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  • 17th June 2011

    Hillary Clinton: UN resolution on LGBT people is a ‘historic moment’ 97

    Hillary Clinton welcomed the vote

    11:25 PM — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hailed the passing of a UN resolution calling for the recognition of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) people as a "historic moment."

  • Video: Another anti-gay politician gets glittered 64

    Tim Pawlenty's aides rush to scoop the glitter away

    5:35 PM — US activists have 'glittered' another politician accused of being against gay rights. Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota and a 2012 presidential hopeful, was targeted as he held a book signing in San Francisco yesterday.

  • Lesbian couple ‘told to stop kissing at baseball game’ 54

    The fans were told to "adhere to the ten commandments"

    4:56 PM — A lesbian couple say they were told off by a security guard for sharing a brief kiss at a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper, from Minneapolis, say the Target Field guard told them: "We don't play grab-ass here".

  • True Blood character ‘to have gay romance’ 27

    True Blood: One of the characters is expected to come out

    11:48 AM — One of the characters on hit series True Blood is to come out. Critic Michael Ausiello at TV Line claimed that one of the characters, previously thought to be straight, will embark on a same-sex romance.

  • 16th June 2011

    New Jersey lawmaker wants push for gay marriage 4

    A NJ gay rights group says the courts option is more likely to yield success

    5:26 PM — A New Jersey politician says he hopes the state will return to a push for gay marriage as New York teeters on the brink of legalisation. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, who is gay, said: "They’re talking about it in New York. Why aren’t we talking about it in New Jersey?"

  • New York Starbucks staff accused of mistreating gay employee 36

    Starbucks claimed Ms Allen got the story incorrect

    2:46 PM — Starbucks says it is investigating claims that an employee was mistreated by co-workers because he is gay. A customer at the coffee giant's Centereach, Long Island, store claims she saw three female staff berating the man for 15-20 minutes in a "brazen" display of homophobia.

  • Video: Super Bowl legend David Tyree says gay marriage will lead to ‘anarchy’ 219

    David Tyree said civilisation will slide towards anarchy

    12:18 PM — Former New York Giants star David Tyree has claimed that allowing gay marriage will lead to "anarchy". The player, famous for making a 'helmet catch' in Super Bowl XLII, gave an interview to the anti-gay National Organization for marriage, in which he condemned gay parenting.

  • New York Assembly passes gay marriage bill 26

    New York's Assembly passed the bill

    10:30 AM — The New York Assembly has approved a gay marriage bill, setting the stage for a crucial Senate vote on Friday. The Democrat-controlled Assembly passed the bill by 80-63 votes yesterday.

  • 15th June 2011

    More US gay couples adopting children 9

    More US gay couples are adopting (Photo: ILGA-Europe)

    4:18 PM — Despite discouraging laws in some parts of the country, new figures say that the number of US gay couples adopting children is rising.

  • New York ‘close to legalising gay marriage’ 26

    New York may be next to back marriage equality

    12:07 PM — New York is reportedly on the brink of marriage equality after another Republican senator said yesterday he would support the move. Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the legislation in both houses yesterday.

  • Federal court upholds gay judge’s ruling on California gay marriage ban 42

    A court ruled that judge Walker did not have a conflict of interest

    11:21 AM — A US federal court has upheld a ruling by a gay judge that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. This is the latest round in a long legal battle over the issue.

  • 14th June 2011

    US defence secretary says progress on gay ban could come this month 14

    The ban is set to be repealed this year

    3:10 PM — US defence secretary Robert Gates says he sees no bar to repealing the military gay ban and could endorse the change at the end of this month. Speaking to Associated Press, Mr Gates said he will back progress if the chiefs of the military recommend moving forward at the end of this month.

  • Tracy Morgan promises amends for anti-gay rant 43

    Tracy Morgan promised to make amends (Photo: Alex Erde)

    11:19 AM — Comedian Tracy Morgan has promised to meet teenage victims of homophobia in an effort to make up for an anti-gay rant. The 30 Rock star sparked outrage when he said at a recent gig that homophobic bullying was "insignificant" and that he would "stab" his own son if he came out.

  • Another lesbian blogger exposed as a man 45

    'Paula Brooks' is Bill Graber (Photo: Bill Graber/Washington Post)

    10:43 AM — Another blogger who claimed to be a lesbian has been exposed as a middle-aged, heterosexual man. 'Paula Brooks', the executive editor of LezGetReal.com, is actually 58-year-old Bill Graber, a former Air Force pilot and construction worker from Ohio.

  • 13th June 2011

    Comment: Don’t fight bigotry with bigotry 600

    Tracey Morgan said sorry (Photo: Alex Erde)

    5:15 PM — Why does the LGBT community so easily react to homophobia with more bigotry, asks Lola Olson.

  • First photos of shot pro-gay congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords 16

    Gabrielle Giffords is said to be making a good recovery (Photo: P.K. Weis, SouthwestPhotoBank.com)

    4:26 PM — The first images have been released of US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in the head by a gunman in January. The politician, who has stood up for gay rights, was shown smiling in the images with no obvious sign of her injury, aside from her new short hairstyle.

  • 10th June 2011

    30 Rock star Tracy Morgan: ‘I went too far with anti-gay jokes’ 66

    Tracy Morgan apolgised for the comments (Photo: Alex Erde)

    5:47 PM — 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has apologised for making anti-gay jokes at a recent gig in Nashville. The comedian said he "clearly went too far" with the remarks, which included saying he would stab his son to death if he came out as gay.

  • Canadian Catholic school bans rainbows 86

    Rainbows are banned at St Joseph Catholic Secondary School

    2:15 PM — A Canadian Catholic school has banned pupils from using rainbows, the symbol of the gay pride movement. St Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Ontario apparently told students holding a June 3rd anti-homophobia event that they couldn't use the colourful symbol.

  • 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan accused of onstage anti-gay tirade 65

    Tracy Morgan has not commented on the claims (Photo: Alex Erde)

    11:36 AM — 30 Rock star and comedian Tracy Morgan has been accused of an extreme anti-gay tirade onstage. An audience member at a recent Nashville show claimed the bawdy comic said he would kill his son if he turned out to be gay and that homosexuality is a "mistake".

  • 9th June 2011

    Gay Glee star Chris Colfer signs children’s book deal 18

    Chris Colfer will pen two children's books

    5:09 PM — Glee actor Chris Colfer has signed a deal to write two children's books. The gay star, who plays Kurt Hummel in the series, will pen children's novel The Land of Stories for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, with a follow-up later.

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