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  • 4th March 2010

    10-year-old on hate register for calling a fellow pupil ‘gay boy’ 338

    Schools must record all incidents by September

    4:54 PM — A ten-year-old boy has been placed on a hate register for calling a fellow pupil a "gay boy". It is one of the first publicised examples of how the government’s required hate registers are being used in schools. From this September, children as young as five risk being placed on a hate register if they make homophobic playground taunts.

  • Cameron promises equal parental leave for gay couples 32

    David Cameron set out his party's plans for parental leave

    11:09 AM — Tory leader David Cameron has promised that gay couples in civil partnerships will receive the same maternity and paternity leave as their straight counterparts.

  • Bishops say clergy will be sued for refusing civil partnerships 58

    Bishops claim clergy will be forced to hold civil partnerships

    10:52 AM — Church of England bishops argued yesterday that clergy members could be sued for refusing to carry out religious civil partnerships for gay couples. Earlier this week, the House of Lords approved an amendment to the Equality Bill allowing faiths to hold the ceremonies if they wish.

  • 3rd March 2010

    Gay magazine back on WHSmith shelves 12

    The magazine is back on sale in WHSmith

    5:47 PM — Gay magazine Attitude has returned to the shelves of WHSmith after commercial negotiations were concluded. The magazine was missing from the high street stores for two weeks after what was thought to be a dispute over stocking fees.

  • Three men assaulted in Cornwall ‘homophobic’ attack 12

    Police are treating the assault as a hate crime

    5:30 PM — Police are treating an attack on three men in Padstow, Cornwall, as a hate crime because one of the men was trans. The friends, who were on holiday from the Plymouth area, had gone out on Saturday night and were attacked as they returned to an address on Broad Street.

  • ‘Conscientious objection’ amendments to gay rights withdrawn 28

    The amendments were withdrawn last night

    12:59 PM — Two amendments to the Equality Bill giving the right to "conscientious objections" to gay equality measures were withdrawn in the House of Lords last night.

  • Daniel Radcliffe addresses gay rumours 31

    Daniel Radcliffe says he is straight (Photo: David Jo)

    12:13 PM — Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has again addressed rumours that he is gay. The 20-year-old star is becoming known as a gay rights activist for his support of the Trevor Project, a helpline for suicidal LGBT people.

  • Lords back religious civil partnerships for gay couples 49

    The House of Lords approved religious civil partnerships

    9:22 AM — The House of Lords has approved an amendment to the Equality Bill giving gay couples the right to have civil partnerships in church. The measure, proposed by out gay peer Lord Waheed Alli, was passed 95 votes to 21, a majority of 74. A free vote was allowed.

  • 2nd March 2010

    Ulster Unionist candidate says he is not homophobic 15

    Adrian Watson is the UUP candidate for South Antrim

    5:36 PM — The Ulster Unionist Party candidate for South Antrim has said he is not homophobic and supports gay equality. Adrian Watson, an Ulster Unionist who is the mayor of Antrim, has been accused of homophobia in the past.

  • Another gay character for Emmerdale 6

    Marc Silcock is to join the Emmerdale cast (Photo: e4.com)

    3:56 PM — ITV soap Emmerdale is to get another gay character. Former Hollyoaks actor Marc Silcock is to play new character Jackson Walsh, who will be a potential love interest for Aaron Livesy, played by Danny Miller.

  • One third of gays and lesbians in Edinburgh physically attacked 13

    The majority of victims did not report crimes to police

    3:15 PM — A third of LGBT people in Edinburgh have been physically assaulted but only 15 per cent reported incidents to police, a small survey has suggested.

  • Anti-Pope campaigners to deliver petition to Downing Street 14

    The petition will be delivered on Thursday

    2:31 PM — The National Secular Society is to deliver a 28,000-signature petition to Downing Street in protest at the Pope's UK visit. The online petition was set up by the organisation to complain over the estimated £20 million cost of the visit to taxpayers.

  • Gay leader of Glasgow council Steven Purcell steps down 6

    Steven Purcell resigned yesterday

    12:21 PM — Steven Purcell, the Labour leader of Glasgow city council, has resigned after five years. The 37-year-old is said to be suffering from stress and will be replaced by his deputy, Jim Coleman, until a successor is elected.

  • Friends and colleagues shocked at Kristian Digby’s death 61

    Kristian Digby was found dead yesterday

    12:04 PM — Friends and colleagues have paid tribute to Kristian Digby after the gay BBC presenter was found dead yesterday. The 32-year-old star of programmes such as To Buy or Not To Buy and House Swap was pronounced dead at his Stratford home, after being discovered at 7.45am.

  • Man ‘wore mask to execute gay couple’

    Ernest Wright is accused of murder and attempted murder

    11:40 AM — A man has gone on trial for "execution-style" murder of a Bradford gay man and the attempted murder of his partner. Newcastle crown court heard yesterday that Ernest Wright, 68, took a sawn-off shotgun to the home of Neville Corby, 42, and Craig Freear, 31, last March.

  • 1st March 2010

    Gay TV presenter Kristian Digby found dead 93

    Kristian Digby's death is being treated as unexplained

    10:37 PM — BBC television presenter Kristian Digby has been found dead. Digby, 32, was reportedly found dead at his home in Newham, east London, on Monday morning.

  • First lesbian storyline for Coronation Street 10

    Sian (Sacha Parkinson) will embark on a lesbian affair

    6:47 PM — Coronation Street is set for its first lesbian storyline with characters Sophie Webster and Sian Power. The relationship between Sophie (Brooke Vincent) and Sian (Sacha Parkinson) will be "implicit" and "emotional", Vincent said.

  • Christopher Hitchens had gay liaisons with Tories 25

    Christopher Hitchens said he had gay flings at Oxford (Photo: ensceptico)

    5:44 PM — Atheist writer Christopher Hitchens has revealed he had several gay liaisons at Oxford with men who later became Tory politicians.

  • Labour and Tory gay groups support religious civil partnerships 15

    Faiths could have the option to hold civil partnerships

    5:25 PM — Affiliated gay groups in the Labour and Conservative parties have added their support to an amendment giving gay couples the right to religious civil partnerships.

  • Daniel Radcliffe to appear in anti-homophobia ad 11

    Daniel Radcliffe will appear in an anti-homophobia ad (Photo: Daniel Jo)

    11:49 AM — Daniel Radcliffe will appear in a public service announcement to condemn homophobia. The Harry Potter star, 20, has volunteered to appear in the broadcast on behalf of the Trevor Project, a charity which supports LGBT people who are at risk of suicide.

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