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  • 7th December 2006

    Civil partners not rushing to divorce 8

    The 21st December 2006 marks the first opportunity for gay couples who have formed a civil partnership to have it dissolved

    12:00 AM — A group of gay lawyers specialising in same sex relationships, predicts few couples will apply to end a civil partnership when the first opportunity arrives on 21 December.Instead lawyers at QueerPod have seen an increase in gay clients in heterosexual marriages seeking a divorce to form a civil partnership.

  • Police promise more raids against gay hate

    The dawn raids, named Operation Athena, last Thursday, were part of a two-week initiative to put the fear back onto the offenders, and encourage victims to report crimes

    12:00 AM — Last week's police raids in London targeting suspected perpetrators of domestic, race hate and homophobic violence will not be the last, a member of the Metropolitan Police's Violent Crime Directorate has warned.DCI Gerry Campbell said last week's operation signals the Metropolitan Police Service's commitment to taking on hate crime offenders, but added that it is not a one off job.

  • Scotland rejects adoption prejudice

    Ms Cunningham's motion was heavily criticised by MSPs of all parties.

    12:00 AM — The Scottish Parliament this afternoon rejected a motion to block gay and lesbian couples from adopting by 98 votes to 11.The motion was proposed by Scottish Nationalist MSP Roseanna Cunningham. She told MSPs that the majority of Scots had concerns about gays adopting children.She added that in her opinion the best place for children to be raised was in a household with a mother and father.

  • 6th December 2006

    Northern Ireland politicians call for gay rights repeal 13

    DUP Assemblyman Jeffrey Donaldson has tabled an Early Day motion to Parliament asking for the law to be delayed

    12:00 AM — Northern Ireland politicians are calling on the UK government to repeal the Sexual Orientation Regulations to be introduced in the province in the New Year, until the Assembly is fully restored.DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson has tabled an Early Day motion to Parliament asking for the law to be delayed by the Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain, as in the rest of the UK, for further consultation.

  • SNP maverick attempts to derail gay adoptions

    The SNP, while a marginal force in Westminster politics, are the second-largest party in the Scottish Parliament.

    12:00 AM — A major shake-up of adoption law in Scotland, which would see gay and lesbian couples able to adopt children for the first time, is under attack from a Scottish Nationalist.Roseanna Cunningham, an SNP member of the Scottish Parliament, has tabled a motion which would prevent gay couples from adopting. The new legislation will be debated at Holyrood today.Under the new arrangements proposed by the Scottish Executive, gay and lesbian couples, as well as unmarried straight couples, who be eligible to jointly adopt children.

  • Comment: Gay partners in poverty 8

    On the first anniversary of civil partnerships, the gay human rights group OutRage! is urging Chancellor Gordon Brown to provide “transitional relief” for the many gay partners

    12:00 AM — Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell calls on the Chancellor to provide "transitional relief" in today's Pre-Budget Report to gay couples who are not in a civil partnership.Thousands of low income same-sex couples have been plunged into poverty as a result of benefit rule changes introduced when the Civil Partnership Act became law on 5 December last year.On the first anniversary of civil partnerships, the gay human rights group OutRage! is urging Chancellor Gordon Brown to provide "transitional relief" for the many gay partners who have suffered severe financial hardship as a result of the sudden, overnight changes in social security regulations.

  • Celebrities go shopping for THT 1

    Adele Silva and Sara Cawood

    12:00 AM — Celebrity supporters helped raise money for AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) last week at a unique shopping event for World AIDS Day.Jayne Middlemiss, Gail Porter, Jade Parfitt, Penny Smith, Kate Garraway, Adele Silva and Sara Cawood were among the celebrities who attended a Kiehl's World AIDS Day Shopping Event on December 1st.

  • Brown’s green Budget plans? More tax 3

    The bulk of Gordon Brown's report to MPs focused on education and skills training.

    12:00 AM — In what is widely expected to be his last pre-Budget report, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced increases in transport taxes and investment in skills training.Mr Brown, clear favourite to succeed Tony Blair next year, set out his green credentials by raising tax on fuel duty by 1.25p and doubling air passenger duty from £5 to £10, effective from midnight tonight.

  • 5th December 2006


    After years of hard campaigning the Civil Partnership Act 2004 took effect and at 11am on 5th December 2005

    12:00 AM — Civil Partnerships are one year old today!Who would have thought, ten or even five years ago, that gay couples in their thousands would be legally tying the knot across this dear nation of ours?Today marks the one-year anniversary of civil partnership legislation that has finally made honest men and women of an incredible amount of us gays.

  • Gay groups combat hate crime in Hackney

    In the last year there were 99 reported homophobic attacks in Hackney between October 2005 and October 2006

    12:00 AM — Gay campaigners have joined with other local community groups to tackle domestic violence and hate crime in the London Borough of Hackney.Galop, an LGBT community safety group, the East London Out Project, and Polari, an organisation which works for better services for the elderly gay community, have contributed to two policy documents on the issues.

