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  • 9th July 2010

    Lesbian star Jane Lynch feared coming out 4

    Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester

    4:28 PM — Glee actress Jane Lynch says she used to worry about becoming famous and coming out. The star, who recently married her longterm girlfriend Lara Embry, joined this year's Outfest in Los Angeles.

  • Ireland’s upper house passes civil partnerships bill 15

    The Irish parliament approved the bill

    3:55 PM — A civil partnerships bill has now passed both houses of the Irish parliament and will go to the president to be signed into law. The bill, which grants almost all of the rights of marriage, passed in the Dail last week and was approved in the Seanad last night after two days of debate.

  • Massachusetts judge rules Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional 9

    The ruling means gay couples in the state have access to federal benefits

    10:42 AM — A judge in Boston, Massachusetts, has ruled that America's federal ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional as it interferes with the individual rights of states. The ruling means the estimated 16,000 married gay couples in Massachusetts have the right to the same federal benefits enjoyed by married straight couples.

  • 8th July 2010

    Legal charity warns US gay soldiers not to answer Pentagon survey 3

    One group warned gay soldiers not to complete the survey

    5:32 PM — Gay soldiers soldiers have been warned by one legal group not to answer a Pentagon survey on lifting the military's ban on out troops.

  • Scientists discover mice can be turned lesbian 33

    The findings do not apply to humans

    4:53 PM — Female mice can be turned lesbian by deleting a single gene, South Korean researchers have found. They discovered that turning off the gene exposes the mice to extra oestrogen.

  • Sark will equalise age of consent for gay men 15

    Sark will equalise the age of consent

    3:50 PM — Sark, in the Channel Isles, is to equalise the age of consent for gay men. The island is following advice that the current age, 21, breaks international human rights laws.

  • Cameroon denies gay asylum seeker was persecuted 8

    Cameroon said the man was not persecuted

    2:38 PM — Cameroon's communications minister has denied that a gay asylum seeker to the UK faced persecution in his home country. The man, known only as HT, won a case in the Supreme Court yesterday which ruled he had the right to asylum in the UK.

  • US Catholic priest ‘spent $1.3m on male escorts and hotels’

    The priest is accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million

    1:59 PM — A Catholic priest from Connecticut has been accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million (£857,000) from his church and spending it on a lavish lifestyle and male escorts.

  • Chinese gay man has blood donation lawsuit rejected 3

    China bans both gay men and lesbians from donating blood

    12:52 PM — A Chinese gay man who tried to sue after being barred from donating blood has had his lawsuit rejected by a court. Wang Zizheng hoped to sue the Beijing Red Cross centre for discrimination as China bars gay men and lesbians from donating blood.

  • Caster Semenya to return to sport after gender controversy 5

    Caster Semenya will return to sport, her agent said. (Photo: ASA)

    11:39 AM — The African runner Caster Semenya has been given the all-clear by the IAAF over her gender tests and will compete this month, her agent says.

  • 7th July 2010

    David Hyde Pierce speaks of Prop 8 pain 5

    David Hyde Pierce quietly married his partner two years ago

    2:03 PM — Former Frasier actor David Hyde Pierce has spoken of his anger at Proposition 8, the initiative which banned gay marriage in California.

  • Hawaii governor rejects gay civil unions bill 17

    Linda Lingle vetoed the civil unions bill

    11:26 AM — Hawaii's governor Linda Lingle has rejected a bill which would have allowed civil unions for gay couples in the state. The bill would have given both straight and gay couples the right to have their partnerships recognised with all the rights of marriage.

  • 5th July 2010

    Homophobic Polish politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski loses presidential election 11

    Jaroslaw Kaczynski lost his bid for the presidency

    5:06 PM — Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the homophobic right-wing Polish politician, has lost a presidential election. The election was called after the death of his twin, the late president Lech Kaczynski, in a plane crash in April.

  • Gay-friendly Christian church to carry out gay weddings in Spain 10

    Gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005

    3:31 PM — The US-based Metropolitan Community Church hopes to open a congregation in Madrid, Spain, this year to perform same-sex weddings. As the Roman Catholic Church in Spain fiercely opposes equal marriage rights, the MCC will be the first church in the country to hold gay weddings.

  • World Cup footballer ‘in gay affair’

    The unnamed player was said to have had a year-long gay affair

    11:08 AM — A World Cup footballer is the subject of internet rumours that he had a year-long affair with a British reality TV star. The player, who is in South Africa and is said to be "well-known", was accused of the affair by the TV star on Friday in a blog.

  • 3rd July 2010

    Madrid celebrates gay pride 4

    Madrid Pride took place today

    5:51 PM — Madrid Pride took place in the Spanish capital today. One of the biggest gay celebrations taking place in Europe, the parade featured over 30 floats from all around the world.

  • Strong presence of faith groups at gay pride parade 7

    Many faith groups have joined the parade this year

    1:44 PM — A greater presence of faith groups is notable in this year’s parade, including gay Muslim group Imaan, plus Christian, Sikh and Hindu groups.

  • 2nd July 2010

    Large-scale survey to explore bisexuality in the workplace 12

    The survey will look at bisexuality in the workplace (Photo: Jyri)

    3:54 PM — One of the largest-scale surveys on bisexuality in the the workplace is now underway. The research is being carried out by American learning and development expert Heidi Green and will take into account workers predominantly in the UK and US.

  • Human Rights Watch apologises to Peter Tatchell

    Peter Tatchell said he had not threatened to sue HRW

    1:25 PM — Human Rights Watch has apologised to gay activist Peter Tatchell for "inappropriate" remarks about him. The remarks were made by HRW LGBT head Scott Long. Mr Tatchell said he had not threatened legal action.

  • Irish parliament approves civil partnerships bill 28

    Civil partnerships are expected to be legal in Ireland this year

    11:06 AM — Irish politicians have passed a bill granting gay and lesbians couples the right to civil partnerships. The bill passed in the Dail yesterday without a vote and justice minister Dermot Ahern said the move reflected change in Irish society.

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