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  • 9th January 2006

    Christians and Muslims gear up for Westminster protest 15

    The purpose of tonight's House of Lords debate is to call on the government to withdraw the regulations from Northern Ireland.

    10:17 AM — Fundamentalist Christians are preparing for a torchlight protest outside the Houses of Parliament this evening, designed to show their disapproval of new regulations to protect gay people from discrimination.Christian Concern for Our Nation are organising the outdoor event, which will coincide with a debate in the House of Lords about the Sexual Orientation Regulations' introduction in Northern Ireland at the start of this month.

  • Murderer to marry gay paedophile lover behind bars 2

    Beggs will be the first prisoner to have a civil partnership behind bars

    12:00 AM — A convicted murderer has been granted permission to marry his gay paedophile lover behind bars. However, the prison service will not let them to share a cell.William Beggs, 42, known as the "Limbs in the Loch Killer," was jailed for life in 2001. Beggs drugged, raped and murdered 18 year-old Barry Wallace before dumping his head in the sea and his limbs and torso into Loch Lomond. He escaped to Amsterdam where he eventually surrendered to police.

  • 6th January 2006

    Government funded report claims Kevin Spacey is gay 1

    Mr Spacey, 46, has been included in a list of prominent gays including the writer Oscar Wilde and the camp television presenters Graham Norton and Dale Winton.

    12:00 AM — The Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has been named as a prominent gay man in a report funded by the Department of Education.The report forms part of a series of lesson plans put together by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group (LGBT) to be used in schools as part of the group's 'Its History Month' taking place in February. The Department of Education is believed to be contributing £20,000 to the project.

  • 5th January 2006

    Gay comic Michael Barrymore heads Big Brother cast

    Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s (Photo: Joy Padmore)

    12:00 AM — Michael Barrymore, the gay former TV host, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in Elstree.Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s.In an interview filmed before entering the Big Brother House, he said, "if people want to call it a come back they can, but I haven't be away."

  • 4th January 2006

    ‘Moderate’ Muslim leader says being gay is immoral 12

    Sir Iqbal told the BBC: “[homosexuality] in terms of the moral issues that comes along in a society, it is not acceptable

    12:00 AM — The leader of the Muslim Council of Great Britain has sparked condemnation by religious and political leaders, after he claimed in a radio interview that gay relationships are damaging the foundations of society, and that homosexuality carries unusually high health risks.Sir Iqbal Sacranie, heads the Muslim Council of Britain, labelled by many as a moderate Islamic group that engages with the British political system.

  • Comment: Can we tolerate homophobia for much longer? 12

    Perhaps Sir Iqbal should consider what the inclusion of “Britain” in the name of his organisation means

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Benjamin Cohen takes a personal look at the controversy concerning the comments made by Sir Iqbal Sacranie on the radio.It used to be the case that libertarians and liberals could argue with some justification that tolerance is a necessary part of a liberal society. As a liberal, I could say to Sir Iqbal: "I disagree with you but I tolerate the right for you to be intolerant." But can we still continue be tolerant of those who show so little respect for our liberal way of life.

  • 3rd January 2006

    Scottish Cardinal denounces gay marriages 4

    The Cardinal said: “we live at a time when the truth of marriage and family is obscured and distorted“

    12:00 AM — The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholic Church has attacked the country's government ministers for undermining the sanctity of marriage by allowing "gay weddings".Archbishop of Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, is also set to launch an attack on the Scottish Executive for cutting the minimum separation period of divorce.In his New Year's Day homily at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, the cardinal said that during 2006, he would urge the Executive in particular to give "unequivocal support" to marriage.

  • 31st December 2005

    Flour power victory for “filthy dyke” lesbian

    Miss Gardener told the tribunal: “he called me a filthy dyke I had a pack of flour in my hand and, although I regret it now, I threw it at the back of his head.”

    12:00 AM — A shop worker who threw a bag of flour at a customer who called her a "filthy dyke" has won her case for unfair dismissal.Caroline Gardener, 45 claimed that a man became abusive when he couldn't find any lime cordial. Miss Gardner says he pushed her, called her useless and told her: "Get your sex life sorted out."The tribunal ruled that whilst Miss Gardener was not sacked due to her sexuality, Booker unfairly dismissed her.

  • 30th December 2005

    Gay couples can now jointly adopt 1

    Gay couples can now jointly adopt children

    12:00 AM — From today, gay couples can adopt children, after radical reforms come into force across England and WalesPreviously, gay couples were unable to adopt a child jointly, one partner would be considered the child's parent, with the other having no legal status.Felicity Collier, chief executive of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering lauded the act as "the most radical overhaul of adoption law for 30 years"

  • 29th December 2005

    Pope’s stance on gay priests comes under fire 12

    The church will ban gays who: “publicly manifest their homosexuality or show an overwhelming attraction“ to homosexual culture even if it is only intellectually”

    12:00 AM — Gay men will be admitted into Roman Catholic seminaries to train as to become priests if they can prove that they are only "transitionally gay", that they have been celibate for a minimum of three years.However, some in the Church believe that the document risks alienating gay priests who may be well suited to the vocation.

