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  • 12th March 2010

    Figure skater Johnny Weir ‘not family friendly enough for Stars on Ice’ 34

    Johnny Weir has refused to say whether he is gay

    1:23 PM — The American figure skating champion Johnny Weir has reportedly been rejected from the Stars on Ice Tour because he is not deemed "family friendly".

  • First gay marriages for Mexico City 12

    The first gay weddings in Latin America took place yesterday

    11:45 AM — The first gay couples to marry in Latin America held their ceremonies yesterday in Mexico City. A lesbian couple were the first to tie the knot. Judith Vazquez and Lol Kin Castaneda wore matching white gowns for their ceremony at city hall, attended by Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard.

  • 11th March 2010

    US school cancels prom over lesbian student’s date 36

    Constance McMillen's prom was cancelled

    12:09 PM — A Mississippi school has cancelled its prom rather than allow a lesbian student to wear a tuxedo and arrive with her date.

  • 10th March 2010

    Gay activists shouted ‘you’re one of us’ at Roy Ashburn in 2005 15

    Roy Ashburn was outed last week

    7:03 PM — California senator Roy Ashburn was heckled in 2005 at an anti-gay marriage rally by gay campaigners who knew he was in the closet. They shouted: "We know you're one of us, Roy!"

  • Cuba pays for gender reassignment surgery 11

    Mariela Castro told reporters about the change yesterday

    6:35 PM — Cuba has begun paying for trans men and women to have gender reassignment surgery. Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro and niece of former leader Fidel, confirmed to reporters yesterday that the country began paying for the procedures in 2008.

  • Washington Post defends photo of gay kiss 35

    Jeremy Ames and Taka Ariga kiss (Photo: Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

    5:24 PM — The Washington Post's internal ombudsman has unequivocally defended the newspaper's decision to carry a front-page photo of a gay couple kissing. He received complaints and homophobic slurs from some readers.

  • Adam Lambert happy to be out and proud 8

    Adam Lambert said he was "proud" of who he is

    3:46 PM — Gay US singer Adam Lambert has said he is happy to be out and proud. He also hit back at Kiss star Gene Simmons, who suggested Lambert had "killed" his own career by coming out.

  • 9th March 2010

    TV shows with gay characters could lose Florida tax credits 26

    Glee's gay character Kurt may not represent "non-traditional family values".

    6:18 PM — Television shows and films with gay characters could miss on tax credits in Florida for not being "family-friendly". Lawmakers in the state have been coy over the meaning of the phrase "non-traditional family values".

  • Barbara Walters regrets Ricky Martin gay interview 23

    Barbara Walters said she regretted the interview

    5:44 PM — Veteran US broadcaster Barbara Walters has said that asking Ricky Martin to confirm whether he was gay was "inappropriate". She now believes it could have damaged his career in the US.

  • DC gay couples begin marrying today 7

    Reggie Stanley and Rocky Galloway tied the knot today

    4:27 PM — The first gay couples to marry in Washington DC held their ceremonies today. They were able to apply for marriage licences last Wednesday and, due to a mandatory waiting period, the first ceremonies were set to take place today.

  • Homophobic senator Roy Ashburn comes out as gay 85

    Roy Ashburn said he was gay

    11:42 AM — The California senator who was arrested on suspicion of drink driving last week after leaving a gay club has come out. Roy Ashburn said he was gay on a local radio show yesterday.

  • 8th March 2010

    Anti-gay senator arrested after visiting gay club 34

    Roy Ashburn had been in a gay bar

    2:55 PM — An anti-gay California senator was arrested last week on suspicion of drunk driving after visiting a gay bar. Roy Ashburn, who has a history of opposing gay rights, had been at a gay bar called Faces and had a man in his car when he was stopped.

  • 5th March 2010

    US senators call to end gay blood ban 29

    The letter called for end to the blood ban

    5:29 PM — Seventeen Democrat senators and one independent have called to end America's ban on gay men donating blood. The 1983 rule is "outdated, medically and scientifically unsound", they argued in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration yesterday.

  • Anti-gay group wants killer whale stoned to death 47

    Dawn Brancheau was drowned by a killer whale

    12:07 PM — An anti-gay religious group is calling for a killer whale which drowned its trainer to be stoned to death. According to the American Family Association, the Bible says that captive killer whale Tillikum should have been put to death in 1991 after the first time he killed a trainer.

  • US senators introduce bill to overturn gay military ban earlier than Obama planned 12

    Joe Liberman wants the law to change quicker than Obama

    1:28 AM — Following President Barack Obama's call for the end of the United States' 'don't ask don't tell' policy, banning gays in the military, senators are introducing legislation to repeal the current law or halt discharges of gays continuing to take place.

  • Mexico City’s new gay marriage prompts throngs of licences being granted 9

    Mexico City becomes the first place in Latin America to allow gay marriage

    1:11 AM — Scores of lesbian and gay couples have registered for marriage licences in Mexico City, the first place in Latin America to legalise gay marriage with the first ceremonies taking place in ten days.

  • 3rd March 2010

    Gay couples in DC begin applying to marry 8

    Gay marriage is legal in DC

    4:21 PM — Gay couples in Washington DC were expected to descend on the city hall today to apply for marriage licences after a same-sex marriage law came into power.

  • Lesbian love scenes for Desperate Housewives 13

    Katherine and Robin embracing

    3:33 PM — US comedy Desperate Housewives is to get its first lesbian relationship. Highly-strung Katherine Mayfair will be seduced by her new flatmate after dreaming about sleeping with her.

  • 2nd March 2010

    John Perez sworn in as California Speaker 2

    John Perez is the new California Speaker

    6:26 PM — Openly gay California Assembleyman John Perez was sworn in as Speaker yesterday. He was unanimously elected as Speaker by a caucus of his Democratic colleagues in December and takes over from incumbent Karen Bass to hold one of the most powerful political positions in the state.

  • Last-ditch attempt to block gay marriage in DC 10

    Gay marriage will become legal in DC tomorrow

    6:23 PM — Gay marriage opponents have filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in an 11th hour attempt to block the district's gay marriage law.

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