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  • 27th August 2014

    Australia: Attempted rapist has penis bitten half off 16

    No means no, lads (Image: northwesternda.org)

    10:24 PM — In Queensland, Australia a man had his penis almost bitten off when he attempted to force another man to perform oral sex on him after meeting in a local nightclub on Saturday night.

  • 13th September 2013

    Married couple shout anti-gay abuse at neighbour and threaten to ‘sort him out’ over noise from party 10

    Magistrates placed a restraining order which bans the couple from further contacting the victim.

    2:06 PM — A married couple in County Durham shouted homophobic abuse at a neighbour, calling him "disgusting," and threatened to get their son to "sort him out" after frustrations over noise at a late night party.

  • 11th January 2012

    Gay man “terrorised” by leaflets, court told

    The leaflets were distributed to the public and to private homes (Photo: James Cridland)

    10:45 AM — Gay men have appeared in court in Derby to tell of their experience receiving homophobic leaflets which questioned whether gays should be executed. One said he felt "terrorised" when the leaflets were pushed through his letterbox and thought he was the victim of a hate campaign.

  • 10th January 2012

    8,500 sign Catholic priest’s petition to end “gay panic” defence 28

    Father Kelly is unhappy the defence can even be raised (Photo: Flickr user The Man in Blue)

    11:24 AM — A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia has seen huge support for his petition to have the “gay panic" defence struck out. Defendants claim "gay panic" in murder cases to try and downgrade the charge, saying the victim made a gay advance and they lost control of their actions.

  • 9th January 2012

    Homophobic Welsh crime rate up on “improved victim confidence” 9

    The police said the near-doubling of the number was down to victim confidence

    4:33 PM — A 40% rise in reported homophobic crime over the last three years in South Wales has been attributed to the increased confidence of gay people to come forward. 401 homophobic incidents were reported to South Wales Police in 2011, up significantly on the 289 in 2008.

  • 4th January 2012

    18-year-old jailed for two months after Stonewall Inn assault 14

    Orlando was sentenced for two months for the attack at the bar

    3:08 PM — A man has been jailed in New York for two months attacking a man in the toilets of the city's Stonewall Inn. Christopher Orlando had admitted one charge of third-degree assault as a hate crime and one charge of second-degree attempted robbery against Benjamin Carver, 34.

  • 30th December 2011

    Catholic priest petitions to remove Australian “gay panic defence” 53

    Father Kelly said the church had "always defended basic human rights"

    10:14 AM — A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia has started an online petition to ensure the complete removal of the "homosexual advance defence", which has been used to attempt to have murder charges lessened to manslaughter if the victim had propositioned the killer.

  • 12th December 2011

    West Midlands police hunting five after anti-gay attack 10

    Police say the attack was motivated by homophobia

    11:45 AM — West Midlands police are looking for five men in connection with a homophobic attack in Walsall last month. The 20-year-old male victim was in the Lion Bar and Club in Reedswood with friends on November 26th when he was approached by the men.

  • 28th November 2011

    Police appeal after homophobic attack in Edinburgh 8

    Police are appealing for witnesses to the early morning attack

    12:21 PM — Scottish police are appealing for witnesses after a gay man'a jaw was broken in Edinburgh city centre last night. The attack happened in the early hours of yesterday morning on Waverley Bridge.

  • 21st November 2011

    Man jailed for transgendered rape 19

    The victim had an iPod, a phone and some cash in his pockets.

    5:03 PM — Since the attack, the victim’s personality is said to have changed with him now living in fear.

  • 10th November 2011

    Gay MP tells Parliament of homophobic attack 82

    Mr Andrew is the MP for Pudsey

    3:37 PM — Conservative MP for Pudsey recalls own experience, of 1990s anti-gay attack, during equality discussions in Westminster.

  • 27th October 2011

    Gay murder victim Stuart Walker was questioned over child indecency

    Police are investigating Stuart Walker's death

    11:20 AM — A gay man whose beaten and burned body was found near an Ayrshire industrial estate last weekend had been questioned by police over an alleged child indecency incident. Stuart Walker, a barman from Cumnock, was found dead in the early hours of Saturday morning. Police said he had suffered "horrific" injuries.

  • 17th October 2011

    Gay man jailed for homophobic attack 23

    Robert Jackson was jailed for the attack

    11:11 AM — A gay man has been jailed for breaking another gay man's jaw in two places in a homophobic attack. Maidstone crown court heard that Robert Jackson's attack was motivated by homophobia, despite being gay himself.

  • 26th September 2011

    Man’s jaw broken in Edinburgh anti-gay attack 63

    Police are looking for the gang

    1:35 PM — Police in Edinburgh are seeking a gang who broke a man's jaw during a homophobic attack early on Saturday morning. The victim, 20, had just left the GHQ nightclub when he passed a group of four men and one woman on Broughton Street at 2.30am.

  • 21st September 2011

    Teen says he killed gay man because he came on to him

    The case continues

    11:30 AM — A Lincolnshire teenager accused of murdering a pensioner says he lashed out because the older man came on to him. Aiden Jackson, is accused of murdering David Cowley, 67, at Sleaford Rail Station in November last year.

  • 19th September 2011

    Lib Dem president Tim Farron ‘victim of false gay rumours’ 56

    Tim Farron called the rumours "wicked"

    10:19 AM — Liberal Democrat party president Tim Farron has hit out at "wicked" rumours that he was blackmailed over a "secret gay life".

  • 15th September 2011

    Two assaults in Liverpool’s gay quarter 6

    Police are investigating two attacks in the gay quarter

    5:05 PM — Liverpool police are investigating two attacks on young men on streets in the city's gay quarter. Police say there is no evidence yet that the assaults were motivated by homophobia but have sought to reassure the gay community.

  • Maryland teenager jailed for five years over attack on transgender woman 40

    Trans activists held a protest after the attack

    1:11 PM — A teenage girl from Baltimore, Maryland, has been sentenced to five years in jail for attacking a transgender woman in a McDonalds' restaurant.

  • 8th September 2011

    Teenager jailed for car-jacking at gay cruising spot 11

    Lewis Harding was jailed for five years

    3:30 PM — A 19-year-old man has been jailed for five years for car-jacking a man at a gay cruising spot. Lewis Harding, of Kingshurst, West Midlands, was arrested when he was seen driving the vehicle the following day.

  • 2nd February 2011

    Carlisle men fined for shouting abuse at trans women 8

    The pair were fined for the abuse

    2:22 PM — Two men from Carlisle have been fined for shouting abuse at two transgender women in the street. Carlisle magistrates' court heard that Wayne Blair and Stephen Currie, both 22, had threatened Simone Armstrong and Kim Oakland and yelled anti-gay abuse at them.

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