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  • 28th July 2009

    US Senate to hold hearing on gay military policy 3

    The US Senate is to hold hearings into 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

    11:44 AM — The US Senate will hold congressional hearings into the country's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. The policy prevents openly gay men and women from serving in the US military and has so far seen nearly 13,000 servicemen and women dismissed on the grounds of their sexuality.

  • 27th July 2009

    Gay media group ranks US TV networks on gay representation 1

    Gay character Lafayette of True Blood, which is aired on HBO

    2:22 PM — The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has released a list of the top US television networks for the representation of gay and lesbian characters.

  • Gay writer E Lynn Harris dies aged 54 6

    E Lynn Harris died last week aged 54

    10:19 AM — E Lynn Harris, who wrote fiction on black gay relationships, has died aged 54. The author, who penned works such as A Love of My Own, Abide With Me and the memoir What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, collapsed on a business trip in Los Angeles last Thursday.

  • 24th July 2009

    Colleague charged over murder of gay sailor 2

    August Provost was found dead last month

    4:10 PM — A man has been charged with the death of gay US sailor August Provost. Provost, 29, of Houston, was found dead on June 30th at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. He had been shot and his body had been burned.

  • Normal again: The reasons and realities behind the ex-gay movement 132

    Ex-gay therapy can cause great damage (Photo B Hernandez)

    3:47 PM — The ex-gay movement, which professes to 'cure' homosexuality, is in the news yet again following the disappearance of American student Bryce Faulkner, who is thought to have been sent to one of the controversial centres by his parents after they discovered he was gay.

  • 23rd July 2009

    Washington DC gives parental rights to lesbian couples 2

    Lesbian parents in DC now have more rights

    5:33 PM — A law which gives lesbian parents in DC more rights has come into effect. The legislation, which was enacted on Saturday, gives lesbians the right to become the legal parent of a partner's artificially-inseminated child without having to adopt.

  • Complaint over trans mayor’s clothing choices 13

    Stu Rasmussen has defended his clothing choices

    4:16 PM — A trans mayor in Oregon, US, has come under fire for wearing "inappropriate" clothes. Stu Rasmussen, the mayor of Silverton, identifies as a heterosexual man but expresses his gender as female and has had breast surgery.

  • 22nd July 2009

    Vandals attack American Apparel’s ‘Legalize Gay’ display 8

    The Legalize Gay t-shirts were the target of the attack

    6:18 PM — The clothing store American Apparel has had its shop in Washington DC vandalised today for displaying 'Legalize Gay' t-shirts, and telephoned a follow up threat to another store.

  • Obama’s call to civil rights group to back gay rights 12

    Obama included gay rights in his speech

    1:04 PM — In a speech to National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), US president Barack Obama called for an end to discrimination of gays and lesbians.

  • 21st July 2009

    Second annual gay rodeo held in Philadelphia 3

    The rodeo is being held later this month

    5:34 PM — The second annual gay rodeo, 'Stampede', is being held by the Liberty Gay Rodeo Association in Philadelphia from July 31st - August 2nd.

  • Lesbian couple celebrate 70th anniversary 19

    The couple will celebrate 70 years together

    5:05 PM — A lesbian couple in Florida are celebrating their 70th anniversary together. Caroline Leto, 96, and Venera Magazzu, 97, from Dania Beach, will celebrate the landmark anniversary on August 17th.

  • Venezuelan government moves to establish greater LGBT rights 21

    President Hugo Chávez is said to be backing the bill

    4:33 PM — The Venezuelan National Assembly has voted to pass a bill for gender equity and equality through the first round of discussion.

  • Fox News commentator speaks out against ‘gay slur’ 9

    Marc Lamont Hill said 'no homo' was a common phrase

    3:28 PM — A political commentator on Fox News has spoken out against the use of the "trendy" gay slur 'no homo', which has become popular amongst the American hip-hop scene, saying it "reinforces the idea that gay and lesbian people are worthy of ridicule, shame, and surveillance".

  • Case begins on US teenager who shot gay classmate dead 7

    Larry King was shot twice in the back of the head

    12:37 PM — A hearing has begun into the case of a US teenager who allegedly killed his classmate because he was gay. Brandon McInerney, 15, is accused of shooting Larry King, also 15, on February 12th 2008 at a school in Oxnard, California as class started.

  • Gay bar raid chief apologises 4

    Officers arrest a man at the Rainbow Lounge (Photo: Chuck Potter via Dallas Voice)

    11:37 AM — The chief of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has apologised for a raid on a gay bar that left one man seriously injured.

  • Parents of ‘ex-gay’ student threaten lawsuits 76

    Bryce Faulkner is believed to be at an ex-gay ministry

    11:12 AM — The parents of a US student who is thought to be in 'ex-gay' therapy have threatened legal action over a website set up to find him, his boyfriend has said.

  • 20th July 2009

    Hate crimes bill moves closer 9

    The law is named after Matthew Shepard

    5:31 PM — A bill known as the Matthew Shepard Act has been approved for a Senate vote. The bill, named after the murdered gay teenager, expands federal hate crime laws offer protection on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, and disability.

  • 17th July 2009

    Dead sailor’s aunt says he was killed by closeted colleague 1

    August Provost in a photograph on his MySpace page

    3:16 PM — A gay sailor who was found shot and burned was killed by a colleague who was still in the closet, his aunt has said. August Provost, 29, of Houston, was found dead earlier this month at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

  • 16th July 2009

    Texas gay bar ‘raided after customer was seen drunk’ 3

    Police footage on WFAA-TV footage shows the man being arrested

    2:42 PM — Police records have shown that a Fort Worth, Texas, gay bar was raided because a man was arrested for being extremely drunk outside two days earlier.

  • US student ‘forced’ into ex-gay therapy 81

    Bryce Faulkner is thought to be at an ex-gay ministry in Florida

    11:44 AM — A gay pre-med student from Arkansas has been "forced" into therapy to cure him of homosexuality. According to his friends, Bryce Faulkner, 23, was preparing to come out to deeply religious family when his mother discovered emails to his boyfriend.

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