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  • 22nd August 2006

    Transsexual deported despite discrimination claim

    the Home Office has given her 28 days to leave claiming her work permit is invalid because she no longer employed

    12:00 AM — A transsexual who recently filed the largest discrimination suit against a former employer has been asked to leave the country as her permit is no longer valid because she is no longer employed by the company she is suing.Jessica Bussert, formerly Josh, is seeking £500,000 compensation from Hitachi Data Systems claiming she was demoted after surgery to "feminise" her face and breasts, since moving from the US state of Indiana to work in here.

  • This article has been deleted

    12:00 AM —

  • Cardiff Mardi Gras to feature scary monster

    The organisers of a Doctor Who exhibition at the city's Red Dragon Centre will have a stall at this year's Mardi Gras, and have hinted they may bring along one of the Doctor's enemies to party with the LGBT community.

    12:00 AM — The organisers of this year's Cardiff Mardi Gras are expecting a record 40,000 people to party on the streets of the Welsh capital on the 2nd September.Now in its seventh year, the event has grown into the second-largest free gay event in the UK.But changes in the licensing laws mean that revellers will no longer be able to bring their own alcohol to the party

  • AIDS groups back gay campaigner’s partnership proposal

    AIDS charities have backed gay campaigner Peter Tatchell's call for partnership between the developed and developing world

    12:00 AM — AIDS charities have backed gay campaigner Peter Tatchell's call for partnership between the developed and developing world in combating HIV.Speaking at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada last week, Mr Tatchell suggested the "rich north" should partner the "poor south" with funding, equipment, training and travel.

  • COMMENT: Time for a gay schism? 2

    Hampstead Heath has a reputation as an urban oasis of calm - but some areas are off-limits for straight people (photo: SlipstreamJC, Flickr)

    12:00 AM — It has been a bad month for gay identity. Whatever that is. From gay police to overweight pop idols, it seems everyone has something to say about how best to express their sexuality.Tony Grew examines what it means to be gay in 2006 If I was to wear an earring, what would that indicate to you? According to gay police officer Neil Bloomfield, it is an indication of sexual preference. He took his employers to a tribunal because male officers are not allowed to wear earrings, while women officers are.

  • Comment: Is newspaper backlash aid to homophobia?

    The right wing press's xenophobic reporting tones towards EU enlargement are detrimental to the LGBT community in Bulgaria and Romania as we see them as “others” rather than groups needing support

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Dave McElhill ponders press reporting regarding EU enlargement and asks if the tones are helping the international gay community.The recent headlines have been full of commentary regarding the likely influx of new immigrants when Bulgaria and Romania join the EU.

  • 21st August 2006

    McKellen and Gervais clash over Extras script

    McKellen's  Extras  appearance will be aired on BBC2 later this year.

    12:00 AM — Gay icon Sir Ian McKellen has revealed that his guest appearance in the upcoming series of BBC hit comedy Extras caused tension with creator Ricky Gervais.The series features famous actors playing grotesque versions of themselves and has previously starred Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller and Samuel L Jackson.Writing on his official website, McKellen revealed that he wanted rewrites to the script.

  • ‘Gay’ issues cause Anglican split? 4

    Dr Rowan Williams will hold a meeting to avoid a schism within the Anglican church

    12:00 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury is to host a summit next month between to two sides of the American Anglican church to deal with potential problems over homosexuality.This is to avoid the "nightmare" scenario of a church split due to a decision in 2003 to allow a gay priest to become a bishop in America.

  • Ofcom slaps C4’s wrist over Elton’s teatime cursing

    During the O'Grady show on the 9th May, Elton John discussed his birth name of Reginald Dwight. He said it was the name of a banker, or possibly wanker.

    12:00 AM — Television regulator Ofcom has criticised Channel 4 over an episode of the Paul O'Grady show in which Elton John used the word "wanker."MediaGuardian reports that the regulator regarded the use of the curse word as unfortunate.Although the term is regarded as mild, a large part of O'Grady's audience are older people, and therefore more likely to be offended by its use.

  • Gloucester celebrates first Mardi Gras

    Gloucesters first ever gay pride march went off without a hitch

    12:00 AM — Hundreds turned out in Gloucester last Saturday, 12 August, for its first Gay Pride March, held in memory of Jody Dobrowski, who was murdered last year in London for being gay.Bristol meanwhile held its Mardi Gras and FRINGE events despite the cancellation of the Bristol Pride March several weeks ago following a problem planning the event between organisers, police and the local council.