  • Sir Elton and David Furnish’s marriage certificate released

    Sir Elton was described as a 'musician' whilst Mr Furnish's occupation was listed as 'film maker'

    12:00 AM — The civil partnership certificate documenting the marriage of Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish, has been released to the media.The couple married in a civil ceremony on December 21st at Windsor Guildhall followed by an extravagant party at their nearby home attended by a crowd of A-list celebrities.

  • 28th December 2005

    Gay clubbing drug Special K to be re-classified 4

    “Special K“ is currently classified only as a controlled substance (Picture posed by models)

    12:00 AM — An anaesthetic used by vets to tranquilise horses, which has been increasingly popular on the gay clubbing scene, is to be re-classified to make it a serious crime to possess it.Ketamine, nicknamed "Special K", is currently classed as a controlled substance, but is not a classified drug. This means that the drug users caught by the police can only be charged with possessing a controlled substance.

  • 26th December 2005

    Former teenage dot.com millionaire comes out for web revival 1

    Mr Cohen said starting the business was “a bit of a fluke“

    12:00 AM — Benjamin Cohen, one of the stars of the late 1990s dot.com boom has returned to the industry with a new business set to revolutionise the gay media world as Britain heads for a dot.com revival in 2006.Cohen as a teenager created the soJewish/JewishNet websites in the height of the internet mania of the late 90s. He was dubbed 'Britain's first teenage dot.com millionaire' and was the focus of a BBC fly on the wall documentary.

  • 25th December 2005

    Revolution in British gay media about to begin 1

    It's still secret, but our new product will take the gay community by storm

    12:00 AM — In the early part of 2006, PinkUnlimited.co.uk will be launching our largest and most exciting product.It's still under wraps so we can't say exactly what it will be but rest assured that it will take our community by storm.Here are a few words to describe our secret product: interesting, exciting, quality, direct, overdue. Plus here's one more: FREE.

  • 24th December 2005

    Doctor Who star to have gay marriage 2

    Mr Barrowman said that he and his partner are aiming for a low-key affair

    12:00 AM — Doctor Who star John Barrowman is to marry his boyfriend in a civil ceremony in the New Year.Mr Barrowman who plays bisexual character Captain Jack is to take part in a Civil Partnership ceremony with his boyfriend of ten years, the architect Scott Gill.Mr Barrowman told the Sun that he and his partner are aiming for a low-key affair: "We're just going to sign the civil register."

  • Christians accused of homophobia

    Mr Roberts said in a letter: ““If gay people made the decision not to think gay, they would not act gay“

    12:00 AM — A retired couple faced a police investigation this week after objecting to their council's stance on gay issues.Devout Christians, Joe Roberts 73, and his wife Helen, 68, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, wrote to Wyre Borough Council accusing them of "pandering" to minority groups. They said they felt discriminated against.The pair had questioned the council's bid to improve equality, part of which would see gay lifestyle magazines distributed around staffareas.

  • 23rd December 2005

    Paedophile is to hold first gay marriage in a British prison

    Mark Beech is serving a six-month sentence at Wymott Prison for possessing over a thousand pornographic images of children

    12:00 AM — A convicted paedophile is to marry his boyfriend in Britain's first gay marriage held inside a prison.Mark Beech is serving a six-month sentence at Wymott Prison for possessing over a thousand pornographic images of children at his home in Blackpool.His partner, Nick Lock who has been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition is serving an 18 month suspended sentence for possessing over 400 ecstasy tablets at the home he shared with Beech.

  • Legal advice site launches to help gay couples tie the knot

    gay couples will able to purchase documents such as wills and pre-nuptial agreements

    12:00 AM — Britain's first online legal service for the gay community has been launched to coincide with the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act.PinkLegal.co.uk provides gay couples with free advice on all the legal aspects of gay relationships. Couples will also be able to purchase documents such as wills and pre-nuptial agreements for a fraction of the cost of visiting a high street law firm.

  • 21st December 2005

    Tony Blair: We are living in an a new age of equality 1

    Tony Blair said that the Civil Partnerships Act is: “an answer, too, to those who convince themselves that politics changes nothing“

    12:00 AM — With a slight element of self-congratulation, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has heralded the first gay weddings in Britain.Writing for the Independent, Mr Blair lauds the change as: "another step towards the fairer, more tolerant country which this Labour Government pledged to build - and an answer, too, to those who convince themselves that politics changes nothing.""There is, of course, no room for complacency. There is still too much injustice, discrimination and unfairness."

  • Gay vicar defies Bishop to marry partner

    Rev Wardale said: “it's very important to us to do this“

    12:00 AM — An openly gay vicar has defied the Bishop of Durham and taken part in a gay wedding earlier today.The Rev Christopher Wardale, 59, from Darlington, married Malcolm Macourt, 58, in a civil ceremony in Newcastle. They then received a blessing in church.Rev Wardale, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Darlington, Co Durham has been in a gay relationship with Mr Macourt for over 19 years.

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