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  • 21st December 2011

    Lesbian couple sues Hawaii B&B which turned them away for being gay 19

    The couple were turned away from the Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Honolulu

    12:37 PM — A gay couple from the US are suing a hotel for discrimination, saying the owner denied them a room because of their sexuality. The case bears several similarities to the ongoing dispute in the UK regarding two Christian private hotel owners who refused a gay couple a room because they were unmarried.

  • 19th December 2011

    Danish MP’s gay Hans Christian Andersen festival dubbed a ‘silly suggestion’ 9

    Critics pointed out that there is no evidence Andersen was gay

    12:12 PM — An MP in Denmark has prompted debate after suggesting the country organise a week-long festival aimed at gay couples in honour of the writer Hans Christian Andersen.

  • 16th December 2011

    Christopher Hitchens dies after cancer battle, aged 62 38

    Christopher Hitchens before his diagnoses with oesophageal cancer (Photo: Densceptico)

    1:21 PM — Atheist author and journalist Christopher Hitchens died last night, aged 62, at a hospital in Texas after suffering from pneumonia brought on by oesophageal cancer. In 2009, Hitchens, a vocal supporter of gay rights, revealed in his memoirs he had gay liaisons at Oxford with men who later became Tory politicians.

  • 16th November 2011

    Judge pulls out of “confusing” Bahamas wedding competition 35

    The rules referred to civil parnterships instead of civil marriages

    8:46 AM — The competition was open to those who could enter into a "civil partnership in the UK and in the Bahamas", but the second country does not recognise them.

  • 9th November 2011

    QC argues Christian hotel owners are “entitled to outdated beliefs” 174

    The Bulls say they will have to "stop operating" if forced to give rooms to unmarried couples

    3:48 PM — Arguments are put forward in appeal of private hotel owners who denied "unmarried" gay couple a shared room.

  • 8th November 2011

    Travel: New York for the gay traveller (part one) 2

    New York is one of the world's top gay tourism destinations

    3:42 PM — New York, New York, the city that's so good they named it twice and the one that doesn't sleep. We've all heard it before but what’s NYC like for a gay traveller? Here's the PinkNews quick fire guide.

  • Christian hotel owners’ appeal reaches court today 267

    The Chymorvah Private Hotel did not allow any unwed couples to share a bed

    9:00 AM — Private hoteliers hope to prove their business can legally be run in line with their religious beliefs.

  • 3rd October 2011

    UK passport forms to accommodate gay parents 31

    Gay parents currently have to be 'mother' or 'father'

    10:13 AM — From December, gay parents applying for passports for their children will not have to list themselves as 'mother' and 'father'. The Identity and Passport Service said the amendments would be made to accommodate gay and lesbian parents applying for passports on behalf of the children.

  • 20th September 2011

    Lesbian couple accuse Thomson of honeymoon discrimination 104

    The couple say Thomson discriminated against them

    1:39 PM — A lesbian couple claim that one of Britain's largest travel companies discriminated against them on their honeymoon. Gemma Harman, 24, and Tamsin Harper, 36, from Brighouse, Yorkshire, flew to the Dominican Republican with Thomson following their civil partnership earlier this year.

  • 19th September 2011

    UK Home Office considering gender-neutral passports 27

    The government is considering gender-neutral passports

    10:52 AM — The Home Office has said it is considering the possibility of not displaying gender on passports. The proposals follow changes to Australian passport rules, which mean that intersex people who identify as neither gender can be listed as 'X', rather than having to choose between male or female.

  • 16th September 2011

    Travel: Dazzlin’ Dallas — not your average Western Cowtown 6

    Dallas lives large, thinks big (Photo: Clay Coleman)

    2:44 PM — Live Large. Think Big. That’s the Dallas marketing slogan and one on which the metropolis delivers in true Texan style. But there is also a very different side to Dallas, as JD van Zyl found – one which boasts a buzzing gay scene, a rich cultural experience and unrivalled Texas hospitality.

  • 24th August 2011

    Reykjavik invites bears for annual gay-friendly weekend 5

    Bears, on ice (Photo: Bears on Ice)

    2:35 PM — Following the success of last year's event, Iceland is inviting bears back to the island for a weekend of sightseeing and parties.

  • 15th July 2011

    Travel: A Pacific paradise and the Latin New York 7

    A view from a balcony at Casa Cupula

    3:00 PM — Why should gay travellers consider Mexico? Martin Popplewell visits Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City to find out more.

  • 20th June 2011

    Feature: The gay traveller’s guide to New York 11

    New York's iconic skyline

    3:51 PM — New York, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the capital of the world – we’ve all heard it. But what’s NYC like for a first time gay traveller? Dan Harrop-Griffiths gives us his beginners' guide.

  • 7th April 2011

    Travel: Warm welcomes and good food in India 8

    A sunset view from Kumarakom Lake Resort

    3:16 PM — After a 2009 court ruling decriminalising homosexuality, Sam Feller finds that India has plenty to offer gay travellers, including great food and welcoming people.

  • 30th March 2011

    Updated: Gay travel agent’s ‘misleading’ advert banned

    The gay travel company was told not to use the ad

    2:34 PM — A gay travel agent has had one of its adverts banned for using a trade logo without permission. Mantrav was told by the Advertising Standards Authority that its advert was "misleading" because it implied the company was endorsed by a gay trade body. Mantrav says it wants to sue over the decision.

  • 21st March 2011

    Caribbean island St Lucia apologises for attack on gay tourists 33

    St Lucia apologised for the attack

    2:18 PM — St Lucia has apologised to three gay men who were robbed in what they say was a homophobic attack. The Caribbean island's government said it was "saddened" by the incident and extended "sincere apologies" to Todd Wiggins, Michael Baker and Nick Smith of Atlanta.

  • 3rd March 2011

    Travel: Cape Town – South Africa’s Rainbow City 2

    Cape Town- the rainbow city (photo: Adam Smith)

    6:30 PM — Adam Smith traveled to Cape Town and finds that rainbows everywhere, from tourism board leaflets to the floor at the airport. While there's not handholding to the same degree as Madrid or Amsterdam, it’s evident there are plenty of gay couples out and about, and although there is a lively gay scene, that is certainly not the only place you’ll find the odd homo.

  • 20th December 2010

    Prague puts gay hotspots on the map

    The map does not highlight clubs "of dubious repuation"

    11:56 AM — A new initiative will see the publication distributed for free at clubs and hotels across the Czech Republic's capital city.

  • 7th December 2010

    Gay and lesbian couples first to marry mid-air 9

    Aleksandar Mijatovic and Shantu Bhattacherjee were the first gay couple to marry mid-air (Photo: SAS)

    5:02 PM — A gay couple from Germany and a lesbian couple from Poland married on an airplane yesterday between Stockholm and New York.


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