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  • 29th June 2007

    Gay MP promoted to Health Minister 1

    Ben Bradshaw becomes Minister of State for Health

    11:44 PM — Ben Bradshaw, an openly gay MP, has been promoted to become Minister of State at the Department of Health.It is a step up the ministerial ladder from his previous role at the Department of the Environment.Mr Bradshaw was also appointed as Minister for the South West as part of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown's focus on regions within England.

  • Brown appoints his first lesbian minister

    Ms Eagle is the first and so far only openly lesbian MP.

    11:32 PM — Angela Eagle has been appointed as a minister in the British government.New Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made her Exchequer Secretary, a junior Treasury position.Her twin sister Maria, already a minister under Tony Blair, moves from the Northern Ireland Office to the Ministry of Justice.

  • Comment: Time to be a green gay

    photo: nick russill@flickr.com

    6:06 PM — A couple of months ago, Roseanne - of former 'Barr' and 'Show' fame - upset some of the gays across the pond with something she said on her radio show.During a cosy chat with a lesbian activist one afternoon, Rosie suggested that considering the magnitude of the issues the planet now faces, maybe it was time for us all to put our individual causes temporarily to one side, and stand together against the unprecedented crises' that threaten to overwhelm us all.

  • “Minister for gays” sorry she can’t come to Pride

    The new minister overseeing equality and gay rights issues has a previous engagement.

    5:15 PM — Hazel Blears has said she is sorry she will not be able to attend tomorrow's Pride events in London this year after her appointment yesterday as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.The new minister overseeing equality and gay rights issues has a previous engagement.It has been confirmed that the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Minister for Women, Harriet Harman, will address revellers in Trafalgar Square.

  • Pride should go ahead as planned say police 5

    Pride organisers are working closely with the police.

    4:15 PM — The organisers of Pride London met with the Metropolitan police this afternoon and were reassured that as things stand the parade and other events will be going ahead tomorrow as planned.Early this morning a car bomb left outside a nightclub failed to detonate. The club, Tiger, Tiger, is on Haymarket, a street which is part of the route for tomorrow's parade.This afternoon the police have closed Hyde Park and Park Lane while they investigate another suspicious vehicle.

  • Rowan Williams backtracks on gay bishop snub 2

    In April the Archbishop said he even considered cancelling the Lambeth conference to avoid a schism.

    1:13 PM — The Archbishop of Canterbury is reconsidering his decision to exclude an openly gay bishop from next year's Lambeth Conference.Many Anglicans wrote letters of complaint to the Archbishop about the exclusion of Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.A response from Canon Flora Winfield from the International, Ecumenical and Anglican Communion Affairs was leaked to The Times. 

  • Tales of the City author to appear at London Pride

    Mr Maupin's latest book,  Michael Tolliver Lives,  follows a character from  Tales,  now in his mid-50s and HIV+, who finds love with a younger man.

    12:54 PM — Gay icon Armistead Maupin is to take to the stage at tomorrow's London Pride event in Trafalgar Square.The author, whose Tales of the City books about gay life in 1970s and 80s San Francisco have been compared to the work of Dickens, is making a special trip to show solidarity with London's gay community.Mr Maupin's latest book, Michael Tolliver Lives, was published earlier this month.

  • Bomb on Pride route contained nails 5

    Metropolitan police have confirmed that nails were packed with gas cannisters found in a car bomb this morning.

    12:19 PM — In a chilling reminder of the attack on Soho eight years ago, the Metropolitan police have confirmed that nails were packed with gas cannisters found in an abandoned car this morning.The vehicle was crashed and then abandoned on Haymarket in central London, part of the route for tomorrow's London Pride parade.There was concern that the entire Pride event, including performances in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square, would have to be cancelled.

  • London’s gay community will march despite the bomb 5

    The parade is due to begin at 1pm and will take in Baker St, Oxford St, Regent St, Haymarket, ending at Whitehall.

    11:35 AM — Organisers of the biggest gay parade in the UK have confirmed that it will go ahead tomorrow.The discovery of a car bomb on the route had cast doubt on whether the London Pride parade would go ahead.However, Metropolitan police sources have confirmed that Haymarket, a key part of the parade route, will be open tomorrow.

  • Pride organisers hopeful parade will go ahead 5

    Reports of a suspicious vehicle at around 2am led police to what they call a “potentially viable explosive device.“

    10:01 AM — Pride officials had an early start this morning, with Metropolitan Police officers phoning them before 6am to discuss the discovery of a suspected bomb on the parade route.The area is still closed off as officers from the Counter Terrorism Command continue their investigations.It is unclear at this stage whether tomorrow's parade will go ahead.

  • Bomb found on London Pride route 5

    Police have made no comment on who might be responsible for the car bomb or if there is a link to tomorrow's parade.

