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  • 23rd April 2009

    LGBT groups say police are harassing gays in Ukraine

    Ukrainian police are accused of harassment

    1:18 PM — More than 80 people who were arrested at a gay club in Kiev earlier this month by police had their human rights violated, it has been claimed.

  • 17th April 2009

    Dutch homophobia ghetto could host gay pride event 10

    Ahmed Marcouch hopes his proposals will increase tolerance for gays in the area

    1:06 PM — The chairman of Amsterdam borough Slotervaart, which has made headlines in recent years for its residents' homophobia, is to introduce a raft of controversial new measures to ease tensions between the Islamic and gay communities.

  • ‘Second mothers’ to get mandatory ‘paternity’ leave 7

    Lesbian 'co-parents' will take two weeks' mandatory leave after their partner gives birth

    12:46 PM — MEPs are to vote next month on pioneering legislation that will secure mandatory paternity leave for heterosexual fathers and the partners of gay mothers for the first time.

  • 16th April 2009

    Spanish gay murder reveals issues with domestic violence laws 5

    The men were found dead last week

    11:01 AM — The case of a man who killed his ex-partner before committing suicide last week in Almeria, Spain, has revealed that domestic violence legislation in the country does not apply to gay men.

  • 15th April 2009

    Moroccan man kills Spanish ex-husband before committing suicide

    The men had separated two months ago

    4:41 PM — A Spanish man has been stabbed to death by his ex husband who later killed himself, it has been revealed. The Moroccan man, who has not been named, stabbed his 34 year old ex husband on Tuesday on the doorstep of his home in the village of Adra, Almeria. The couple had separated two months ago.

  • 6th April 2009

    Gay groups call for medical help for ‘homophobic’ university professor 15

    Gloria María Tomás y Garrido said gays and bisexuals were "ill"

    11:48 AM — A Spanish university professor who said gays and bisexuals are "ill" and "unworthy" needs mental help, gay groups have said. Gloria María Tomás y Garrido said that anything which is not heterosexual, including masturbation, is "perverted".

  • 2nd April 2009

    European Parliament opts to extend anti-discrimination legislation 2

    European Parliament has voted to adopt the new legislation (Photo: Flickr user inyucho)

    4:02 PM — The European Parliament today voted to extend anti-discrimination protections beyond employment to cover goods, facilities and services. Previously, provisions only applied to discrimination on sexual orientation, age, disability or religion in the workplace.

  • 1st April 2009

    Sweden approves same-sex marriage 17

    Sweden has approved same-sex marriage

    4:49 PM — Six of the seven parties in Swedish parliament have backed a proposal to introduce a gender-neutral marriage law. The proposal passed today with a 261 to 22 vote and 16 abstentions.

  • 31st March 2009

    LGBT discrimination ‘widespread’ throughout EU 13

    The EU report found evidence of 'widespread' discrimination

    10:45 AM — Discrimination, harassment and violence against LGBT people is 'widespread' across the European Union, an EU report has claimed. The report, published today by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), cited issues of hate speech, bullying in schools and discrimination in employment or healthcare for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

  • 30th March 2009

    Zurich elects lesbian mayor

    Corine Mauch is the first mayor of Zurich to be both female and openly lesbian

    1:55 PM — Zurich has elected its first female and first openly lesbian mayor, Corine Mauch. A member of the centre-left Social Democrats, Mauch has been elected with a lead of 11,000 votes over her opposition following the surprise resignation of previous incumbent Elmar Ledergerber late last year.

  • 26th March 2009

    French Senate votes to recognise British civil partnerships 6

    France may soon recognise UK civil partnerships

    1:59 PM — France may soon recognise British civil partnerships if an amendment to the law is passed. Currently, British recognises French partnerships, known as Pacs (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) but France does not reciprocate this recognition.

  • 23rd March 2009

    Spanish trans man pregnant with twins 10

    Ruben Noe Coronado has said he is expecting twins

    11:45 AM — A Spanish man who was born female has said he is pregnant with twins after a course of fertility treatment. Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, plans to bring up the babies with his partner Esperanza Ruiz, 43.

  • 19th March 2009

    Gay hotel: Sewage ‘was actually sand’ 36

    A photo released by the club claiming to show sewage

    10:57 AM — It has been claimed that Club Tucanes, the gay hotel in Gran Canaria which evacuated guests due to a 'sewage leak', was actually evicted for non-payment of rent.

  • 18th March 2009

    Leading gay hotel evacuated after leaking sewers posed health and safety risk 8

    Club Tucanes says it has closed due to leaking sewers

    10:05 PM — One of Gran Canaria's biggest gay hotels has been forced to move, disrupting British LGBT holiday makers. The company blames leaking sewers for the move and has released graphic photographs showing excrement spurting out of the floor.

  • Italian footballer calls homosexuality ‘a sin’ 36

    Nicola Legrottaglie released his autobiography today

    1:23 PM — Juventus defender Nicola Legrottaglie has denounced homosexuality as a sin and said it is "seen like fashion" these days. In his autobiography, released today, he discussed his Christian beliefs and recommended that gay people should read the Bible.

  • Denmark parliament approves equal adoption rights 7

    Denmark joins other Nordic countries in allowing gay joint adoption

    11:32 AM — A majority vote in parliament yesterday will see the introduction of a bill giving equal adoption rights for civil partners and straight married couples in Denmark.

  • 17th March 2009

    European Parliament approves extension of LGBT discrimination protection 4

    The European Parliament has approved the extension to include LGBT rights (Flickr: inyucho)

    4:27 PM — A report recommending the extension of protection against LGBT discrimination has been approved by the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee. Currently, provisions only apply to discrimination on sexual orientation, age, disability or religion in the workplace.

  • Lib Dems: ‘Tories must clarify whether they plan to ally with homophobes’ 22

    The Lib Dems have called the Polish party 'homophobic'

    3:43 PM — The Liberal Democrats have called for the Conservative Party to clarify whether they intend to form an alliance with the Polish Law and Justice Party in the European Parliament. The Law and Justice Party has a reputation for anti-gay sentiment.

  • 6th March 2009

    Hilary Clinton shows support for gay rights 2

    Hilary Clinton spoke out in support of gay rights

    6:28 PM — The US secretary of state stressed the need to end discrimination against lesbians and gay men.

  • 5th March 2009

    Man acquitted of double murder uses gay panic defence 10

    Jacobo Piñeiro Rial said he acted in self-defence

    2:59 PM — A man who confessed to killing a gay couple has been acquitted of murder by a jury in Spain, who accepted his defence of "fear".

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