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Tel Aviv

  • 12th August 2011

    Tel Aviv LGBT youth centre faces closure 4

    Tel Aviv's gay youth centre may have to close

    1:26 PM — An LGBT youth centre in Tel Aviv may have to close because of financial problems. The Bar Noar centre was the scene of a fatal shooting two years ago, in which a teenage girl and a counsellor died. The perpetrator has not been caught.

  • 19th June 2011

    Row after Israeli airport staff strip search Barcelona gay rights leader’s boyfriend 231

    Tel Aviv Pride took place last week (Photo: Matthew Lawton)

    12:01 PM — Two of the leading members of Barcelona's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) community have claimed that they were subjected to humiliating security checks while trying to fly home to Spain from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticised the actions by airport security staff.

  • 10th June 2011

    Tens of thousands expected at Tel Aviv Gay Pride 11

    Marchers get ready for 2011's Tel Aviv Pride

    10:34 AM — Tens of thousands of people are expected to join Tel Aviv Pride in Israel today. The day kicked off with a fair at Meir Park and will end with a party at Gordon Beach, where the march concludes.

  • 6th June 2011

    Israeli Knesset Speaker angers orthodox Jews over involvement in Gay Pride Month 61

    Tel Aviv Pride takes place this Saturday 10 June.

    6:02 PM — Reuven Rivlin the Speaker (presiding officer) of the Knesset - the Israeli parliament - has angered conservative Jewish Knesset Members (MKs) over his plans to meet with leaders of the gay community in Israel in honor of Gay Pride Month.

  • 20th October 2010

    Israel’s only gay MP speaks out for marriage on visit to London 8

    Nitzan Horowitz address a neeting in London last week

    4:30 PM — Nitzan Horowitz, the first openly gay politician to be elected to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), is a man on a mission. Representing the left of centre, pro-peace New Movement-Meretz party, he has called for Israel to introduce secular marriages for gay and straight couples as well as campaigning for help for LGBT people from neighboring Arab countries who risk death if returned home.

  • 26th August 2010

    Israeli gay man kidnapped by relatives 5

    A young Israeli gay man was kidnapped from his home in Tel Aviv

    11:49 AM — Four residents of Tamra, northern Israel, are suspected of kidnapping a 19-year-old gay relative from his home in Tel Aviv and holding him captive for 12 hours.

  • 25th June 2010

    Israeli police reject proposed gay pride parade route through Jerusalem 8

    Jerusalem Pride 2010's proposed route has been rejected

    12:09 PM — The Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance's proposed route from for a gay pride march through the city has been rejected by Israeli police, who claimed one reason for their concern is that the route would pass a yeshiva, an institution for the study of traditional Jewish texts such as the Torah.

  • 26th May 2010

    Gay father of twins to be allowed back into Israel this week 7

    Israel has welcomed gay father back

    4:33 PM — A gay man with twin sons born to a surrogate mother in India is to be allowed to return to his native Isreal this week after being stranded in a Mumbai hotel for the past two months because of the Ministry of the Interior's refusal to issue a paternity test.

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