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  • 10th September 2010

    MEPs call for Europe-wide recognition of gay relationships 20

    MEPs said gay civil partners face problems abroad (Photo: made-underground)

    4:35 PM — Members of the European Parliament have called for action to ensure gay couples in marriages and civil partnerships are recognised across the continent. They said gay couples who visit or live in other EU countries were still lacking legal protection in areas such as healthcare, pensions and parental rights.

  • 8th September 2010

    Travel: Going gay at the Oktoberfest 2

    Oktoberfest, image copyright: Frank Störbrauck

    11:27 AM — More than just the world’s biggest mug-clunking, beer-swilling and sausage gobbling festival in the world – on the first Sunday of Munich’s macho beer festival, the Oktoberfest turns a bright shade of pink when the Braurösl tent is filled to the rafters with 8,000 gay men. Most of them in scrumptiously tight-fitting lederhosen.

  • 5th September 2010

    Travel: The Pink Lake festival closes after four days captivating Wörthersee 1

    The Pink Lake festival is held in September annually

    11:13 PM — The Pink Lake LGBT festival, held around Lake Wörthersee in Austria closed this evening after four days of activities and parties. In what is a stunningly beautiful setting, the Pink Lake festival offers something unique to the thousand or so people who attend the event every year.

  • 2nd September 2010

    Scandinavian airline to hold first mid-air gay wedding 1

    The airline wants to hold a mile-high gay wedding (Photo: Aaron Escobar)

    11:14 AM — A Scandinavian airline hopes to host the world’s first mile-high gay wedding. SAS Scandinavian Airlines is running an online competition to find a lucky couple to walk down the aisle during a flight from Stockholm to New York on December 6th.

  • 28th July 2010

    Travel: Cologne vies for title of Germany’s gayest city 3

    Cologne mixes clubbing and culture (Photo: JD Van Zyl)

    5:40 PM — For the past two decades it's been a case of Berlin versus Cologne for the title of Germany’s gay capital. But now, as I look down Schaafenstrasse, crammed with hunky guys and the occasional German celebrity all the way down the block, there is no doubt in whose favour the scale swings tonight.

  • Malaysian trans woman wins asylum in UK 14

    Ian and Fatine Young have been told Fatine may stay in the UK

    1:55 PM — A Malaysian trans woman who had a civil partnership with a British man has won her fight to stay in the UK. Fatine Young, 36, who was born male, feared she would be arrested and jailed if returned to her home country, which would consider her relationship to be homosexual.

  • 16th July 2010

    Mexico City offers free honeymoon to first gay couple to wed in Argentina 2

    Mexico City is offering a free honeymoon to the first gay couple to marry in Argentina

    2:33 PM — The first gay couple to take advantage of same-sex marriage in Argentina have been offered a free honeymoon by Mexico City.

  • 15th July 2010

    Travel: Ibiza – time for a return by gay travellers? 4

    The sun sets over Ibiza (photo: Benjamin Cohen)

    12:54 AM — Sam Feller travels to Ibiza to discover whether it really lives up to the stereotypes and if it is time for gay travellers to rediscover the island. Like any good Jewish gay boy, his journey around the island and visits to some of the world's largest nightclubs with PinkNews.co.uk founder Benjamin Cohen is punctuated with good meals rather than Class A drugs.

  • 30th June 2010

    Gay Muslim groups angry at club owner’s ‘boycott Muslims’ remarks 40

    The Facebook comments sparked anger among gay Muslims

    12:02 PM — Two gay Muslim groups have spoken of their shock at a gay club owner's comments on their religion and are calling for a boycott of his businesses. Mark Ames, the owner of London-based bear nightclub XXL, apparently wrote on Facebook last Monday that he would boycott all shops and restaurants owned by Muslims and called them "scum".

  • 22nd June 2010

    Travel: Tel Aviv- bursting with pride 15

    A father stands up for his gay son

    12:20 PM — Benjamin Cohen finds that four nights in Tel Aviv for LGBT pride dramatically changed his perception of Israel. Four nights in Tel Aviv, for the city’s LGBT pride celebrations has changed me in a way no holiday ever has before. My attitudes and perceptions of Israel have changed dramatically and it’s also changed the way that I reconcile my sexuality with my religion.

  • 10th June 2010

    US changes passport rules for trans people 6

    Trans people will be able to get passports in their new gender more easily

    1:57 PM — American trans men and women will be able to get their new gender recognised on their passports without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

  • 28th May 2010

    LGBT filter added to Expedia’s online booking options 6

    LGBT travellers can face prejudice when seeking holiday accommodation

    5:18 PM — Britain's premier online travel website expedia.co.uk have added an LGBT search filter to their hotel options in order to assist gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in finding welcoming and safe places to stay when planning holidays at home and abroad.

  • 25th May 2010

    Malta has poor record on gay rights 17

    Malta is one of the EU countries accused of failing its LGBT population

    10:26 AM — The European body of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, ILGA-Europe, has concluded that Malta does not do enough to recognise or protect LGBT rights, according to the body's recently published Rainbow Europe Country Index.

  • 8th May 2010

    Baltic Gay Pride ban overturned by Lithuanian Supreme Court 6

    Lithuania's pride has been reinstated

    12:09 PM — A Lithuanian court of appeal last night overturn a ban on the country's first pride event, so that it can take place in the next few hours. Despite assurances from police that hundreds of marchers through the capital Vilnius would be protected, the Lithuanian Attorney General's Office argued that they could be injured by anti-gay groups. A court sided with the Attorney General and banned the the Baltic Pride march on the 6th May.

  • 19th March 2010

    iPhone app created for gay London tourists 6

    1:03 PM — London's tourism board has launched the first gay travel application for smart phones users visiting the city. Visit London's 'Gay London' application currently has 131 listings of bars, restaurants, hotels and attractions for gay visitors.

  • 18th February 2010

    First gay boutique hotel to be opened in New York 3

    New York is to get its first 'hetero-friendly' hotel (Photo: Tony the misfit)

    3:22 PM — Developers hoping to capitalise on New York's popularity with gays and lesbians are to open the first gay boutique hotel in the city.

  • 3rd February 2010

    EasyJet offers to pay for Pope’s UK flights 37

    EasyJet admitted the Pope was unlikely to take up the offer

    1:37 PM — Budget airline Easyjet has offered to fly the Pope to the UK for free, following controversy over the estimated £20 million cost for his visit.

  • 25th January 2010

    LGBT tourist office moves to Soho 2

    The tourism office has moved to Soho

    5:52 PM — London's first lesbian, gay bisexual and trans tourist information office has moved to Soho, the heart of the capital's gay scene. The tourism office can now be found at the corner of Frith Street and Old Compton Street, above Ku Bar.

  • Brighton hopes to entice gay American tourists 10

    Brighton is a popular LGBT holiday spot

    4:55 PM — Brighton and Hove city council has joined a campaign to attract more gay US tourists to Britain. The city is thought of as the top LGBT tourist destination in the UK and local tourism bosses are keen to hold onto this position.

  • 20th January 2010

    Nepal to court gay tourism 5

    Gay weddings in the Himalayas? (Photo: Flickr user ilkerender)

    12:38 PM — Nepal is set to legalise gay marriage later this year and will celebrate the change by promoting the country as the gay tourism capital of Asia.


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