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us 2012 elections

  • 8th November 2012

    Analysis: A new dawn for LGBT America 5

    2012 will be remembered as the year when LGBT Americans won at the ballot box

    9:40 PM — After an extraordinary US election result with voters in three states passing equal marriage rights for gay couples, Scott Roberts sums up the highlights of an incredible week for America.

  • 7th November 2012

    US 2012: Tammy Baldwin elected as first openly gay US senator 14

    Ms Baldwin was first elected to political office in 1986

    2:57 AM — Democrat Tammy Baldwin has become the first openly gay member of the US Senate, beating Republican Tommy Thompson in the senate race for Wisconsin.

  • 6th November 2012

    US 2012: LGBT history in the making 17

    The next 24 hours will be a significant moment for LGBT rights in America

    12:28 PM — Election Day has arrived in the United States with millions of Americans going to the polls to vote for the country’s next president, along with landmark public referendums on equal marriage taking place in four different states.

  • 5th November 2012

    Republican invokes memory of gay dead brother to blast equal marriage 96

    Rep. Dave Johnson (Photo: Bangor Daily News)

    8:50 PM — A Republican state representative in Maine has urged voters in Tuesday’s equal marriage referendum to reject the measure and says even in death, he still disagrees with his late brother’s sexuality.

  • Analysis: US 2012 race draws to a close 2

    Scott plans to stay up all night for US 2012

    11:39 AM — Scott Roberts assesses President Obama’s first term as the US heads towards Election Day.

  • 16th May 2011

    Donald Trump won’t run for US president 23

    Donald Trump won't run for the presidency

    6:11 PM — US billionaire and gay marriage opponent Donald Trump has announced he will not run for the Republican presidential nomination. In a statement today, he said he had a "strong conviction" that he could win the race and ultimately the presidency in 2012 but is not ready to leave the private sector.

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