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  • 8th April 2013

    Feature: The Budget 2013 and how it will affect you

    There are several ways to reduce exposure to paying more tax than is necessary

    5:18 PM — Following George Osborne’s recent Budget it has been claimed that the amount of tax paid by the masses has been reduced, though this has been met with an air of scepticism by many. If you are a house-building or home-buying motorist who’s fond of the occasional beer you would have done rather well, whereas retailers continue to feel the pinch.

  • 7th December 2012

    Study: Gay Americans earn more, owe less, and are more prepared for retirement 11

    The study suggested that LGBT people earned a fifth more than the national average in the US

    1:41 AM — New research has shown that LGBT people are better at managing money, as they earn more, are less likely to be in debt, and are generally better prepared for retirement than straight people.

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