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  • 24th June 2009

    Catholic agency to cease new adoptions over gay parents 16

    The adoption charity has said it will no longer assess prospective parents

    4:54 PM — The Catholic Children's Society has announced it will stop placing children with adoptive parents due to new legislation which requires it to cease discriminating against gay couples.

  • Google discreetly celebrates Pride month 8

    Google is discreetly celebrating Pride month

    4:46 PM — Internet users searching Google this month may notice an addition to their usual search screen. Instead of a plain blue 'dividing bar' along the top of the search page, certain searches will bring up a rainbow bar graphic.

  • Pink Paper suspends printing 13

    Pink Paper is suspending printing

    12:02 PM — Pink Paper has announced it is suspending printing due to the economic downturn. A statement issued this morning said the newspaper will suspend its fortnightly print and distribution schedule with effect from the end of June.

  • Man jailed for 23 years over murder of ex-boyfriend 8

    Nadim Kurrimbukus was jailed for 23 years

    11:48 AM — A man who killed his former boyfriend by setting him alight has been jailed for 23 years. Nadim Kurrimbukus, 25, poured petrol over the head of Charlie Davies and set him alight outside his home in Templedene Avenue, Staines two months after their relationship ended.

  • Prejudice against gays rising in Northern Ireland 16

    Twenty-three per cent of respondents said they would mind living next to a gay person

    10:57 AM — A survey has found rising levels of prejudice against gays in Northern Ireland. The research, conducted by the Equality Commission, found that 23 per cent of respondents said they would mind a gay, lesbian or bisexual person living next door, compared to 14 per cent three years ago.

  • 23rd June 2009

    Stars mourn Danny La Rue 6

    Danny La Rue's funeral was held today in London

    5:04 PM — Well-loved entertainers including Barbara Windsor, Ronnie Corbett, Barry Cryer and Joe Pasquale gathered today to celebrate the life of Danny La Rue.

  • ‘Come out, it’s got to be done’ Ian McKellen tells closeted gays 101

    Ian McKellen has urged gays to come out of the closet

    3:54 PM — Ian McKellen has entreated gay people in the closet to 'come out'. In an article for the Times, published today, he wrote: “For me, coming out made me unburdened and more self-confident.

  • John Bercow wins race for Speaker 8

    John Bercow has been voted the new Speaker

    2:58 PM — John Bercow, the Tory MP for Buckinghamshire, has won the race to succeed Michael Martin as the new Speaker. The MP has been something of a leader for gay rights in his party since changing his views on the gay age of consent in 2000.

  • Anniversary marks the birth of Alan Turing 12

    Alan Turing died in 1954

    1:42 PM — Alan Turing, the so-called 'father of modern computing', was born 97 years ago today. Turing, who hid his homosexuality for much of his life, is probably best known for his contribution to breaking German codes at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

  • TransLondon to march at Pride ‘under protest’ 13

    TransLondon will march 'under protest'

    1:27 PM — TransLondon has said it will rejoin London Pride, although its members will march "under protest". The group voted to boycott the event in May after a trans woman was allegedly sexually assaulted last year. It also said "negative media stereotypes" were being forced on its members.

  • BNP could face court injunction over membership policy 12

    The BNP may face a court injunction

    1:07 PM — The British National Party may face legal action over its membership policy, which essentially bans non-white people from joining the party.

  • 22nd June 2009

    Northern Ireland pastor calls homosexuality ‘an abomination’ 44

    Mark Bradfield called homosexuality "an abomination"

    5:39 PM — The pastor of a Northern Ireland church has attacked homosexuality, saying it is associated with shortened lifespans and mental health problems and that people should change themselves.

  • Tories join with ‘homophobic’ Polish party in Europe 51

    The Conservatives have joined up with the Law and Justice Party

    4:12 PM — The Conservative Party has joined with the Polish Law and Justice Party in Europe, it was announced today. The Polish party has been accused of homophobia, antisemitism and racism.

  • EastEnders gay kiss watched by nearly 8 million 10

    The kiss was between Syed (Marc Elliot) and Christian (John Partridge). Photo: BBC Pictures

    2:07 PM — A gay kiss on last Friday's EastEnders was watched by 7.9 million viewers, earning it a 38 per cent share of the total viewing public.

  • Christian registrar demoted for refusing to officiate civil partnerships 36

    Theresa Davies claimed she was demoted for refusing to officiate civil partnerships

    11:10 AM — Theresa Davies, a registrar for Islington Council, has claimed she was forced out of her post as registrar because of her religious beliefs against civil partnerships.

  • Man raped by taxi driver in Salford 12

    Police are hunting for the man's attacker

    11:00 AM — A 20-year-old man was raped by a taxi driver in Salford at around 6am on Sunday morning. The man had been out in the city centre when he got into a silver VW Passatt private hire car, with a taxi sign roof light, on Quay Street near the junction with Water Street.

  • Judge under investigation for nine-month affair with rent boy 21

    Gerald Price is being investigated over the allegations

    10:51 AM — A senior judge is being investigated over an alleged affair with a male prostitute. Judge Gerald Price QC, 60, who is married with two children, reportedly had a nine-month relationship with 25-year-old Christopher Williams, allowing him to sit in court and see confidential documents.

  • 19th June 2009

    Tax advice for gays criticised as ‘unnecessary’ 40

    The booklet is to be distributed at Pride

    12:30 PM — Tax advice for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people published by HM Revenue and Customs has been criticised as unnecessary.

  • Comment: Where are all the gay indie musicians? 31

    Dan Gillespie Sells of The Feeling has been open about his sexuality

    12:20 PM — From Elton John to Will Young, pop music has had a long and often celebrated gay history. Stephen Gateley was sent flowers by the Spice Girls and Freddie Mercury sang 'We are the champions'. So, who are the guitar-wielding alternative acts championing their gay identity?

  • Chair of Pride London calls gay blood ban ‘prejudiced and homophobic’ 16

    Paul Birrell called the blood ban "homophobic"

    10:40 AM — The chair of Pride London, Paul Birrell, has spoken out against the ban on allowing gay men to donate blood.

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