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sex reassignment surgery

  • 3rd April 2015

    California must allow trans woman prisoner to have surgery 4

    Michelle-Lael Norsworthy is the first prisoner in California to be granted gender confirmation surgery.

    10:25 AM — A judge has ordered the California prison system to grant gender confirmation surgery to a prisoner.

  • 30th September 2014

    US: Teacher and symbol of trans movement dies 1

    Lily McBeth named reluctant symbol of the transgender movement

    6:08 PM — A teacher who came to symbolise the trans rights movement in New Jersey has died aged 80.

  • 1st April 2014

    Protestant South Korean sex reassignment surgeon: ‘I’ve decided to defy God’s will’ 4

    Dr Kim Seok-Kwun: 'My patients desperately wanted these surgeries. Without them, they'd kill themselves'

    2:54 PM — A leading sex reassignment surgeon in South Korea has spoken about his experiences helping transgender people as a devout Protestant, saying he has made it his mission to correct what he calls "God's mistakes."

  • 17th October 2011

    Poland’s first transgender MP will fight for equal rights 9

    Anna Grodzka is Poland's first transgender MP

    2:43 PM — Anna Grodzka, Poland's first transgender MP, says she will seek equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The 57-year-old, who was elected an MP for Krakow last week, said she would make the Catholic country more accepting.

  • 6th October 2011

    Australian transgender men win legal recognition 4

    The pair must be recognised as men, the highest court ruled

    9:50 AM — Two transgender men in Australia have won the right to be legally recognised as men without undergoing sex reassignment surgery. The pair, who have not been named, have had their breasts removed and some hormone therapy, although they still have some female sexual organs.

  • 5th October 2011

    New medical rules for US transgender inmates

    Rules for trans prisoners have changed

    11:27 AM — The US Bureau of Prisons has adopted new rules for the care of transgender inmates. Previously, prisoners would be permitted to continue with treatments such as hormone therapy if they began them before being incarcerated. However, they would not be permitted to start such treatments inside.

  • 28th September 2011

    Transgender woman tells of DIY surgery 27

    Kirsty Cass tried to carry out her own surgery

    11:37 AM — A transgender woman has revealed how her desperation for sex reassignment surgery led her to try and cut off her genitals. Kirsty Cass, of Crawley, West Sussex, says she almost bled to death after using a Stanley knife to partially sever her penis.

  • 26th September 2011

    Transgender woman says she has been left ‘half man’ by NHS surgery refusal 81

    Cathy Ann Daniels has been told her surgery is for cosmetic reasons

    3:39 PM — A transgender woman from Burnley has accused the NHS of leaving her "half man, half woman" by refusing to pay for her breast surgery. Cathy Ann Daniels, 57, was born physically male and has had some surgery.

  • 22nd September 2011

    Dancer sacked from Chinese talent show because she’s transgender 18

    Jin Xing says culture officials said she would have 'negative effects on society'

    12:13 PM — A famous Chinese dancer says she was dropped as a judge on a TV talent show because she is transgender. Jin Xing, 44, had sex reassignment surgery in 1996. She was booked to appear for eight weeks on Feitong Fanxiang, a show for professional singers.

  • 16th September 2011

    Australia to allow transgender and intersex passport options 19

    Trans and intersex people can choose their passport gender

    11:48 AM — Changes to passport rules in Australia are about to make travel a great deal easier for intersex or trans individuals. Under the new rules, gender may be recorded on passports as 'M', 'F' – or 'X'.

  • 19th July 2011

    Malaysian trans woman loses court case over gender change 5

    Malaysia does not allow trans people to be recognised in their new sex

    11:22 AM — A Malaysian trans woman has lost her court case to legally change her sex. Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, 26, had sex reassignment surgery in 2008 in Thailand and hoped to obtain an identity card declaring she is female.

  • 11th March 2011

    Trans woman loses legal battle for breast implants 34

    The PCT refused to fund C's surgery

    11:54 AM — A trans woman has lost her legal battle to have breast implants funded by the NHS. The 59-year-old patient, known as C, challenged a decision by West Berkshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) not to provide the money but the Court of Appeal ruled today that the PCT was entitled to make the refusal.

  • 5th January 2011

    Trans woman performs DIY castration 22

    The trans woman was said to have been determined to have the surgery

    2:56 PM — A transgender woman in North Derbyshire was treated in hospital after a DIY castration. The patient, 22, is said to have been determined to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

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