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Theodore Boutrous

  • 5th January 2010

    Court case on California marriage ban to be heard next week 8

    The court will examine whether the ban is unconstitutional (Photo: Flickr user albany_tim)

    1:11 PM — Next Monday, a federal court will examine for the first time whether the US constitution allows states to ban gay marriage. The case, brought by two gay couples who argue that California's ban violates their constitutional rights, will be heard on January 11th and is expected to last two to three weeks.

  • 31st December 2009

    Televised trial of Proposition 8 ‘possible’ 1

    Proposition 8 overturned a Supreme Court ruling in favour of gay marriage

    2:37 PM — Challenge to legislation banning gay marriage could be broadcast as part of a new initiative in the US.

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