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Seth Walsh

  • 18th April 2011

    US study: Gay teen suicide risk higher in conservative areas 40

    Tyler Clementi killed himself because he believed his roommate taped him having sex with a man

    10:38 AM — An American study suggests that attempted suicide rates among gay teenagers are higher in areas considered less liberal. Researchers said youths were more likely to try to kill themselves in areas without gay-supportive school programmes.

  • 19th October 2010

    Wear purple on Wednesday in memory of gay teen suicides 14

    The day calls for people to wear purple in memory of the gay teenagers

    5:24 PM — After a spate of suicides among gay US teenagers, people across the world will wear purple tomorrow to honour their memory. More than 1.3 million people have pledged on Facebook to mark 'Spirit Day', which was created by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan.

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