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  • 22nd September 2013

    Canada: HIV-AIDS workers warn that rates of unprotected sex are rising among gay men 40

    John Major: A lot of young gay men now think they are 'invincible' against HIV infections.

    12:59 PM — HIV-AIDS workers in Winnipeg, Canada have warned that infection rates are on the rise because young gay men are having more unprotected sex, believing they are "invincible" against the deadly virus.

  • 25th November 2011

    “6 deaths” linked to UK churches HIV advice 106

    SCOAN is not the only church in the capital that has been offering dangerously incorrect advice about the virus.

    2:12 PM — A Sky News investigation shows several evangelical churches across the UK are giving out dangerously false advice about HIV/AIDS. The National AIDS Trust say it's "worrying" and "tragic".

  • 22nd November 2011

    Aids-related deaths at their lowest level since 2005 peak 72

    The study has been published ahead of World Aids Day on 1st December.

    11:24 AM — UNAids estimates 700,000 deaths were averted last year because of better access to treatment. However, the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, warns of the need to protect global HIV/AIDS funding.

  • 18th October 2011

    HIV charities rubbish fish foot spa fears 11

    The beauty craze involves fish nibbling at dead skin (Photo: Emilio Labrador)

    2:42 PM — HIV charities say there is no evidence 'fish pedicure' spas can transmit the virus. The Health Protection Agency said today that there is a risk of catching infections like HIV and hepatitis from the beauty craze, which involves placing the feet in a basin while Garra Rufa fish nibble at dead skin.

  • 30th November 2010

    Labour leader Ed Miliband’s World AIDS Day message 5

    Ed Miliband released a short message for World AIDS Day

    1:18 PM — I want to pay tribute to all those people who have worked so hard to raise awareness and take action on HIV and AIDS. The work you do brings hope to people in Britain and all over the world. But we have to continue that fight; we cannot become complacent – HIV and AIDS are too real and too widespread to give up.

  • 25th November 2010

    David Cameron tells gay men ‘get tested for HIV’ 20

    David Cameron said the fight against HIV was "still far from won".

    12:06 PM — Prime minister David Cameron has urged gay men to use condoms, get tested for HIV and support each other in tackling the virus. In a message for Boyz magazine for World AIDS Day, he said that HIV infection rates had increased in the last decade.

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