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  • 28th June 2010

    New York City celebrates 41st annual pride 2

    NYC held its 41st pride parade yesterday

    12:33 PM — New York City was awash with marchers and revellers in their thousands yesterday, all celebrating the Big Apple's 41st annual gay pride event. One of the parade's grand marshalls was Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teenager who fought with her high school to be allowed to attend the senior prom with her girlfriend.

  • One dead and two injured at San Francisco Pride 9

    San Francisco's 40th pride celebrations were marred by gun crime

    10:08 AM — San Francisco's 40th annual pride celebrations were marred late on Saturday night by a shooting incident in the Castro district which left a 19-year old man dead. Two other people, a man and a woman, were also hit by gunfire but are expected to make a full recovery.

  • 25th June 2010

    Minneapolis Pride awaits ruling over injuction against homophobic evengelist 15

    Minneapolis Pride is this weekend

    5:48 PM — The organisers of Minneapolis Twin Cities Pride are awaiting a ruling from District Judge John Tunheim on their injunction to have Christian evangelists Brian and Lois Johnson banned from Loring Park where the festival is to be held.

  • Stanley Cup to feature at Chicago gay pride parade

    Chicago Pride 2010 takes place this Sunday 27 June

    1:19 PM — The Stanley Cup, the trophy annually awarded to the champion team of the National Hockey League, will be on display at this Sunday's Chicago Gay Pride Parade - its first appearance at a gay-themed event.

  • Signers of ballots against gay marriage may no longer remain anonymous, US Supreme Court rules 6

    The state of Washington approved same-sex domestic partnerships in 2009

    11:15 AM — The US Supreme Court ruled yesterday that those who sign referendum petitions may no longer be able to do so anonymously. In doing this, the Court rejected the claims of an anti-gay rights group, who argued the ruling went against their First Amendment protection of political expression.

  • 24th June 2010

    Woman attempted to sue church for performing same-sex ceremony. 11

    Many Baptists disagree with same-sex marriage

    6:11 PM — In a CNN report on how the issue of same-sex marriage has impacted upon the Christian Church in America, Soledad O'Brien spoke to a woman who set out to sue her Washington DC church for performing a same-sex ceremony.

  • Midwestern magazine ‘outs’ Lutheran pastor 14

    ELCA came out in favour of gay relationships last year

    12:15 PM — Lavender magazine, a gay publication based in Minneapolis-St Paul, has sent shock waves through the American gay press. Their latest cover story was written by an undercover reporter and details Pastor Tom Brock's struggles with his sexuality as told to an anonymous Catholic-run support group which claims to help gay men who are "struggling with chastity".

  • 23rd June 2010

    Toronto gay rights protesters march against G20 1

    Toronto's LGBT community protested against the coming G20 summit

    1:24 PM — Gay rights activists stormed the streets of downtown Toronto yesterday ahead of this week's G20 summit, demanding that world leaders seriously address LGBT issues. It was described by one protester as "a carnival of resistance".

  • President Obama vows to push ahead with gay rights agenda 5

    President Obama addressed an LGBT reception yesterday

    11:47 AM — President Obama addressed an LGBT audience at the White House last night, assuring them that he is fully committed to repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and to other issues including same-sex visitation rights in hospitals and the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

  • 22nd June 2010

    Homosexuality is ‘icky’, says Mike Huckabee 30

    Mike Huckabee does not support gay marriage

    3:59 PM — Mike Huckabee, the Republican 2012 presidential candidate, has said he does not support gay marriage partly because of the "ick factor". The former Arkansas governor, who ran for the presidential nomination in 2008, has a long history of making homophobic remarks.

  • Prom ban lesbian teenager to visit White House and lead New York Pride 12

    Constance McMillen will visit the White House and lead New York Pride

    1:31 PM — Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teenager barred from going to prom with her girlfriend, is to attend a Pride reception at the White House this evening.

  • US to give gay workers more parental rights 1

    The US Labor Department is expected to announce the changes this week

    11:29 AM — The US Labor Department is to give gay workers equal access to unpaid leave when caring for a newborn or loved one. It is expected to announce the change today, to bring medical leave for gay couples in line with rights given to straight couples.

  • 21st June 2010

    Vanessa Carlton announces she’s a ‘proud bisexual woman’ 12

    Vanessa Carlton came out yesterday

    4:48 PM — American singer Vanessa Carlton announced at a gig this weekend that she is bisexual. She told an audience of 18,000 people at a gay and lesbian festival in Nashville, Tennessee that she was "proud" of her sexual orientation.

  • Obama could veto military gay ban bill over spending issue 7

    Gay soldiers must keep their sexuality secret

    1:24 PM — US president Barack Obama could veto a bill to lift the ban on out gay soldiers in the military if it contains spending provisions he opposes, his defence secretary said.

  • 19th June 2010

    Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears uses spoof rent boy listing to promote new album 5

    The spoof profile picture on the Rent Boy website

    3:25 AM — The Scissor Sisters' front man, Jake Shears has engaged in some canny viral marketing for the band's new album with a spoof advertisement on a leading gay male escort website.

  • 18th June 2010

    Warren Beatty’s child ‘living as a trans man’ 24

    Warren Beatty is said to be struggling with Stephen's decision (Photo: Alan Light)

    2:47 PM — Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's 18-year-old child is reportedly living as a man and planning to transition. The college student is said to be known as Stephen Ira and wears men's clothing to college.

  • 17th June 2010

    Prop 8 supporters lobby judge to revoke 18,000 gay marriages 13

    Prop 8 supporters want gay marriages revoked (Photo: joeand)

    2:25 PM — Supporters of California's gay marriage ban are asking the judge in a federal trial on the issue to revoke same-sex marriages performed while the practice was legal. Eighteen thousand gay couples married in that time.

  • Trans woman judge hopes to make US history 8

    Victoria Kolakowski hopes to become a superior court judge

    1:48 PM — A trans woman hopes to make history by becoming the first trans person to be elected as a trial court judge in the United States. Victoria Kolakowski, 48, is the frontrunner candidate for superior court judge in Alameda County, California.

  • 16th June 2010

    US General who said gays caused massacre warns of ‘HIV risk’ 28

    Gen John Sheehan suggested out gay soldiers could spread HIV

    4:30 PM — Just a few months after apologising for suggesting gay soldiers were responsible for the Srebrenica massacre, US Army General John Sheehan has said allowing gays to serve openly in the military would have a "devastating" effect.

  • McDonald’s chief says gay ad won’t air in the US 36

    A still from the gay-friendly ad

    1:17 PM — McDonald's won't show an ad featuring a gay teenager in the US, the brand's chief of operations says. Don Thompson, the fast food giant's second-in-command, said the ad was not right for the country because of different "cultural norms".

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