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  • 7th December 2009

    London protest to be held this week over Uganda’s anti-gay bill 3

    A protest will be held on Thursday

    1:20 PM — A protest has been organised this week in London against Uganda's proposed law to execute and jail gays. Activists will gather outside the Ugandan High Commission in Trafalgar Square on Thursday, which is also International Human Rights Day.

  • Gay Tory candidate selected to challenge Hazel Blears 229

    Matthew Sephton is the chair of LGBTory

    11:48 AM — A gay Conservative candidate has been selected to challenge Hazel Blears for her Manchester seat. Matthew Sephton is the chairman of the party's affiliated gay group, LGBTory.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury criticises lesbian bishop’s appointment 40

    Williams said the appointment raised "serious questions" for the Anglican Church

    10:36 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has criticised the election of a lesbian assistant bishop in Los Angeles, saying it was a threat to the cohesion of the Anglican Church.

  • 6th December 2009

    Feature: Bromance of “new” straight men like Scrub’s JD and Turk 20

    JD and Turk in 'Scrubs'

    5:07 PM — The term 'Bromance' refers to a close, but non-sexual, friendship between two heterosexual men, often labeled as a 'man-crush'. Bromances are often the central, but more subtle embodiment of television and film. The television programme Scrubs came to my mind when reading about self-disclosure in the relationships lecture.

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission to collate sexuality status from across government databases 17

    Trevor Phillips is the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission

    4:57 PM — The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is to collate sexuality data given to hospitals and other surveys in order to gain a greater understanding of the inequity that lesbian, gay bisexual or trangendered (LGBT) people may be suffering.

  • 5th December 2009

    Guardian: Uganda is unjust and infamous 36

    The Guardian says Uganda's propsoed law is unjust

    2:05 PM — In a strongly worded leader column, The Guardian condemns Uganda's proposed law that could sentence gay people to death or leave them facing lengthy prison sentences. The newspaper says that Sweden is right to suggest that aid to the country should be cut if the law is passed.

  • 4th December 2009

    University to launch research network for LGBT History Month 5

    LGBT History Month was launched in London and Salford

    5:49 PM — The University of Salford is to create an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) research network The research network was launched at an LGBT History Month event at the university last night. This was the first regional event for the month, which has been running for several years.

  • Brighton gay man suffocated in sex act 8

    Stuart Leonard died in Brighton in August

    2:21 PM — A Brighton man died during auto-erotic asphyxiation, an inquest heard this week. Stuart Leonard, 35, was found dead in August under a tree at Dukes Mound, a local cruising spot.

  • Archbishop of Canterbury in ‘intensive and private’ talks over Uganda’s gay law 49

    Dr Rowan Williams is said to be in "intensive and private" talks over the bill

    1:15 PM — The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams is said to be in "private" discussions with the Ugandan Anglican Church over the country's proposed anti-homosexuality laws.

  • 3rd December 2009

    Emmerdale could see new gay storyline 10

    Emmerdale may soon see another gay romance

    8:03 PM — A new gay storyline may be in the pipeline for Emmerdale character Aaron Livesy, played by Danny Miller. The bad boy character begins to question his sexuality next week after trying to kiss his friend Adam Barton.

  • Paul O’Grady welcomes second grandchild 1

    Paul O'Grady now has a granddaughter and a grandson

    5:54 PM — Gay TV presenter Paul O'Grady is celebrating becoming a grandfather for the second time. His daughter Sharyn Mousley gave birth to 9lb 8oz baby girl in Liverpool this week.

  • Peter Tatchell: The Equality Bill is less than equal 16

    Peter Tatchell has criticised the Equality Bill

    2:27 PM — Way back in 1983, when I stood as the Labour candidate in the Bermondsey by-election, I proposed the idea of a single, comprehensive anti-discrimination law, to guarantee equal treatment and protection for everyone. At the time, this proposal was dismissed as "ultra left," as too radical and daring. Three decades later, however, it is close to reality.

  • 2nd December 2009

    Man on trial for gay nightclub rapes in London

    The alleged victims were leaving Heaven nightclub (Photo: Nick Cooper)

    4:41 PM — A man is currently on trial at Woolwich crown court for sexual assaults on gay men in London. Mohamad Caid, 38, from Deptford, was charged in June with one rape, two attempted rapes, sexual assault and false imprisonment and remanded in custody.

  • Gay by nature: Part two 21

    Born gay?

    4:11 PM — In part one, published yesterday, Dr Qazi Rahman of Queen Mary University London discussed the impact of genes and hormones on homosexuality. Here, he addresses the isse of gay stereotypes and refutes psychoanalytic theories of why some people are gay. He also suggests that research into gay brains may help combat homophobia. Adrian Tippetts reports.

  • Teenager jailed for trying to gas gay lover 9

    The 18-year-old was jailed for four years

    2:19 PM — An 18-year-old who had sex with an older man has been jailed after leaving on the gas taps in his lover's home. George Harding, of no fixed address, slept with 47-year-old Brian Monan after meeting on a gay internet site.

  • Rupert Everett says gay actors should stay in the closet 33

    Rupert Everett said gay actors should stay in the closet

    2:10 PM — Actor Rupert Everett has advised gay actors to keep their sexual orientation secret if they want to succeed. Everett, who is gay, enjoyed a host of high-profile roles in films such as My Best Friend's Wedding. But since coming out in 1989, his success has dwindled.

  • Equality Bill to be debated today in House of Commons 17

    The bill will be debated today in the Commons

    12:15 PM — The Equality Bill has reached the report stage and will be debated in parliament today. This stage follows four weeks of debate by a committee and will allow the House of Commons to consider further amendments.

  • 1st December 2009

    Carwyn Jones appointed as Welsh Labour leader

    Carwyn Jones won the vote

    7:40 PM — Carwyn Jones has been named as the new Labour leader in Wales, replacing incumbent Rhodri Morgan. The 42-year-old Welsh Assembly member for Bridgend is currently the leader of the House and has been a favourite to win the role.

  • Gay by nature: Part one 37

    Dr Qazi Rahman of Queen Mary University London

    5:01 PM — What causes homosexuality? Can sexual orientation be changed? And are the brains of gay people different from those of straight people? Adrian Tippetts meets Dr Qazi Rahman, an assistant professor in Cognitive Biology from Queen Mary University London, to find out more.

  • Stephen Gately is hottest topic on Google’s search list 2

    Stephen Gately's name was the search term of the year

    2:44 PM — Stephen Gately, the Boyzone star who died last month, was the hottest topic on Google's UK site this year. Google released its annual top search lists yesterday and Gately's death also featured ninth in the web company's top ten news search.

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