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  • 11th December 2009

    Straight civil partnership couple seek gay couple 10

    Katherine Doyle and Tom Freeman outside Islington registry office last month (Photo: PinkNews.co.uk)

    3:24 PM — The straight couple who are challenging the ban on heterosexuals having civil partnerships are looking for a gay couple to join their fight. They hope to challenge the ban in the European Court of Human Rights.

  • Elton John opens his closet 2

    Elton John will sell off some of his stage outfits

    11:51 AM — Elton John is clearing out his closet this weekend for charity. The star and his civil partner David Furnish are selling some of their designer clothes to raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

  • Gene discovery could make gender reassignment easier 19

    Gender may not be fixed at birth

    11:15 AM — The discovery of a single gene which controls gender could pave the way for simpler treatment of trans people. Researchers at the National Institute for Medical Research discovered that just one gene prevents females from developing male physical characteristics such as facial hair and testes.

  • 10th December 2009

    Comment : Peter Tatchell calls for a global human rights index 22

    Peter Tatchell suggested there should be a global human rights index

    7:49 PM — On Human Rights Day 2009 we see a world where LGBT rights and freedoms are violated everywhere. Only a tiny minority of countries have anything close to legal equality and protection against homophobic and transphobic harassment, discrimination and hate crimes.

  • Would-be MP calls Tory candidate a ‘homosexual pervert’ 106

    Matthew Sephton is standing as the Tory candidate for the seat

    3:30 PM — An independent candidate for Salford and Eccles has received a police warning for calling a gay Tory candidate a "homosexual pervert".

  • Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying 16

    Schools will be required to record anti-gay bullying (Photo ttarasiu)

    3:02 PM — The government announced today that schools will be required to record all incidents of homophobic, racist and sexist bullying. Schools minister Vernon Coaker said that all schools will be legally required to comply with the new rules from September.

  • TUC announces new coalition to tackle homophobia in football 4

    Tackling homophobia in football

    1:58 PM — The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has unveiled a new alliance to help stamp out homophobia in football. The Professional Footballers Association, Pride Sports, Kick it Out, Schools Out, the LGBT Sports Network and the Brighton-based Justin Campaign met with LGBT TUC representatives yesterday.

  • Elton John and Judy Garland ranked top gay icons 10

    Elton John was the top gay male icon

    11:48 AM — Elton John and Judy Garland have been ranked as the top male and female celebrity gay icons respectively. The poll of 5,000 gay men and lesbians found that the majority of male gay icons were gay themselves, although those on the female list tended to be straight singers such as Kylie and Madonna.

  • 9th December 2009

    Man accused of murder claims gay victims sexually assaulted him

    The case is being heard at the Old Bailey

    7:39 PM — A man on trial for the murder of one man and the attempted murder of his partner has claimed that the couple sexually assaulted him. David Kilcullen told the Old Bailey he acted in self-defence.

  • Gay rape victim warns others to avoid unlicensed taxis 5

    John encouraged other gay victims to come forward

    5:29 PM — One of the victims of Mohamad Caid, the illegal cab driver who preyed on young gay men leaving a London nightclub, has spoken out about his experience and encouraged other gay victims of sexual assault to report it to police.

  • Mayor of London Boris Johnson criticised for attending ‘homophobic’ pastor’s carol service 31

    Boris Johnson is due to attend the service tonight

    4:38 PM — London mayor Boris Johnson has been criticised by gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell for attending a carol service hosted by a pastor who has opposed gay equality legislation.

  • Gay journalist Andrew Pierce to join Daily Mail 20

    Andrew Pierce will join the Daily Mail

    12:55 PM — Andrew Pierce, the assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph, is to join the Daily Mail as consultant editor. Pierce, 48, has worked at The Times and the Daily Express after beginning his career in local newspapers.

  • Illegal cab driver guilty of raping gay men in London 10

    Mohamad Caid was found guilty

    12:02 PM — A man who posed as a taxi driver was yesterday found guilty of raping two young gay men after picking them up from a London nightclub. Mohamad Caid, 38, was warned to expect a substantial prison sentence.

  • Communities secretary promises new funding to tackle white supremacists 14

    Police have warned of the dangers of lone white supremacists

    11:34 AM — Communities secretary John Denham yesterday promised £5 million of funding for police and local councils to tackle threats from white supremacists. Such groups frequently pose a threat to gays, along with ethnic minorities.

  • 8th December 2009

    US trans teen sues McDonald’s for discrimination 14

    Zikerria Bellamy claims she was discriminated against

    6:23 PM — A trans teenager who claims she was twice denied a job by McDonald's is suing the fast food chain for discrimination. Zikerria Bellamy, 17, of Florida, also claims she was left an offensive voicemail by a manager at the Orlando restaurant which said: "We do not hire faggots."

  • Elton’s partner David Furnish: ‘George Michael’s friends say he needs help’ 4

    Furnish (right) said friends appealed for help

    1:59 PM — Elton John's civil partner David Furnish has said that many of George Michael's friends contact them for help over his health. The Wham! star gave an interview to the Guardian last week in which he said John should "shut his mouth".

  • Guide released to help teachers tackle gay insults 15

    Teachers were used to hearing homophobic insults

    12:43 PM — A guide has been released by gay charity Stonewall to help teachers deal with homophobic insults. Research from the organisation found that the majority of secondary school teachers had heard phrases such as "dyke", "poof" and "that's gay" being used by students.

  • Gay Labour councillor loses legal challenge over underage sex 28

    Steven Bayes failed in his legal challenge

    11:06 AM — A Labour councillor who was arrested in a Belfast hotel room in 2007 with his 17-year-old boyfriend has failed in a bid to bring a legal challenge against police. Steven Bayes, 47, was found with his boyfriend Dale Martin, who was 17 when he was arrested.

  • George Michael defends gay cruising 36

    George Michael said cruising was better than meeting in bars

    10:59 AM — Gay singer George Michael has defended cruising for sex on Hampstead Heath, saying it is "nicer" than trying to pull in a bar. He said he visited the cruising hotspot in the summer.

  • 7th December 2009

    Trans woman facing deportation to Malaysia 28

    Ian and Fatine Young are appealing for her to be allowed to stay in the UK

    5:25 PM — A trans woman who lives with her husband in Derby is fighting to be allowed to stay in Britain. Fatine Young, 38, fears she may be jailed if returned to her home country of Malaysia.

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