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  • 2nd November 2011

    Serbian MP convicted for saying Pride would promote gay “illness” 24

    Markovic is a member of the Serbian Parliament (Photo: Konrad-Zielinski)

    2:56 PM — Dragan Markovic, the leader of United Serbia, made the comments ahead of Belgrade Pride 2011, which had to be cancelled due to security fears.

  • 1st November 2011

    Comment: A tribute to Axel Axgil, 1915-2011 15

    Mr Axgil founded one of the world's oldest gay rights groups in 1948

    11:40 AM — Peter Tatchell remembers how Danish gay rights pioneer led him to uncover history of experiments on gay concentration camp prisoners.

  • 31st October 2011

    Danish gay rights pioneer Axel Axgil dies, aged 96 27

    Mr Axgil founded one of the world's oldest gay rights groups in 1948

    10:48 AM — In 1989, Mr Axgil and his partner were the first gay couple to enter into a civil union anywhere in the world.

  • Homophobia question prompts Irish radio comedian to come out 28

    Callan performed made the announcement on Saturday evening

    10:15 AM — Satirist counters accusations after lampooning a fashion-loving footballer on his national radio programme.

  • 26th October 2011

    Peter Tatchell: A tribute to Nikolai Alekseev 5

    Nikolai Alekseev has resigned

    3:58 PM — Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev has announced that he is standing down as chief organiser of Moscow Pride and of the LGBT human rights project GayRussia.Ru – two major initiatives that he pioneered. Peter Tatchell highlights his work.

  • Russian gay rights campaigner Nikolai Alekseev retires 7

    Nikolai Alekseev being arrested during a 2010 protest (Photo: Nico111)

    2:21 PM — Nikolai Alekseev, the face of gay rights campaigning in Russia, has retired. In an email sent to supporters last week, the 34-year-old said he would no longer head Moscow Pride and GayRussia.ru but gave little reason for his decision.

  • 24th October 2011

    Denmark set to introduce gay marriage 19

    Denmark may be next to allow gay marriage (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    1:54 PM — Lawmakers in Denmark are considering legalising gay marriage. Church minister Manu Sareen told the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that gay couples may be allowed to wed in the spring of 2012.

  • 20th October 2011

    London MEP says North Cyprus president promised to repeal anti-gay laws 16

    North Cyprus still criminalises gay sex

    2:55 PM — A Conservative MEP for London says North Cyprus president Derviş Eroğlu promised her he would repeal laws against homosexuality. Marina Yannakoudakis was visiting Nicolosia as part of her role on an EU group for relationships with the Turkish Cypriot community.

  • 19th October 2011

    Three Northern Cyprus men arrested for gay sex 44

    Gay sex remains illegal in North Cyprus

    10:38 AM — Three men in Northern Cyprus have been arrested for sexual "acts against nature". The men were arrested in a private home in north Nicosia last Thursday and have already spent five days in custody.

  • 17th October 2011

    Poland’s first transgender MP will fight for equal rights 9

    Anna Grodzka is Poland's first transgender MP

    2:43 PM — Anna Grodzka, Poland's first transgender MP, says she will seek equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The 57-year-old, who was elected an MP for Krakow last week, said she would make the Catholic country more accepting.

  • 10th October 2011

    Transgender woman set to become Polish MP 16

    Anna Grodzka will be Poland's first transgender MP

    1:29 PM — A transgender woman is expected to become the first trans person in Poland to be elected as an MP. Anna Grodzka, 57, of Krakow, believes she will be the world's only sitting transgender MP if elected for the Palikot Movement party.

  • 3rd October 2011

    Spain to open first gay retirement home 91

    Spain's first gay retirement village is to be built

    5:04 PM — Work will begin on Spain's first gay and lesbian retirement home in the coming weeks. The December 26th Foundation in Madrid is named after the 1979 date when General Franco's anti-gay law was repealed.

  • Six suspected anti-gay extremists arrested in Belgrade 23

    The Pride march was cancelled (Photo: Kevin Wong)

    12:05 PM — Serbian police have arrested six suspected anti-gay extremists in connection with attempts to disrupt a Pride march. The march, which was to be held yesterday in Belgrade, was cancelled by police over fears of mass violence.

  • 30th September 2011

    Police ban Serbia Pride over violence threats 81

    Serbia Pride has been banned - but organisers have not yet said whether they will comply

    5:10 PM — Serbia's gay Pride march has been banned by police. Authorities fear a repeat of the violence that marred last year's event and injured almost 100 police officers.

  • Serbia Pride may be banned over violence fears 7

    Serbia Pride may be banned

    3:17 PM — Serbian authorities are considering banning Sunday's Pride march. Yesterday, the country's police chief warned that marchers in Belgrade may face violence from far-right extremists.

  • 29th September 2011

    Serbian gay Pride marchers face threat of violence 41

    An image from last year's riots

    5:31 PM — Marchers at Sunday's Pride parade in Belgrade have been warned they are likely to be attacked by anti-gay extremists. Serbia's police chief, Ivica Dacic, urged organisers to cancel the event to avoid clashes with a far-right group which has planned a march on the same day.

  • 28th September 2011

    US census shows 131,297 gay marriages 7

    This is the first time the census has counted gay households (Photo: ILGA-Europe)

    4:12 PM — The US census shows that there are 131,297 gay married households and 514,735 unmarried gay households. Marriage equality campaigners said the figures show the need for gay couples to be given the right to wed.

  • Gay senator David Norris wins nomination for Irish presidency 127

    David Norris will stand for the presidency next month

    10:22 AM — Openly gay Irish senator David Norris has secured enough nominations to stand for president. The independent politician won the support of Dublin city council last night and will run against six other candidates next month.

  • 27th September 2011

    French smartphone app ‘tells mothers if their son is gay’ 39

    "Is my son gay?"

    5:01 PM — A new app for Android smartphones claims it can tell anxious mothers whether their son is gay. The 1.99 euro app asks 20 stereotypical questions, such as 'Does your son like to dress well?' and 'Does he like musicals?'

  • Gay Senator David Norris edges closer to Irish presidency 30

    David Norris rejoined the race this month

    1:51 PM — Gay Irish senator David Norris has moved closer to becoming a candidate in the 2012 Irish presidential election. The independent politician, who recently re-entered the race, needs the backing of one more council to become an official candidate.

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