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  • 27th September 2008

    Film Review: High School Musical 3 – Senior Year 3

    Zac Effron and Venessa Hudgens star in High School Musical 3.

    2:26 PM — If you aren't aware of the phenomenon that is High School Musical, it's a safe bet that you're over the age of 15 and don't yet have any children or grandchildren under that age. For its target demographic – mostly girls in their "tweens" (roughly 8-14) – High School Musical is like Harry Potter, Barbie and Pokémon all mixed together and combined with a serious sugar rush. It seems that they just can't get enough of this wholesome franchise of sickly-sweet, unbelievably innocent films, where pristine teenagers sing and dance about the joys of young love, close friendship, and being true to yourself.

  • Film Review: The Rocker

    2:20 PM — There's been a fairly strong tradition of Hollywood comedies revolving around the idea of aspiring rock gods, from the oddball antics of Bill and Ted and their time-travelling escapades in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey through the Wayne's World movies, up to the recent hit School of Rock, with many more along the way – including the oft-forgotten Airheads from 1994, which helped launch the careers of both Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler.

  • Preview: Little Britain USA

    Matt Lucas as Mark & David Walliams as Tom (Credit: HBO/BBC)

    12:21 PM — Gay comedian Matt Lucas and David Walliams' multi-award-winning comic creation, Little Britain, is returning to television this Friday with a brand new series, Little Britain USA.

  • Coronation Street: Rosie’s disappearance shocks Sally and Kevin

    Kevin lunges for Tony when he discovers the businessman was the last person to see Rosie

    12:07 PM — The street is left reeling this week when it comes to light that Rosie has gone missing. The teenager failed to come home after a night out with local businessman Tony Gordon, who is seen looking very sheepish the next morning. However, it soon becomes clear that not everyone in Weatherfield is that worried about the missing teenager. Her father Kevin tells his wife Sally that Rosie is just trying to wind her up. Unfortunately, Sally remains unconvinced by this line of reasoning and becomes increasingly anxious. What could have happened to Rosie?

  • Emmerdale: Danielle gets arrested for possessing drugs

    hane finds a suspicious looking package of white powder in Danielle's bag

    12:01 PM — Eli and Danielle seem to be much calmer in each other's company now that they've shared a night of passion. But this peace is simply the calm before the storm. When Debbie arrives at the Dingles' she spots a suspicious looking bag near Danielle and demands to have a look inside. Danielle instantly looks as though she's trying to hide something, which of course, makes everyone even more interested in the contents of the bag. Debbie and Danielle eventually get into a tussle over the bag and as the fight ensues a bag of white powder tumbles to the floor.

  • EastEnders: Bradley and Stacey call it quits 1

    Stacey chooses Callum over husband Bradley

    11:55 AM — Bradley and Stacey decide to call time on their brief and turbulent marriage this week after Stacey final admits that she doesn't feel the same way anymore. We all know it's because she fancies Callum and it seems Bradley realises this too, he even gallantly suggests that she follow her heart. How sweet!

  • Coronation Street: Clarissa turns the tables on Harry

    Liz and Clarissa get their own back on two-timer Harry

    11:39 AM — Harry has obviously never heard the old adage "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" as he continues to play Liz and Clarissa off of each other this week. After weeks of dating both ladies, Harry's number is up when Clarissa catches him canoodling with Liz outside the Rovers. She decides to catch Harry out by doing a bit of detective work. How will Harry react when he finds out that Clarissa is on to his little game?

  • Emmerdale: Eli pops the question to Debbie

    Eli proposes to Debbie

    11:27 AM — Louise starts the week very badly indeed. She loses her engagement ring and does her best to avoid Jamie while she searches high and low for it. When Jamie finally catches up with her, she claims that the ring's being cleaned. Will Jamie believe her and what will Louise do if she can't find her sparkler?

  • EastEnders: Danielle uncovers Stacey’s secret

    Is Callum the real reason that Stacey doesn't want to have a baby with Bradley?

    11:22 AM — Bradley and Stacey have been on and off more times than a light switch since they first got together way back in 2006. However, this week the cracks are really beginning to show in their relationship as it becomes clear that they don't share the same desire to become parents. Unable to tell Bradley how she really feels about having children, Stacey continues to take her contraceptive pill despite telling Bradley that she wants to try for a baby with him. Sounds like this is going to end in tears!

  • 26th September 2008

    Schools department backs LGBT History Month 1

    LGBT History Month is in February

    3:34 PM — The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children, Young People and Families will be attending the LGBT History Month pre-launch in November.

  • 25th September 2008

    Labour party votes overwhelmingly for trans inclusion 6

    Labour has voted for trans inclusion

    6:22 PM — A change to the Labour party rule book that adds trans inclusion has been backed at the annual conference by more than 98% of delegates.

  • MAMA Group “delighted” at acquisition of Heaven 1

    Heaven is one of London's best-loved gay clubs

    5:36 PM — The new owners of London nightclub Heaven have said it is a "historical venue" with a "phenomenal reputation."

  • London to host Muslim LGBT conference 4

    The conference is open to all Muslim LGBT people

    4:47 PM — The tenth anniversary of the establishment of a leading Muslim lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans support organisation will be celebrated with a conference in London next month.

  • Awards celebrate contributions to black gay community

    Mz Fontaine, the lesbian rapper, was Woman of the Year

    4:31 PM — Individuals and organisations that have made a difference to the lives of black lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people have been honoured at the second Black LGBT Community Awards.

  • Public bodies told to embrace equality ahead of new legislation 1

    In July the Civil Service launched a new diversity strategy

    3:34 PM — Police authorities, health trusts and care homes for the elderly should start working to promote equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, a government official has said.

  • Website for gay men newly diagnosed with HIV launched 3

    THT has launched a new website

    1:26 PM — A new interactive website aims to tackle the isolation many gay men feel when they are first diagnosed as HIV+.

  • Harman condemned for failing to stop deportation of gay asylum seeker 4

    Harriet Harman could not help in Babi's case

    12:35 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has said he is disappointed that his appeal to a government minister to intervene in the case of a gay asylum seeker did not stop his deportation.

  • Ed Balls tells conference of fight against homophobic bullying

    Ed Balls is Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

    12:03 PM — The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families told the Labour party conference yesterday that new steps would be taken to stamp out bullying.

  • 24th September 2008

    Archbishop chastises vicar for blessing lesbian couple 5

    Archbishop Barry Morgan "is dealing with the matter"

    2:46 PM — The Archbishop of Wales has reprimanded a vicar for blessing a lesbian couple's civil partnership in his church.

  • Ruth Kelly insists resignation is for family reasons 3

    Ruth Kelly has decided to stand down

    1:30 PM — The Secretary of State for Transport has addressed the Labour party conference on its final day, hours after it emerged she is to resign from the government.

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