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  • 19th August 2008

    Gays beat the credit crunch 3

    The report also found that gay and lesbian consumers are not using their cards just to keep financially afloat

    4:50 PM — Gay and lesbian consumers are more resilient to the credit crunch than their hetro-sexual counterparts, a new survey suggests.

  • Revellers clash with anti-gay protestors at Londonderry Pride 6

    Apart from the protest, Mr Smallman emphasised the success of the pride event so far

    4:29 PM — Police were called to the launch of Londonderry's Pride week last night after a protest by an anti-gay group.

  • LGBT domestic violence victims not catered for, charity claims

    Broken Rainbow claims that gay service users experience homophobia and transphobia

    3:47 PM — Broken Rainbow, the LGBT domestic violence service, has said that few refuges have adequate provisions for LGBT people.

  • Dumfries Pride demonstrates support for LGBT equality 2

    Dumfries Pride was a day of open celebration

    12:37 PM — An estimated 600 people showed their colours in Dumfries and Galloway's first ever LGBT Pride event last Saturday.

  • GMFA safe sex class for gay men returns

    The GMFA promise to teach men everything they need to know about their rears

    12:15 PM — Gay men across the UK will have access to sex education that is not taught in schools.

  • 18th August 2008

    Bishop to speak out on Catholic Church’s stance on gay issues 14

    Bishop O'Donoghue's review will also attack what he sees as bureaucracy within the conference

    3:08 PM — The Bishop of Lancaster will publish a review of the Catholic Church this month that will condemn the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales for its stance on same-sex relationships.

  • Gays encouraged to join MI5 4

    MI5 is being advised by Stonewall on how to attract a more diverse range of applicants

    11:57 AM — The British intelligence service MI5 is pushing to recruit more LGBT people to the organisation.

  • 15th August 2008

    Film Review: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

    Selma Blair plays Liz Sherman and Ron Perlman stars as Hellboy in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

    9:31 PM — There's a good chance that, of all the many dozens of superhero movies released during the last few years, Hellboy is the one you haven't seen. A protagonist who's a big red demon? Not a single A-list star (unless you count John Hurt, which sadly few do)? A director who, at the time of Hellboy's release in 2004 was best known for the so-so superhero sequel Blade II and shoddy monster movie Mimic?

  • Coronation Street: Mercenary Tony threatens Jed

    Will unscrupulous Tony leave Jed for dead?

    9:16 PM — The only thing missing in Coronation Street this week is a mad cackle of laughter and a thunder clap to accompany mercenary Tony. He's forcing pensioners from their homes while rubbing his hands with glee. We've all heard of cold-hearted business people, but he really takes that concept to a whole new level.

  • Emmerdale: Can Donna nab Freddie in time to clear Viv’s name?

    Donna attempts to arrest Freddie

    9:11 PM — Donna is looking over some CCTV footage at work when she's shocked to spot someone who looks exactly like Freddie walking out of a shop. As you can imagine, she gets quite worked up at this sighting and Ross has to do his best to calm her down. But Donna becomes determined to pay a visit to the shop.

  • EastEnders: Stacey and Bradley back together for good 1

    Bradley and Stacey celebrate getting back together

    9:05 PM — It's a wonder that Stacey Branning is still this side of sanity after everything the market stall trader has been through. If being a part-time carer for her deranged mum Jean wasn't enough to drive her to drink, she's got a psychopath for a brother and has also managed to sleep with her husband's father.

  • Hollyoaks: Tina tells Jacqui that she wants to keep baby Max

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    9:00 PM — Jacqui is enjoying being a mum to baby Max. But in true soapland drama style, her parenting bliss is about to be short lived.

  • Interview: Rhona Cameron 2

    The new tour is comprised of spanking new material

    3:20 PM — Being a stand-up comedienne and author is hard work. PinkNews.co.uk finds Rhona Cameron suffering from a serious case of press fatigue, having an entire day of interviews both behind and ahead of her.

  • LGBT police consultation group under threat 3

    Local LGBT people are entitled to vote at the meeting

    2:42 PM — Aurora, Corydon's LGBT police consultation group, is facing closure due to a lack of local support. The group, which works to represent LGBT issues to the Croydon Police Community Group, will hold a meeting on 9th September, at which a motion to close it will be debated.

  • Graham Norton could replace Terry Wogan as Eurovision host 2

    Graham Norton has a £6m BBC deal

    1:58 PM — Gay comedian Graham Norton is rumoured to be being lined up by the BBC to replace Sir Terry Wogan as the British host of Eurovision.

  • 14th August 2008

    Teenager accused of trans woman murder found innocent 4

    Ms Telesford was found dead in her bedroom three days after the attack

    5:47 PM — The 18-year-old accused of strangling transsexual Kellie Telesford was found not guilty today. Shanniel Hyatt, 18, stood accused of killing the 39-year-old pre-op trans woman with a scarf after a date in Norbury, reports the Croydon Guardian.

  • LGBT Health Summit to be held in Bristol

    Previous summits in London and Manchester have attracted 450 delegates between them

    3:35 PM — On 4th and 5th September this year, Terrence Higgins Trust and Equality South West will host the third annual LGBT Health Summit.

  • Interview: James Graham, ‘Tory Boyz’

    Tory Boyz will run at Soho Theatre from 15th August

    2:34 PM — 'I am a politics and history geek,' says James Graham, 'That's not a cool thing to be at 26!' Well, perhaps it isn't, but an award-winning play and screenwriter with a host of acclaimed productions and TV series under his belt certainly IS a cool thing to be at 26.

  • Mr Gay UK 1993 faces murder charges

    Damian Oldfield

    12:17 PM — The winner of Mr Gay UK 1993 will appear in court today charged with the murder of Damian Oldfield

  • Government will not reprimand ‘gay cure’ MP 34

    The petition called on the Prime Minister to reprimand Mrs Robinson

    11:15 AM — The government has responded to a petition on its official website by members of the public offended by Iris Robinson's comments on homosexuality.

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