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  • 8th August 2014

    NOM launches boycott of Target over support for marriage equality 42

    Target is being boycotted by the anti-gay group

    12:08 PM — The anti-gay National Organisation for Marriage has launched a boycott of retail giant Target, after it announced support for marriage equality.

  • 6th August 2014

    US retailer Target publicly endorses equal marriage 4

    Target has endorsed marriage equality

    2:53 PM — US retail giant┬áTarget has endorsed same-sex marriage for the first time, in a legal brief.

  • 26th July 2012

    Target releases a gay-friendly ad 15

    Target is trying to appeal to gay couples

    11:33 PM — US retailer Target has been praised for advertising depicting a gay male couple on their wedding day. The ad, highlighting the company's wedding gift registry service, shows a male couple holding hands. The taglines say: "That's Love" and "Be Yourself. Together."

  • 15th July 2012

    US store Target stocks cards for gay couples 20

    Target now sells gay greetings cards

    10:06 PM — US retailer Target has begun selling greetings cards for same-sex couples. The Star-Tribune reports that cards with messages such as 'Mr & Mr' and 'For two special women' went on sale in mid-June.

  • 1st June 2012

    Target Corp. releases gay pride t-shirts, angers anti-gay groups 23

    Target's record on gay rights has been controversial

    10:12 PM — US retail giant, Target, has begun selling gay pride t-shirts on its website in order to raise money for a pro-equality group, earning thus the wrath of anti-gay groups around the country.

  • 8th April 2011

    Judge rules gay rights group can canvass outside Target 9

    Target lost its case against the gay group

    3:20 PM — A judge has ruled against US retailer Target in its bid to ban gay rights campaigners canvassing outside its San Diego stores. Target, which has been criticised for supporting anti-gay groups, claimed that Canvass For A Cause, which is working for gay marriage, was driving away its customers.

  • 25th March 2011

    US retailer Target sues gay rights group 45

    1:06 PM — Target is suing a San Diego gay rights group for canvassing outside its stores. The US retail giant claims that Canvass For A Cause, which is working for gay marriage, is driving away its customers.

  • 23rd March 2011

    Ricky Martin performs for Target staff despite Lady Gaga anti-gay row 32

    Ricky Martin won the Vito Russo Award at the GLAAD media awards (photo: GLAAD)

    9:04 PM — Fresh from winning a GLAAD award following coming out, Ricky Martin has performed at a meeting of the managers of Target, the US retailer criticised for supporting homophobic political groups.

  • 10th March 2011

    US retailer Target fires back at Lady Gaga following row over anti-gay donations 21

    Lady Gaga's new single has been described as the 'new gay anthem' by Sir Elton John

    10:38 AM — US retail giant Target has hit back at Lady Gaga after she walked away from an exclusive deal for the sale of her single Born This Way over the company's controversial donations to political groups who back anti-gay policies.

  • 21st February 2011

    Target agrees to fund gay groups following Lady Gaga deal 44

    Lady Gaga's new single has been described as the 'new gay anthem' by Sir Elton John

    11:11 PM — A special edition of Lady Gaga's new single, 'Born This Way', is to be exclusively sold at the retailer Target. The company has in the past donated considerable sums to organisations that support those who discriminate or even advocate death and violence to gays. Now Lady Gaga has forced the retail chain to "make amends" and donate to gay rights groups.

  • 30th December 2009

    Gay man shot dead in Washington DC

    Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward

    3:05 PM — Police are appealing for information after a gay man was found shot dead in his car in south-east Washington. Anthony J Perkins, 29, was found dead on Sunday near an airforce base on 4th Street when police responded to reports of gunfire.

  • 14th December 2009

    Annise Parker elected first out gay mayor of Houston 1

    Annise Parker is the mayor-elect of Houston

    11:19 AM — Annise Parker, an out lesbian, has been elected mayor of Houston, Texas. The vote makes the city the largest in the US to elect an openly gay mayor. Parker won against city attorney Gene Locke by 53.6 per cent of the vote.

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