  • 18th August 2006

    PinkEnergy lightening gay community’s burden


    12:00 AM — UK energy bill payers are yet again set to become victims of gas prices rises with Powergen announcing an 18.5% increase in gas bills yesterday following British Gas's recent spike.But there is no need for consumers to be kept in the dark over prices and watchdogs are highlighting the importance of shopping around for the best value, which is where PinkEnergy.co.uk switches into gear.

  • Glastonbury to host pink picnic

    Organisers hope the al-fresco event will highlight the problems for gay people living in rural areas.

    12:00 AM — Better known for its almost annual music festival, the sleepy Somerset town of Glastonbury is going pink.A community LGBT picnic will be held on September 9th in Abbey Park.Organisers hope the al-fresco event will highlight the problems for gay people living in rural areas.

  • Lesbian lover responds to verdict

    Alison Lewis has responded  to “thug“ David Morris's guilty verdict

    12:00 AM — Alison Lewis, the lesbian lover of murdered mother Mandy Power, has responded with relief to the guilty verdict of David Morris, telling BBC reporters that "I want him to rot in jail for the rest of his life.""He will spend the rest of his life being punished for what he did," she told the BBC, adding "there has been justice for Mandy, Katie, Emily and Doris."

  • The local band challenging national anti-gay laws

    “People don't like (the name) because they think of the word 'whore' in purely sexual terms, not in the way that we are using it.“

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveOn Monday Pink News brought you the story of Paparazzi Whore cancelling a gig in Pacha Marrakech over problems with Moroccan law regarding homosexuality, Dave McElhill meets a band challenging African attitudes.Speaking to lead singer Micci leaves you in no doubt that Paparazzi Whore are a band on the rise, with their strong lyrics and fun take on life.

  • 17th August 2006

    Builder guilty of lesbian family murder

    Morris of Craigh-cefn-parc, South Wales, had his previous murder conviction quashed over a conflict of interest in the legal procedure

    12:00 AM — A former builder who murdered a lesbian and her family after having his sexual advances rejected has been jailed for life today.David Morris, 44, was found guilty of murder at Newport Crown Court today in a retrial relating to the killing of four family members across three generations in 1999.

  • Agreement reached over gay PC’s stud

    PC Bloomfield said he was happy with the result

    12:00 AM — A gay police officer has reached a settlement with his force after taking them to an employment tribunal over the right to wear an earring.PC Neil Bloomfield, 39, told a Southampton Industrial Tribunal that his gold ear stud was a statement of his sexuality and claimed he was unfairly targeted while other heterosexual officers avoided reprisal.

  • Caribbean gays reject Beenie Man 3

    A letter protesting against Beenie Man has been sent to the 20/20 organisers by C-FLAG

    12:00 AM — The organisers of the current Stanford 20/20 Cricket Tournament in the Caribbean have been urged to drop dancehall music star, Beenie Man, as the singer of the official tournament anthem because of his homophobic lyrics.The call comes from C-FLAG, the Caribbean Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays.

  • Faceparty liaison leads to assault for teenage lesbian 1

    A 16-year-old lesbian was assaulted by the angry girlfriend of a 19-year-old woman she met online.

    12:00 AM — A 16-year-old lesbian was assaulted by the angry girlfriend of a 19-year-old woman she met online.The teenagers had met on the popular chat site Faceparty. Clare Bullock, 19, of Wimslow, Cheshire, had met the unnamed younger girl, and formed an online friendship.They exchanged intimate information and text messages and arranged to meet on January 2nd this year.

  • ‘Homosexual’ husband excuse for wife’s fraud

    Maria Wall, 43, claimed £60,000 as a single mother whilst married

    12:00 AM — A Cardiff woman has been jailed for nine months after admitting that she defrauded the state over the past several years following a "sham" marriage.Maria Wall, 43, claimed income support, rent and council tax totalling £60,000 despite marrying gay labourer David Davies in 1997.

  • Police use Gaydar to reach Brighton’s LGBT community

    Brighton and Hove Police have come up with a novel way of communicating with the gay community

    12:00 AM — Brighton and Hove Police have come up with a novel way of communicating with the gay community.Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) liaison police officers in the city have created profiles on the popular Gaydar websites as a new method for residents to report hate crime or obtain advice.

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