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Sarah Waters

  • 31st January 2013

    Feature: DIVA marks 200th edition with rallying call for more LGBT rights 1

    DIVA is celebrating its 200th issue

    1:36 PM — DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska tells PinkNews.co.uk what’s changed since the queer women’s title was launched in 1994 and what she believes still needs changing.

  • 12th July 2011

    Lesbians speak up – we can’t see you 37

    Heather Peace says young lesbians need role models

    3:38 PM — Where are all the lesbians? Chloe Setter speaks to four gay women - including writer Julie Bindel and singer Heather Peace - to find out why lesbians lack visibility.

  • 21st April 2011

    Kate Middleton ‘a lesbian icon’ 69

    Kate Middleton - a lesbian icon? (Photo: Nick Warner)

    10:08 AM — Kate Middleton will soon be considered an "icon" to lesbians, the novelist Sarah Waters says. Waters, who wrote lesbian novel Tipping The Velvet, told the Daily Telegraph that Prince William's fiancée appeals to lesbians in the same way Princess Diana did to gay men.

  • 8th November 2010

    Gay arts festival GFEST begins today 1

    GFEST director Niranjan Kamatkar with Lynne Featherstone and David Lammy

    6:35 PM — London's only LGBT arts festival begins today. GFEST will run for two weeks and features dozens of short films, exhibitions and performances by a range of artists.

  • 29th October 2010

    Stonewall launches own message for gay teenagers 33

    Stonewall launched the It Gets Better Today campaign

    2:01 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has launched its own version of the US It Gets Better YouTube campaign for bullied gay teenagers. 'It Gets Better Today' tells young people that they do not have to wait for their lives to improve because the UK already has civil partnerships, out gay soldiers and parental rights for gay people.

  • David Cameron supports gay arts event GFEST 18

    David Cameron sent a message of support to GFEST

    12:02 PM — Prime minister David Cameron has released a message of support for GFEST, London's annual gay arts and culture festival. The two-week festival starts on November 8th and will be held at venues across London.

  • 11th February 2010

    UK’s only gay bookshop hit by huge rent rise 17

    Gay's The Word has been hit by a rent hike

    11:05 AM — The UK's only bookshop catering exclusively for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people has been hit by a 25 per cent rent increase. The manager of London-based Gay's The Word, Jim MacSweeney, said he was "appalled" by Camden council's decision.

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