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  • 22nd May 2006

    Lesbian wins estate agent discrimination case

    Corrina Slow said after the hearing, “This is an important case that will extend the rights of gays and lesbians in the workplace“

    12:00 AM — Britain's first lesbian and gay estate agency has been found guilty of sexual discrimination after a former employee proved she was sacked because she was pregnant.Corrina Slow will be paid £13,000 compensation from the gay friendly 2Let estate agency in Brighton after being dismissed when her boss discovered she was 16 weeks pregnant.

  • Gay carers found guilty of abuse 3

    Both men denied the accusations throughout the trial

    12:00 AM — A gay couple have been found guilty of abusing four boys between the ages of eight and 14 in their care.Ian Wathey, 40, and Craig Faunch, 32, were convicted of taking advantage of children put in their care by Wakefield Council in West Yorkshire, and molesting children.

  • Gay venues added to bar safety awards

    The scheme is sponsored by gay magazine, 3Sixty, joint venture partners with PinkNews.co.uk for the upcoming publication of The PinkNews

    12:00 AM — A new category has been added to the Best Bar None scheme in Brighton, the best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) venue.Brighton Hove will become the first city in the country to have such an award for a licensed premises.The scheme is sponsored by gay magazine, 3SIXTY, joint venture partners with PinkNews.co.uk for the upcoming publication of The PinkNews.

  • Gay church prays for gay marriage 4

    The General Assembly will be asked to decide whether Church of Scotland Ministers will be permitted to offer blessings to couples on the occasion of their Civil Partnership and whether ministers themselves will be able to enter into a Civil Partnership

    12:00 AM — A gay affirming Edinburgh church is calling for a day of prayer in support of civil partnerships as the Church of Scotland General Assembly debates the issue this week.Civil Partnerships were introduced into law in December 2005 and allow for the relationships of same-sex couples to be recognised in law, conferring many of the same rights and responsibilities as marriage.

  • Catholic Church say gay sex lessons are “outrageous”

    Teachers can now talk freely about gay sex, sexually transmitted diseases and condoms for safe gay sex

    12:00 AM — The Catholic Church in Scotland have condemned the inclusion of gay sex within the syllabus of sex education lessons in Scotland.Following the abolition of section 28 in Scotland six years ago, teachers can now talk freely about gay sex, sexually transmitted diseases and condoms for safe gay sex."Teachers felt they didn't know what to say to pupils about same-sex relationships."

  • Big Brother housemate reveals gay rent boy past 14

    Shahbaz has become isolated from the house after arguments over his personality and his food hiding antics

    12:00 AM — Gay Big Brother 7 housemate, Shabhaz has shocked housemates after revealing that he was once a rent boy and spent time in jail.The Glaswegian Muslim told fellow contestants that he had been jailed on suspicion of being a prostitute and fined £450 when found in a gay cruising area, and was once paid ten pounds for sex.

  • Blackpool goes pink with Pride

    With stands, a wrestling competition and a mass blessing on Sunday evening, Organisers say the weekend was a complete success and will build upon this in the coming years

    12:00 AM — Always famed for its campness, Blackpool wore its Pride on its sleeve, shorts or Rainbow Boa this weekend as the town held its very first pride event, writes Paul Hunt.Despite some rather mixed weather the Gay Pride Parade wound its way along the seafront, displaying a colourful mix of characters. Most of the local Gay venues were represented, including Basil Newby and his team from ITP Leisure, owner of Funny Girls and the Flamingo.

  • Tory chairman defends gay inclusive list

    Francis Maude condemned people who were spreading “ridiculous caricatures” of the new list

    12:00 AM — Conservative chairman Francis Maude has defended the party's "A list" of parliamentary candidates which includes particular figures such as gay people who receive priority treatment in the selection process to represent winnable seats to guarantee General Election success.Mr Maude insisted the list of parliamentary candidates was not aimed at imposing "mincing metrosexuals" on local constituencies.

  • 21st May 2006

    Finnish band rock Eurovision 2

    Next year's Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Finland

    12:00 AM — The Eurovision Song Contest was rocked by political voting and a shock win by Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, last night.The group, donned in monster masks and chains, won the fifty-first Eurovision Song Contest in Athens beating 24 other countries with 292 points after their controversial entry, Hard Rock Hallelujah.

  • 20th May 2006

    Councillor makes ‘humiliating’ apology after gay outburst 14

    Political analysts told PinkNews.co.uk: that his apology must have been a “humiliating climb down” for Peter Willows

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveA Brighton and Hove Conservative councillor has apologised today for making allegedly homophobic and offensive comments towards the lesbian. gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.Peter Willows a Hangleton and Knoll ward councillor, faced expulsion from the Tory Party over remarks labelling gay people as paedophiles, which he was reported to have made at an annual Brighton and Hove City Council party last week.

