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  • 20th August 2010

    British man in Nepal’s first foreign gay marriage ceremony 4

    The couple had a wedding ceremony in Nepal (Photo: Ilkerender)

    11:48 AM — A foreign gay couple had a gay marriage ceremony in Nepal this week. Sanjay Shah, a British man from Leicester, married an Indian man who did not want to be named in a ceremony on Tuesday evening.

  • 12th August 2010

    Tokyo Pride to return after three years 10

    Japanese nationals can only marry same-sex partners abroad

    5:33 PM — The Japanese capital's gay community and friends are preparing to party this Saturday as Tokyo Pride takes place once again after a three-year absence.

  • 10th August 2010

    Hong Kong trans woman launches fight to marry 2

    Hong Kong does not allow trans people to change their birth certificates

    1:48 PM — A trans woman in Hong King has begun a legal fight for the right to marry her boyfriend. The woman, who has not been named, is barred under city law from changing her birth certificate to female.

  • 2nd August 2010

    First gay condom for India 1

    Indian men could soon get special condoms for anal sex

    6:15 PM — One of India's leading condom manufacturers is to manufacture a condom for gay men. The country legalised homosexuality last year and society is making gradual steps towards acceptance.

  • 28th July 2010

    Nepal to hold first gay Pride march 3

    Nepal will hold a Pride march next month (Photo: Ilkerender)

    3:28 PM — Nepal's only out gay MP has said that his country will hold its first Pride march this year. Sunil Pant told AFP that he hopes 3,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people will join the event, to be held on August 25th in the capital Kathmandu.

  • 21st July 2010

    Laws against homosexuality ‘spreading HIV infections’ 3

    19 Asia-Pacific countries have laws against homosexuality

    4:08 PM — Anti-gay laws in the Asia-Pacific region are causing higher rates of HIV infections, the UN has warned. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), such laws mean that gay men and trans people are less likely to seek medical help and be aware of how to prevent HIV transmission.

  • 8th July 2010

    Scientists discover mice can be turned lesbian 33

    The findings do not apply to humans

    4:53 PM — Female mice can be turned lesbian by deleting a single gene, South Korean researchers have found. They discovered that turning off the gene exposes the mice to extra oestrogen.

  • Chinese gay man has blood donation lawsuit rejected 3

    China bans both gay men and lesbians from donating blood

    12:52 PM — A Chinese gay man who tried to sue after being barred from donating blood has had his lawsuit rejected by a court. Wang Zizheng hoped to sue the Beijing Red Cross centre for discrimination as China bars gay men and lesbians from donating blood.

  • 1st July 2010

    Chinese gay man sues over blood donation ban 17

    China bars gay men and lesbians from donating blood

    4:56 PM — A Chinese man is suing a Beijing Red Cross centre for refusing to accept his blood donation because he is gay. According to AFP, Wang Zizheng went to the centre in June to give blood and declared he was gay on a form.

  • 30th June 2010

    India’s first online gay bookstore opens 1

    The store will sell a range of books, but not erotica

    6:12 PM — A lesbian has opened India's first online gay bookstore. Queer Ink, run by Shobhna Kumar, is based in Malad and will sell around 200 titles ranging from novels and academic texts to children's books.

  • 2nd June 2010

    Pakistani trans couple locked up for ‘gay’ wedding 4

    The pair say they are friends, not lovers

    5:29 PM — A man and a trans woman are in custody for holding a 'gay' wedding in Pakistan. Malik Muhammad Iqbal is accused of marrying a trans woman known only as Rani in a ceremony in Peshawar last week.

  • 27th May 2010

    Malaysian trans woman makes asylum bid 7

    Same-sex activity is illegal in Malaysia

    9:50 AM — A trans Malaysian woman who has recently married a Derby man has lodged an appeal for asylum after three failed attempts to become a permanent UK resident.

  • 26th May 2010

    Gay father of twins to be allowed back into Israel this week 7

    Israel has welcomed gay father back

    4:33 PM — A gay man with twin sons born to a surrogate mother in India is to be allowed to return to his native Isreal this week after being stranded in a Mumbai hotel for the past two months because of the Ministry of the Interior's refusal to issue a paternity test.

  • Openly gay MP Alan Duncan visits Nepal 12

    Homosexuality was decriminalised in Nepal in 2007

    11:29 AM — Alan Duncan, the UK's MP for International Development, is to arrive Nepal today for a two-day visit. Mr Duncan will visit the Eastern Development Region of the country to inspect the progress of the UK-funded projects. Nepal's only openly gay MP, Sunil Babu Pant, has welcomed the visit.

  • 30th April 2010

    Hilary Clinton commends China for lifting HIV ban 2

    Hillary Clinton commended China

    2:55 PM — US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has commended China for lifting its ban on HIV-positive visitors. China announced this week it had lifted the entry ban on HIV-positive people, several months after US president Barack Obama lifted the US's ban.

  • 28th April 2010

    China lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors

    China has lifted its HIV travel ban

    2:13 PM — The Chinese government has announced it has overturned the ban on HIV-positive visitors entering the country. The ban was introduced in 1989, although China has temporarily lifted it for major events in the past, such as the1990 Beijing Asian Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  • 23rd April 2010

    First gay film festival begins in India 2

    Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyu will close the festival

    2:56 PM — India is celebrating its first gay film festival this week. The 'Kashish' Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2010 began yesterday and will run over the weekend with more than 100 films from 25 countries.

  • 22nd April 2010

    Chinese man arrested for ‘killing six in gay sex games’

    The man was arrested on suspicion of murder

    5:27 PM — A Chinese man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of six men who joined in sado-masochistic games. Zhou Youping, a singer in bars in the central province of Hunan, is said to have advertised for men to be his "slave" on gay websites.

  • 21st April 2010

    Nepal to host gay weddings on Everest 7

    Nepal wants one million visitors a year (Photo: Flickr user ilkerender)

    5:51 PM — The Asian country of Nepal aims to hold gay weddings on Everest as part of its plans to reinvent itself as a gay-friendly tourism destination.

  • 19th April 2010

    Two arrested over death of gay Indian professor

    Two people were arrested

    4:28 PM — Two journalists have been arrested in connection with the death of a gay Indian professor who was filmed having sex with a man. Srinivas Ramchander Siras, professor of modern languages at Aligarh Muslim University, was found dead earlier this month at his home.

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