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  • 26th October 2011

    J Crew chief Jenna Lyons ‘in lesbian relationship’ 21

    Lyons was attacked for painting her son's toenails pink

    11:35 AM — One of the most powerful women in the US fashion industry has reportedly begun a lesbian relationship. Jenna Lyons, the president and creative director of J Crew, is in the process of divorcing her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau.

  • 25th October 2011

    Evan Rachel Wood: ‘No one explains bisexuality to children’ 18

    Evan Rachel Wood said she was confused as a child (Photo: David Shankbone)

    3:16 PM — True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood has revealed that she was "terrified" of her bisexuality as a child because no one had explained or discussed it with her. The star, 24, said she did not understand her feelings.

  • 24th October 2011

    49 per cent of Hawaii voters back gay marriage 7

    Hawaii will soon allow civil unions

    3:54 PM — Just under half of voters in Hawaii want gay marriage to be legalised, a poll says. Public Policy Polling foudn that 49 per cent back gay marriage, 40 per cent oppose it and 11 per cent are unsure.

  • 21st October 2011

    Interview: Steven Russell on infamy, escaping prison and Phillip Morris 27

    Steven Russell pictured in 1997 (Photo: George Hixson)

    4:58 PM — Steven Russell was originally imprisoned for fraud. Four successful, non-violent, love-fuelled prison-escapes later and he has achieved infamy. His life is immortalised in the film 'I Love You Phillip Morris', in which he is portrayed by Jim Carrey. He is currently serving a 144-year sentence in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. Laurence Watts interviewed him by exchange of letters.

  • Hundreds mourn gay Canadian teenager Jamie Hubley 14

    Jamie Hubley's funeral was held yesterday

    12:59 PM — Around 700 people attended the funeral of gay teenager Jamie Hubley in Ottawa yesterday. The 15-year-old killed himself a week ago after suffering homophobic bullying and depression.

  • Black children perform poorly at school because ‘academic success is seen as gay’ 166

    Adolph Cameron said black boys did not want to be seen as 'gay'

    9:56 AM — African-Caribbean children perform poorly at school because doing well is perceived as 'gay' or 'feminine', the head of the Jamaican Teachers Association has said.

  • 20th October 2011

    New Jersey governor calls teacher’s anti-gay remarks ‘disturbing’ 22

    Viki Knox has been suspended while an investigation is carried out

    1:55 PM — New Jersey governor Chris Christie has weighed in on the case of a teacher suspended for making homophobic remarks on Facebook. Viki Knox, who works in Union High School in the Union Township school district, made the comments last week.

  • GQ Australia responds to accusations of homophobia 10

    Dustin Lance Black said the magazine was anti-gay (Photo: Greg Hernandez)

    12:50 PM — The Australian edition of GQ magazine has responded to Dustin Lance Black's accusations of homophobia. Last week, the openly gay film director said the publication was guilty of outdated “lies, myths and stereotypes” about gay people.

  • 19th October 2011

    Father of suicide teen says he was bullied for being gay 33

    Jamie pictured with his father, Alan Hubley

    11:28 AM — The father of a 15-year-old Canadian boy who killed himself last weekend says his son was bullied for being gay. Jamie Hubley, of Ottawa, said he couldn't take any more depression, harassment and loneliness before he was found dead on Saturday.

  • 18th October 2011

    Call for New Jersey teacher to be sacked for anti-gay Facebook comments 52

    Gay rights groups want Viki Knox sacked

    5:44 PM — Gay rights groups are calling for the sacking of a New Jersey teacher who wrote on Facebook that homosexuality is "perverted" and "breeds like cancer". Viki Knox, who works in Union High School in the Union Township school district, made the comments last week.

  • Cheerleader boy says Texas school kicked him off team for gay kiss 28

    The school disputes the boy's claims

    3:22 PM — A 17-year-old male cheerleader says he was kicked off his school's team for kissing a boy. The student at Alice High School in southern Texas, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the kiss was caught on school surveillance cameras.

  • Gay Canadian teenager kills himself over depression and bullying 41

    Jamie Hubley pictured with his father, Cllr Allan Hubley

    2:09 PM — A gay 15-year-old boy in Ottawa, Canada, killed himself after suffering years of depression and bullying. Jamie Hubley documented his struggles on his blog but wrote on Friday that he couldn't take any more.

  • Zachary Quinto thanks fans for support 10

    Zachary Quinto thanked fans (Photo: watchwithkristin)

    12:10 PM — Zachary Quinto has thanked fans for their "outpouring of support" after he came out. The Heroes and Star Trek actor came out in an interview with New York magazine at the weekend and wrote a blogpost explaining how he was moved to come out after the suicide of 14-year-old gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer.

  • 17th October 2011

    Dustin Lance Black accuses GQ Australia of homophobia 11

    Dustin Lance Black accused GQ Australia of using outdated stereotypes (Photo: Greg Hernandez)

    2:54 PM — Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has accused the Australian edition of GQ magazine of homophobia. Writing on his blog, the openly gay star said the publication was guilty of outdated "lies, myths and stereotypes" about gay people.

  • US Republican lawsuit: ‘Gays don’t need heightened legal protections’ 22

    Gay people are not 'politically powerless', the filing claims

    1:27 PM — A lawsuit filed by US Republicans says that gay people do not need the same level of legal protection accorded to other minorities because they are "not politically powerless".

  • Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto comes out as gay 59

    Zachary Quinto has come out (Photo: watchwithkristin)

    9:28 AM — Zachary Quinto, the star of Heroes and 2009's Star Trek, has revealed he is gay. The 34-year-old has refused to discuss his sexuality until now, although he joined other celebrities in making an 'It Gets Better' video.

  • 14th October 2011

    First US military gay convention meets this weekend 15

    The first convention for gay troops is being held this weekend

    4:19 PM — The first convention for gay military personnel is meeting in Las Vegas this weekend. The OutServe Leadership Summit, which began yesterday, is the largest gathering of openly gay troops since Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed last month.

  • Lesbian confirmed as US federal judge 4

    Alison Nathan was confirmed as a federal judge

    3:10 PM — The US senate has confirmed a lesbian to serve as a US federal judge in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Alison Nathan is the second of four openly gay people appointed by President Obama to be confirmed.

  • New Jersey teacher accused of anti-gay Facebook comments 114

    There have been calls to sack the teacher

    10:24 AM — A teacher in New Jersey, US, has been criticised for allegedly saying homosexuality is "perverted" and "breeds like cancer" on her Facebook page. Viki Knox, who works in Union High School in the Union Township school district, reportedly advises a student prayer group.

  • 13th October 2011

    US Supreme Court refuses to hear gay parents’ appeal 23

    The couple cannot have both their names on their son's birth certificate

    4:22 PM — The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a gay couple who wanted both their names on the birth certificate of a boy they adopted. Oren Adar and Mickey Smith, of New Orleans, adopted the Louisiana-born boy in 2006 in New York.

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