet accused of sexually exploiting young men in Nepal will continue to be taught in schools.Education Minister Mary Hanafin has been advised by the council: "On balance, the Council considered that its original position on the artistic merit and suitability for study of the work of Cathal O'Searcaigh should stand."The poet has been accused of the "sexual exploitation and grooming" of 16 year old Nepalese boys.

  • Greek Orthodox church slams rights for unmarried couples 2

    The Chruch's governing synod described moves by the Greek government to afford unmarried or defacto couples the same legal rights as their married counterparts as a “catastrophic bomb“.

    3:24 PM — The Greek Othordox Church has spoken out against proposals to allow unmarried heretosexual couples in the country to have their relationships registered.The BBC reports that the Chruch's governing synod described moves by the Greek government to afford unmarried or defacto couples the same legal rights as their married counterparts as a "catastrophic bomb" which threatened Greek society and compared the move to "prostitution."

  • Comment: Obama’s hit and miss speech on race 6

    In terms of telling his personal story and giving voters a view of the complexities of the richly diverse experience from which he has come, Barack Obama succeeded spectacularly.

    12:10 PM — In a speech prompted by extensive media coverage of the divisive, racially-tinged sermons of his pastor and 'spiritual mentor' of the last twenty years, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama today attempted to address concerns over his stance on issues, including race and patriotism, that have dogged his campaign for the last week.Speaking from the National Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, Senator Obama's words yesterday broadened the context of the debate beyond the firestorm surrounding Reverend Wright's comments alone and instead focused on the subject of race in America.

  • Polish President uses gays as EU treaty scare tactic 20

    President Kaczynski's address to the nation on Monday nights used heavy-handed tactics to warn of the danger's of the Lisbon treaty.

    11:40 AM — Poland's attempts to ratify the Lisbon Treaty have been thrown into disarray after President Lech Kaczynski made a controversial speech to the nation decrying German influence on the country and gay marriage.Prime Minister Donald Tusk accused the head of state of trying to scare Poles.Opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the President's twin brother and leader of the homophobic Law and Justice party.

  • NY Governor reveals extra-marital affairs

    46-year-old Paterson is making headlines as both the first black Governor of New York and also the country's first blind Governor.

    11:20 AM — Hours after being sworn in as the new Governor of New York, David A. Paterson seemed intent to avoid himself an Eliot Spitzer-like media blitz and tossed his own skeletons out of the closet.Paterson told the New York Daily News that he and his wife both had affairs during a rough patch in their marriage.As he was sworn in, Paterson was hailed as a man of integrity, a word formerly used to describe his predecessor Eliot Spitzer.

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