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Middle East

  • 22nd June 2010

    Travel: Tel Aviv- bursting with pride 15

    A father stands up for his gay son

    12:20 PM — Benjamin Cohen finds that four nights in Tel Aviv for LGBT pride dramatically changed his perception of Israel. Four nights in Tel Aviv, for the city’s LGBT pride celebrations has changed me in a way no holiday ever has before. My attitudes and perceptions of Israel have changed dramatically and it’s also changed the way that I reconcile my sexuality with my religion.

  • 21st June 2010

    Elton John plays controversial Israel show 52

    Elton John said musicians should not "cherry-pick" their consciences

    11:17 AM — Elton John played a gig in Israel last week after refusing to bow to pressure to pull out. Other artists such as The Pixies and Elvis Costello scrapped gigs over the country's raid on a Gaza aid ship, which killed nine people.

  • 11th June 2010

    Tel Aviv Pride kicks off 20

    Tel Aviv Pride shortly before the parade kicked off

    11:09 AM — Tens of thousands of people are expected to join Tel Aviv Pride today, the Middle East's only significant gay celebration. PinkNews.co.uk founder Benjamin Cohen reports from Israel.

  • 10th June 2010

    Madrid Pride bans Israeli gay group over Gaza ship raid 25

    Gay activists from Tel Aviv have been barred from Madrid Pride

    4:46 PM — A group of gay activists from Tel Aviv have been barred from marching in Madrid Pride next month. Pride organisers say they are barring the group's float because Tel Aviv's mayor has not apologised for a raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine people died.

  • 26th May 2010

    Gay father of twins to be allowed back into Israel this week 7

    Israel has welcomed gay father back

    4:33 PM — A gay man with twin sons born to a surrogate mother in India is to be allowed to return to his native Isreal this week after being stranded in a Mumbai hotel for the past two months because of the Ministry of the Interior's refusal to issue a paternity test.

  • 20th May 2010

    Iranian lesbian actress may face death if deported 17

    Kiana Firouz (left) in a scene from Cul de Sac

    1:18 PM — An Iranian actress is fighting to win asylum in the UK because she fears she will be killed if sent home. Kiana Firouz, 27, was told by the Home Office she could avoid persecution in Iran if she was "discreet" about being a lesbian.

  • 11th May 2010

    Elton John to perform in Morocco despite calls to ban him 4

    Elton John will still perform in Morocco, festival organisers said

    11:23 AM — Elton John will still perform at a music festival in Morocco despite calls to ban him because he is gay. An Islamist group said he could encourage homosexuality.

  • 27th April 2010

    Comment: Labour is shunning gay Iraqis, asylum seekers 13

    David Miliband launched Labour's international gay manifesto last week

    4:20 PM — As he launched Labour's international LGBT manifesto last Wednesday, foreign secretary David Miliband made one howler, echoed by another in the manifesto's text. He said: "Under Labour the UK will continue to be a beacon of hope for LGBT people."

  • UK ‘breaching UN rules’ on returning gay asylum seekers 32

    Gays are persecuted in Iraq, the report said

    11:43 AM — An Amnesty International report claims that the UK and several other European countries are breaching United Nations rules on returning vulnerable Iraqi asylum seekers.

  • 24th March 2010

    Comment: Iraq is the most dangerous place on earth for gays 37

    Paul Canning argues that Iraq is more dangerous than Uganda for gays

    5:43 PM — It often shocks people to hear this but talk to Iraqi gays who've made it out and they'll tell you - life was better under Saddam.

  • 23rd March 2010

    Exclusive: Campaigner says delay in asylum claims is ‘killing gay Iraqis’ 8

    Iraq is a dangerous place for gays and lesbians

    6:41 PM — A gay Iraqi asylum seeker whose application has been stuck in the system for three years has complained that the delay is harming LGBT people in the country.

  • 22nd March 2010

    Iranian actor returns to screens after gender reassignment 4

    Iran has a liberal attitude towards trans people

    6:53 PM — An Iranian actor has returned to screens as a man after transitioning. Saman Arastu, who was previously known as Farzaneh, had a strong career as a woman, playing television and film roles.

  • 9th March 2010

    Bing ‘censors gay and lesbian searches in Arabic countries’ 7

    Bing was found to restrict searches

    3:31 PM — Microsoft's Bing search engine has been accused of blocking non-pornographic gay and lesbian searches in Arabic countries. Researchers said that Arabic words which were filtered included the terms "gay", "lesbian" and "homosexuality".

  • 3rd December 2009

    Opening of Chinese gay bar delayed 6

    The gay bar was due to open in China

    7:35 PM — The opening of a Chinese gay bar designed to tackle HIV infections has been delayed. The state-funded bar, in the city of Dali, was due to open on Tuesday, which was World AIDS Day.

  • 27th November 2009

    Israeli ambassador first to be accompanied by gay spouse 19

    Yitzhak Yanouka will be accompanied by his partner

    6:06 PM — A Liverpool-born man has become the first gay spouse of an Israeli ambassador. Yitzhak Yanouka, known as Izzy, will soon be moving to Angola to become the next Israeli ambassador in Luanda and will be taking his partner Mikie Goldstein, 44, with him.

  • 12th November 2009

    Jewish settler accused of attacks on gay Israelis 12

    Teitel is accused of trying to distract police from protecting a gay Pride parade

    6:32 PM — A Jewish settler accused of killing two Israelis and carrying out attacks on gays, left-wing Israelis and messianic Jews told a court this week that God was "proud" of him.

  • 9th November 2009

    Three Iranian men on death row for homosexuality offences 119

    An image of a previous execution in Iran

    1:21 PM — Three Iranian men are thought to be facing the death penalty for having homosexual relations. The men, named as Nemat Safavi, Mehdi P and Moshen G, have been on death row for three years and allegedly committed the crimes while under the age of 18.

  • 11th September 2009

    Iran may allow trans marriage 5

    The wedding may be allowed if the would-be groom has a medical examination

    5:01 PM — Iran is set to allow a woman to marry a trans man. A woman, known only as Shaghayegh, told Tehran's family court she wanted to marry her best friend from school, who recently underwent gender reassignment to become male.

  • 25th August 2009

    Gay Prime Minister poll provokes homophobic response from Israeli MP 14

    44% of Israelis may be ready for a gay Prime Minister

    10:39 AM — A poll for an Israeli newspaper that revealed that 44% of Israelis may be ready for a gay Prime Minister has provoked a vitriolic response from one of the country's MPs.

  • 21st August 2009

    Israeli rabbis discuss gay parenting 12

    Rabbis are discussing gay parenting

    3:25 PM — A Jewish initiative may see gay men marrying women to have children while continuing relationships with their male partners.

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