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  • 1st December 2009

    Last-minute ruling halts first Latin American gay wedding 11

    The couple planned to go to the registry office today

    12:15 PM — A gay couple in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have had their wedding halted after a judge intervened at the last minute. Jose Maria Di Bello and partner Alex Freyre planned to marry today on World AIDS Day after Judge Gabriela Seijas ruled last month that the ban on gay marriage violated Argentina's constitution.

  • 30th November 2009

    Chinese city opens gay bar to tackle HIV 9

    The bar will hand out condoms and sex education

    6:52 PM — The Chinese city government of Dali has opened a state-funded gay bar to tackle HIV infections. The city, in the southwestern Yunnan province, is one of the ten Chinese cities most affected by HIV and sex between men is thought to account for one third of transmissions.

  • Trans recognition laws to come before Irish parliament 15

    The laws are to come before the Irish parliament

    5:27 PM — New laws to give greater legal recognition to trans people will come before the Irish parliament (Dail) next year. They have been proposed by the Green Party, who say that people should be able to chose which gender they want to be legally recognised by.

  • Australian teacher accused of lesbian affair with pupil

    The alleged incidents began in 1994

    3:15 PM — An Australian music teacher has pleaded not guilty to repeatedly counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female pupil.

  • US trans sportswriter found dead 7

    Mike Penner worked for the Los Angeles Times for 25 years

    11:24 AM — A sports journalist who worked on the Los Angeles Times has been found dead in an apparent suicide. Mike Penner, 52, who worked for the newspaper for 25 years, had struggled with his sexual identity.

  • 28th November 2009

    Gordon Brown raises anti-gay laws with Ugandan president 24

    Gordon Brown told the President that the proposed law is unacceptable

    12:32 AM — The prime minister has raised Uganda's controversial proposed laws on homosexuality with the country's president at the Commonwealth Heads of Government conference in Trinidad. Gordon Brown told Yoweri Museveni that he was opposed to laws that could result in the execution of gays.

  • 27th November 2009

    Australian gay marriage ‘could lead to incest and polygamy’, religious figures say 35

    Critics said gay marriage should not be allowed

    6:48 PM — Marriage equality rights in Australia could lead to legal recognition of incest and polygamy, critics have said. A Senate inquiry yesterday recommended that gay marriahe should not be legalised, although the government has allowed civil union ceremonies to remain in the ACT.

  • Israeli ambassador first to be accompanied by gay spouse 19

    Yitzhak Yanouka will be accompanied by his partner

    6:06 PM — A Liverpool-born man has become the first gay spouse of an Israeli ambassador. Yitzhak Yanouka, known as Izzy, will soon be moving to Angola to become the next Israeli ambassador in Luanda and will be taking his partner Mikie Goldstein, 44, with him.

  • Thailand to limit gender reassignment surgery 20

    Gender reassigment surgery will be harder to access

    5:35 PM — Thailand's government has passed stricter rules for patients seeking gender reassignment surgery. Patients will now be required to live and dress as the opposite gender for a year before surgery and must be over 18. Men aged between 18 and 20 must also gain parental consent.

  • California town’s mayor calls gays ‘sinful’ 42

    Osby Davis made the comments in the New York Times

    11:08 AM — Gay rights activists are calling for the mayor of Vallejo, California, to be censured after he called gay people "sinful". Mayor Osby Davis has since apologised for the remarks and said they were taken out of context.

  • 26th November 2009

    United Reform Church first to speak out on Uganda’s anti-gay bill 18

    The United Reform Church criticised the proposed law

    1:42 PM — The United Reform Church has become the first major Christian denomination in the UK to criticise Uganda's proposed anti-homosexuality bill. The church said it was "appalled" at the legislation.

  • Australian government backs down on civil union ceremonies 9

    The federal government has allowed the ceremonies with some amendments

    11:54 AM — The Australian federal government has opted not to quash laws allowing legally-binding civil union ceremonies for gay couples in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

  • 25th November 2009

    Poll finds New Jersey voters opposed to gay marriage 3

    New Jersey voters appeared to turned away from gay marriage

    7:09 PM — A survey of New Jersey voters has found that a slim majority are opposed to legalising gay marriage. The research, carried out by Quinnipiac University, found that 49 per cent of 1,615 voters were opposed, with 46 per cent in favour. The remainder were unsure.

  • Judge bars trans prisoner from hair removal 14

    Michelle Kosilek was jailed for murdering her wife

    6:39 PM — A US trans woman who is serving life in prison for murdering her wife has had her request for hair removal therapy blocked again. Michelle Kosilek was denied the request by US District Judge Mark Wolf.

  • Lawsuit filed over Atlanta gay bar raid 4

    The Atlanta Eagle was raided in September

    4:47 PM — A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 19 patrons who were detained in a police raid on a gay bar in Atlanta, US. The claimants say they were subjected to excessive force and allege police made homophobic remarks.

  • Gay couple have Australia’s first legally recognised civil union ceremony 8

    The couple had their civil union yesterday

    2:16 PM — Warren McGaw and Chris Rumble have become the first Australian gay couple to have their civil partnership ceremony legally recognised. Their ceremony was performed yesterday in Canberra in the ACT.

  • Video: Game features secret gay sex scene 10

    A scene from Dragon Age: Origins

    11:37 AM — A scene in new video game Dragon Age: Orgins features a secret gay sex scene between a man an a elf. The new game, which has received high ratings, allows players to access the scenes by using the correct combination of chat-up lines on warrior elf Zevran.

  • 24th November 2009

    Australian prime minister tipped to veto civil unions 10

    Rudd's government may overturn the legislation

    8:32 PM — Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd will overturn legislation allowing legally-binding civil partnership ceremonies in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), it has been reported.

  • Homophobic hate crime reports rise in US 3

    Overall, hate crimes rose by two per cent since last year

    6:00 PM — Statistics from the FBI have shown an 11 per cent rise in reports of homophobic hate crime across America in the last year. Most of those targeted were gay men.

  • New HIV infections down globally but diagnoses rise for gay men in the UK 29

    New HIV infections decreases globally

    5:16 PM — The UNAIDS 2009 AIDS Epidemic Update, released today, shows that new HIV infections are down by 17 per cent over the last eight years around the world. But in the last eight years, there has been a 74 per cent rise in new diagnoses of infections of gay men in the UK.

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