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  • 19th September 2010

    Montana Republicans want to make homosexuality and straight public hand holding illegal 29

    The ban on homosexuality is included in a list of bizarre proposed prohibitions

    6:50 PM — As socially conservative 'Tea Party' win a number of victories in Republican primaries across the United States of America, it has emerged that the Republican Party in Montana has retained a policy to criminalise homosexuality in the state. Although the proposed ban sits alongside bizarre official policies including a proposed ban on mixed sex couples holding hands after sunset.

  • 17th September 2010

    California waiter ‘stabbed for being gay’ 5

    The waiter was attacked in what police say was a hate crime

    6:02 PM — A waiter in Santa Maria, California, is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed for "being gay". Police said the unnamed waiter was at work in a Denny's restaurant when 24-year-old Curtis Martin tapped on the window and asked to use the toilet.

  • 16th September 2010

    Nearly 90 per cent of US gay students harassed over sexuality

    Homophobic bullying led to students skipping more classes

    11:22 AM — A US survey of more than 7,000 LGBT students has suggested that the vast majority are harassed at school for their sexuality or gender identity. The national survey found that 84 per cent were verbally harassed and 18 per cent were physically attacked for being gay, lesbian or bisexual.

  • 15th September 2010

    Gay mayor gets a step closer to being a congressman

    David Cicilline hopes to become the fourth out gay Congressman

    6:08 PM — The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has won the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress. David Cicilline, 48, is gay and has served two terms as mayor.

  • Ricky Martin ‘more creative’ after coming out 2

    Ricky Martin came out in March

    3:54 PM — Ricky Martin is more creative after coming out as gay, his songwriting partner says. The singer came out in March after years of speculation about his sexuality and songwriter Desmond Child says the admission has changed him for the better.

  • 14th September 2010

    Video: Lady Gaga defends meat dress as part of protest for gay rights 10

    Lady Gaga said the meat dress was about gay equality (Photo: MTV)

    4:44 PM — Lady Gaga has revealed that one of the dresses she wore to the MTV awards was made of real meat. The bisexual singer was criticised for the choice by animal rights organisations, who said it was another animal that had been killed.

  • 13th September 2010

    Florida governor to promise gay rights reforms – but not marriage 9

    Charlie Crist is expected to promise a range of gay rights measures

    5:53 PM — Charlie Crist, the Republican governor of Florida, will reportedly introduce a package of gay rights measures in the state, although marriage equality will not be one of them.

  • 50 Cent in hot water for ‘anti-gay violence’ tweet 31

    50 Cent was urged to speak out against homophobic violence

    4:24 PM — Rapper 50 Cent has been urged to apologise by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for a "homophobic" twitter message.

  • Lesbian flight nurse launches legal action over military gay ban 7

    Margaret Witt was sacked after being outed

    3:49 PM — Another federal trial began today against the US ban on openly gay soldiers in the military. Former Major Margaret Witt, a flight nurse with 19 years of service in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, was sacked under the law in 2007.

  • Lady Gaga supports gay soldiers as she picks up 8 MTV awards 8

    Lady Gaga won eight MTV awards

    11:07 AM — Lady Gaga won eight MTV awards last night, including video of the year for the single Bad Romance. The bisexual star was accompanied to the Los Angeles ceremony by four gay US military veterans who had been dismissed under the ban on out gay soldiers.

  • 10th September 2010

    US federal judge rules ban on out gay soldiers is unconstitutional 4

    The US military bans out gay soldiers

    11:19 AM — A US federal judge has ruled that the ban on gay soldiers serving openly in the military violates the US constitution. US District Judge Virginia Phillips said yesterday she would issue an injunction barring the government from enforcing the policy.

  • 9th September 2010

    Canadian judge rules in favour of blood service which bans gay men 14

    Canadian Blood Services was permitted to continue barring gay men

    5:05 PM — A Canadian judge has ruled that a blood donation service has the right to bar gay men. Canadian Blood Services sued 36-year-old gay man Kyle Freeman for negligent representation after he admitted lying about his sexual orientation on blood donation forms.

  • Xbox suspends gamer for living in Fort Gay 7

    Xbox Live blocked a man from Fort Gay

    11:53 AM — Xbox Live has apologised for suspending an American gamer because the name of his town violated the company's policy on "offensive" language. Josh Moore, 26, a resident of Fort Gay in West Virginia, listed his town on his gamer profile.

  • 7th September 2010

    Hundreds of gay couples marry in Mexico 8

    Hundreds of same-sex couples have now married in Mexico

    11:47 AM — Approximately 400 same-sex couples have married in Mexico, six months after the law permitting gay marriage came into effect.

  • 6th September 2010

    Lady Gaga ‘training’ to become a minister to perform gay marriages 9

    Lady Gaga is bisexual

    8:51 AM — Popstar Lady GaGa is reportedly training to become an ordained minister in order to perform gay marriages for her LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) fans. According to British tabloid, the Daily Star, the bisexual singer has been spurred on by the continuing row over gay marriages in California.

  • 3rd September 2010

    Miss Universe 2010 supports gay marriage 17

    Ximena Navarrete was crowned Miss Universe last month

    5:14 PM — The winner of Miss Universe 2010 has come out in support of gay marriage. Mexican beauty queen Ximena Navarrete said she had lots of gay friends and there was "no reason we should want to set them aside".

  • California state won’t be forced to defend Prop 8 10

    California's gay marriage battle may run for another two years (Photo: Tim Schapker)

    3:23 PM — California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney-General Jerry Brown will not be forced to defend the state's ban on gay marriage.

  • 2nd September 2010

    New South Wales adoption bill passes lower house 3

    Birth parents will able to state whether they would prefer straight couples to adopt their children (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    4:38 PM — A bill to allow same-sex couples to adopt in New South Wales, Australia, has narrowly passed in the lower house. It passed a vote 46-44 yesterday, and after amendments were made, passed 45-43 today.

  • 1st September 2010

    Texas appeal court says gay couples cannot divorce 5

    Gay couples cannot divorce in Texas, a court ruled

    2:36 PM — Gay couples in the state of Texas cannot get divorced, an appeal court has ruled. The case concerns a gay couple who wed in Massachusetts in 2007 and then returned to Dallas.

  • Castro takes responsibility for Cuba persecuting gays 8

    Fidel Casto said he took responsibility for the persecution

    10:23 AM — Fidel Castro has said that he was responsible for Cuba persecuting gay men in the 1960s and 70s. The former president told Mexican newspaper La Jornada that there had been moments of "great injustice" against the gay community.

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