    8:51 AM — A car bomb discovered on the route of tomorrow's Gay Pride parade in London has been made safe, say police.The vehicle was parked on Haymarket, in the heart of the city's West End shopping and theatre district.Reports of a suspicious vehicle at around 2am led police to what they call a "potentially viable explosive device."

  • 28th June 2007

    Gay MP Nick Brown back in government 1

    Nick Brown was the government's first Chief Whip in 1997 and became Secretary of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food a year later.

    6:42 PM — Former Cabinet minister Nick Brown returns to government today under his friend, new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.The two men, along with Tony Blair, were first elected in 1983 and are close allies.In 1994 Nick Brown acted as campaign manager for Gordon Brown, and advised against the famous deal that saw the future Chancellor stand aside in favour of Mr Blair.

  • Outed Russian MP considers legal options 2

    The MP gave no details of his complaint to the prosecution authorities.

    6:00 PM — Russian State Duma Deputy Alexander Chuev has told journalists he sent his complaint to the prosecution authorities in connection with the statements made by Moscow Pride organiser Nicolas Alexeyev about his homosexuality.Speaking on the talk show K baryeru last week Mr Alexeyev, who was convicted of a minor offence last month for his role in the banned Pride march, outed Mr Chuev.The MP is one of the most outspoken opponents of gay rights.

  • Ministry of Defence says sorry for expelling gays

    In 2000, the government removed the ban on gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving openly in the Armed Forces.

    5:34 PM — A military officer responsible for equality training has now issued an apology to the thousands of gay men and lesbians who were discharged from the British Armed forces because of their sexuality.Wing Commander Phil Sagar runs the armed forces joint equality and diversity training centre. He told BBC Radio 4: "Of course we're sorry for anyone who's suffered personal trauma."In 2000, the government removed the ban on gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving openly in the Armed Forces.

  • Trade unions hold gay conference

    London over the next two days to debate a series of key equality issues at the annual TUC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender conference..

    5:30 PM — Several hundred lesbian and gay workers are gathering in central London over the next two days to debate a series of key equality issues at the annual TUC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender conference.Delegates attending the event at Congress House will hear speeches from TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber, Commission for Equality and Human Rights Chair Trevor Phillips and MP Angela Eagle.

  • Gay rights champion appointed Leader of the Lords 4

    Baroness Ashton with former PinkNews.co.uk editor Marc Shoffman at the Stonewall Awards 2006

    4:05 PM — Baroness Ashton of Upholland, winner of the coveted Stonewall award for Politician of the Year, has been promoted to the Cabinet by new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.Previously known as Catherine Ashton, she was made a life peer by Tony Blair in 1999, as Baroness Ashton of Upholland, of St Albans.She was one of the ministers who shepherded the Sexual Orientation Regulations onto the statue book.

  • Analysis: Brown’s new Cabinet ministers 4

    Only one Cabinet minister, Defence Secretary Des Browne, stays in the same job.

    3:44 PM — Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed several new faces to the Cabinet today as he forms his first administration.Only one Cabinet minister, Defence Secretary Des Browne, stays in the same job.While there may be some gay men and lesbians appointed in the more junior posts, there are no openly gay people at the top of government.

  • Blair questioned again by police over peerages

    A spokesman at Scotland Yard told the BBC that the Metropolitan Police was “not prepared to discuss“ the inquiry.

    2:48 PM — As it was announced that the by election to replace Tony Blair as an MP will be held on the 19th or 26th July, it emerged that Scotland Yard detectives questioned him for a third time before he left office as part of the investigation into 'cash for honours.'In one of her last actions as Chief Whip, Jacqui Smith moved writs in the House of Commons to start the by election process.Mr Brown appointed Ms Smith as Home Secretary today, the first woman to hold the office.

  • Blears appointment welcomed by gay organisation 4

    She has an excellent record on gay rights.

    1:50 PM — Stonewall has welcomed Hazel Blears to her new role as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.She has an excellent record on gay rights, voting for the equalisation of the age of consent, for the rights of gay couples to adopt, for civil partnerships and against Section 28.By contrast, Ruth Kelly absented herself from every vote on gay rights until she was appointed as Communities Secretary.

  • New PM makes radical changes to the Cabinet 4

    Labour's newly elected Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman, has been appointed Leader of the House of Commons.

    12:30 PM — Details of wide-ranging reshuffle are slowly emerging from Downing St, with new Prime Minister Gordon Brown signalling his determination to break with the Blair years.David Miliband becomes Foreign Secretary at the age of 41.A poll of PinkNews.co.uk readers in May found 27% wanted Mr Miliband as next Prime Minister and 13% wanted Gordon Brown. His elevation to one of the top jobs in the government allows Mr Miliband to continue his work on climate change.

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