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  • 16th January 2012

    Germany captain: Society cannot accept gay footballers 61

    Philipp Lahm compared football to gladiatorial combat (Photo: Flickr user sdhansay)

    5:06 PM — Bayern Munich and German football captain Philipp Lahm does not believe society is ready to accept gay professional footballers, saying: “The football stadium is rarely politically correct. Football is like gladiatorial combat."

  • 18th January 2011

    Gay couple win case over hotel ban 549

    The hotel owners lost the case

    10:34 AM — A gay couple have won their case against the owners of a hotel after being refused a double room. Martin Hall and Steven Preddy, who are civil partners, sued devout Christians Peter and Hazelmary Bull for sexual orientation discrimination.

  • 14th December 2009

    Man evicted for homophobic hate campaign 6

    Richard Leonard had harassed his neighbours

    7:11 PM — A man who made his neighbours' lives hell has been served with a 56-day eviction notice. Richard Leonard, 57, of Baldmoor Lake Road, Erdington, had been accused of waging a homophobic and anti-social hate campaign against his neighbours since May.

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