  • Gay rights chief named as equality commissioner 5

    Ben Summerskill at the Stonewall Awards with Sir Ian McKellen

    12:00 AM — The chief executive of gay charity Stonewall has been named as one of the commissioners for the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights.Ben Summerskill will provide guidance to the new body regarding his experience of campaigning for LGBT rights.Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly announced the names of nine new CEHR Commissioners this morning. The commission comes into being in Autumn 2007.

  • Anniversary protest against Ruth Kelly at No10

    Gino and Mike Meriano spent the first part of their anniversary at Downing St, handing in a petition to the Prime Minister calling on Ruth Kelly to resign.

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveIt was certainly a novel way to spend your first anniversary. Most gay couples would choose dinner, or maybe drinks with friends. Perhaps a nice cruise - on a ship, obviously.Gino and Mike Meriano instead spent the first part of their special day at Downing St, handing in a petition to the Prime Minister calling on Ruth Kelly to resign.

  • Comment: Wear AIDS bands all year 2

    The AIDS ribbon is not a poppy, and could - or should, if one feels necessary - be worn all year round

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Ben Leung asks if the X-Factor stars will be sporting AIDS ribbons next weekFirst of all, let me get this out of the way - I don't like The X Factor, and I never will.It's not that I don't like its format - quite the contrary, in fact, as I happen to think the ITV talent contest, like its predecessors, Pop Idol and Popstars, works superbly well. And obviously, attracting nine million viewers every week can't be wrong.

  • Retro Bar first to help tackle homophobic bullying

    The charity was recently awarded a government tender to produce educational materials on combating homophobic bullying for schools. photo: fancyapint.com

    12:00 AM — The Retro Bar has become the first to join Stonewall's new Bar and Club Partnership scheme to raise money to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.The central London venue has committed itself to raise a minimum of £1,500 throughout the year for Stonewall campaigns including Education for All, which tackles homophobia and homophobic bullying in schools.

  • 4th December 2006

    Archers holds first ‘gay wedding’ 4

    Soap's longest running gay romance, involving Adam Macy (Andrew Wincott) and Ian Craig (Stephen Kennedy), began in April 2004 with a kiss in a polytunnel

    12:00 AM — Radio 4 soap, The Archers, is set to have Ambridge's first ever civil partnership in a special edition of the BBC show next week.But like any BBC serial drama, there is the usual high jinx and family arguments over who will attend and will the family be the same again.Soap's longest running gay romance, involving Adam Macy (Andrew Wincott) and Ian Craig (Stephen Kennedy), began in April 2004 with a kiss in a polytunnel that left listeners in no doubt about how the farmer and chef felt about one another.

  • Study reveals problems of same sex domestic abuse

    The research recommends that awareness raising campaigns are conducted within LGBT communities

    12:00 AM — More work is needed to raise awareness of domestic abuse in same sex relationships, according to a new study due to be discussed in Bristol next week.The study by Professor Marianne Hester of the University of Bristol's School for Policy Studies and Dr Catherine Donovan of the University of Sunderland, reveals that most survivors of domestic abuse do not report it to organisations such as the police and domestic abuse agencies.

  • Gay couples leading housing market 2

    The study found that as many as 41 per cent of same sex couples and single people see their next purchase as a good way to make money on house price rises

    12:00 AM — Same sex couples are one of the main forces pushing the UK housing market, according to a new report.One in nine people (13%) are planning on buying a new home in the next 12 months, and it's twenty-something's (22%), same sex couples (21%) and singletons (17%) - not the traditional 2.4 child families that are driving the UK's housing market, according to new research from mortgage lender Birmingham Midshires 'Not so Average Joe' campaign.

  • Gay rights fear for next generation 1

    In London, only 36% of 313 young people asked backed same sex rights, 39% were against it

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveAlmost half of the next generation do not believe gay people deserve the same rights as heterosexuals, a global poll has revealed.A survey for the BBC World Service looked at the views of young people aged 15-17 in key cities on issues such as climate change, terrorism, and homosexuality.One question was, should homosexuals be given the same rights as heterosexuals?

  • Over 15,000 gays and lesbians are civil partners 8

    A total of 14,084 partnerships took place in England with 537 in Wales, 942 in Scotland and 109 in Northern Ireland

    12:00 AM — Over fifteen thousand same sex couples have taken part in civil partnerships in the last year, the Office of National Statistics revealed today.The figures, released on the eve of the first anniversary of the Civil Partnerships Act, states that there were 15,672 civil partnerships formed in the UK between December 2005 and the end of September 2006.

  • Tartan Army tackled on homophobia

    Tartan Army fans are the subject of a police investigation after complaints of anti-gay abuse

    12:00 AM — Supporters of the Scotland international team may face prosecution for homophobic chanting, according to reports.Tartan Army fans are the subject of a police investigation after complaints of anti-gay abuse being sung by fans, including one chant questioning the sexuality of English football pundit Jimmy Hill.Spectators could be banned from grounds under anti-bigotry laws, The Scotsman reports.

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