  • Gay Big Brother housemate was disowned by Muslim family 15

    Friends revealed that Shahbaz was attacked with a hammer in an “honour beating” by his father

    12:00 AM — Gay Big Brother 7 housemate Shahbaz Chaudhdry was beaten up by his father and disowned by his family because of his sexuality, sources have revealed.Friends revealed that the Muslim reality show contestant was attacked with a hammer in an "honour beating" by his father, Muzammil, after wearing high heels to school.

  • 19th May 2006

    Black gay icon wins mental health award

    Valerie Mason-John, or Queenie as she is sometimes known, was born in Cambridge in 1962

    12:00 AM — Black gay icon, Valerie Mason-John has won the Mind Book of the Year award for her first novel, Borrowed Body.The award from mental health charity, Mind, celebrates writing that furthers public understanding of mental or emotional distress in all its forms.

  • McKellen: Da Vinci Code proves Jesus was not gay 2

    Sir Ian McKellen told the festival that the Church should welcome the film as it offered evidence of the sexuality of Jesus

    12:00 AM — Gay star of the Da Vinci Code Sir Ian Mckellen, has called on the church to welcome the controversial film, released worldwide today, as it confirms that Jesus was not gay.The movie, based on the Dan Brown best seller, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week, it has been slammed by the Catholic Church and labelled as blasphemous.

  • Gay Muslim and “sexual terrorist” enter Big Brother 19

    The tenth was “sexual terrorist” Richard, 33, a gay waiter

    12:00 AM — A summer of television viewing, kiss and tell stories and state of television debates kicked into gear last night with the start of reality show Big Brother 7.The series, first touted as a social experiment, certainly has some interesting guinea pigs this year, with a gay Muslim, a Tourette's sufferer, and a girl who cannot seem to pronounce her own name.

  • Eurovision fans await “gayest night” of the year 2

    The UK's entrant for Eurovision 2006, Daz Sampson with Eurovision host Terry Wogan.

    12:00 AM — The gay community is queering up for a camp packed Saturday night this weekend for Eurovision 2006.Across the country Eurovision parties will be taking place with viewers cringing, laughing, and crying at the outfits, the dancing, and the attempts at singing.

  • Lesbian sacked for ‘poor performance’

    Corrina Slow claims she was dismissed from her managerial role at the gay friendly 2Let estate agency in Brighton after her boss discovered she was 16 weeks pregnant

    12:00 AM — A lesbian estate agent was sacked because she was not making her company any money and not because she was pregnant, a tribunal heard yesterday.Corrina Slow claims she was dismissed from her managerial role at the gay friendly 2Let estate agency in Brighton after her boss discovered she was 16 weeks pregnant.

  • Church adding to school homophobia, report claims 4

    The authors of the study, funded by the Department for Education, attributed anti gay attitudes to the church owning most schools in Ireland

    12:00 AM — The church makes a significant contribution to homophobia and bullying in Irish schools, according to a study.A report from Dublin City University's Centre for Education Evaluation concluded that Catholic Church theology is "very influential" on teaching about sexuality in schools.

  • Lesbian’s family murdered after rejecting ‘sexual advances’

    Morris's of Craigh-cefn-parc, South Wales, had his previous murder conviction quashed over a conflict of interest in the legal procedure

    12:00 AM — A lesbian's family was murdered after she spurned a "violent thug's" sexual advances, a court was told yesterday.David Morris, 44, is being retried for the killing of four family members across three generations in 1999.He smashed the faces of Mandy Power, 34, her mother, Doris Dawson, 80 and her children, Katie, 10 and Emily, 18, Swansea Crown Court was told.

  • Conservative councillor investigated over gay paedophile slur 14

    Conservative councillor Andrew Willows has been known for speaking out against the gay community

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe Brighton and Hove Conservative Party has started disciplinary proceedings against a Conservative councillor who allegedly called gay people paedophiles.Peter Willows, a Hangleton and Knoll ward councillor, faces expulsion from the Tory Party over remarks labelling gay people as paedophiles, which he is reported to have made at an annual Brighton and Hove City Council party last night.

  • 18th May 2006

    Lesbian couple plan first civil partnership divorce

    The break up came after Ms King told her partner she no longer loved her

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveA lesbian couple who are planning a divorce just two months after having a civil partnership face tough times ahead, a legal expert has warned.Liz King, 40, and Daphne Ligthart, 36, registered their partnership in Kent last February, they then shared a romantic honeymoon in Amsterdam, but will now become the first female same sex couple to have a divorce since the legislation began in December 2005.

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