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  • 5th June 2012

    Utah: Mormons march in their hundreds at gay pride parade 42

    Members of Mormons Building Bridges marched through Salt Lake City in traditional attire (Photo: Facebook)

    5:28 PM — Almost three hundred members of the Mormon Church, all of whom define themselves as straight, joined the gay pride march in Salt Lake City, Utah, in order to show their support for gay rights.

  • 28th April 2012

    Utah: Gay teenager commits suicide 52

    A candlelit vigil will be held for Jack Reese on Wednesday (Photo: Facebook)

    8:47 PM — A 17-year old from Mountain Green, Utah, has killed himself due to homophobic bullying, local media organisations report.

  • 10th April 2012

    Mormon university’s gay students may film It Gets Better video but must stay celibate 17

    An administrator said the video would not violate the honour code

    4:40 PM — An It Gets Better video made by students at the Mormon Brigham Young University in Utah did not violate the school's honour code, an official has said.

  • 8th March 2012

    Utah senate votes to stop discussion of homosexuality in schools 33

    The state senate passed the bill 19-10 (Photo: Ken Lund)

    12:42 PM — Utah's state legislature has passed a bill this week making sex education lessons optional and prohibiting the discussion of homosexuality or instructions on how to use contraception.

  • 8th February 2012

    Travel: Getting sexy in Salt Lake City 14

    Salt Late City, Utah (Photo: Adam Barker)

    9:31 AM — Ushered onto the global stage by the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City might still be best known as the base of the Latter-day Saints Church. But JD van Zyl found underneath its perfectly pristine Mormon veneer hides a surprisingly rewarding and gay-friendly destination.

  • 2nd August 2011

    Study to be carried out on gay Mormons 58

    The church frowns on homosexuality

    12:16 PM — US researchers are carrying out an online survey on the lives and experiences of LGBT Mormons. Renee Galliher, a psychology professor at Utah State University, and Bill Bradshaw, a biology professor at Brigham Young University, say they hope to find out the truth about the gay Mormon experience" and give faith leaders more information.

  • 18th July 2011

    Utah Democrats elect gay man as chairman 10

    Utah's Democrats elected a gay man as chairman

    4:03 PM — The US state of Utah's Democratic party has elected a gay man as its chairman. Art dealer Jim Dabakis, who has been involved in gay rights campaigning in the state, was elected on Saturday during a party convention in Salt Lake City.

  • 24th February 2011

    Christian website blames Christchurch Quake on gays 92

    The ChristchurchQuake.net website is hosted in Utah

    12:13 PM — Members of the LGBT community in New Zealand have denounced a US-based Christian website for blaming the Christchurch earthquake on vengeance from God because of the "amoral" behaviour of gays and lesbians.

  • 28th January 2010

    Elton John and Lady Gaga ‘to play Grammys duet’ 12

    Elton John and Lady Gaga could perform a duet

    2:28 PM — Elton John and Lady Gaga will reportedly perform a duet at this weekend's Grammy Awards. Sources told Metro that details still had to be finalised but organisers were keen for the two to sing together.

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