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risky sexual behaviour

  • 13th September 2012

    Poland: HIV infections on the rise for gay men due to ‘risky’ sexual behavior 13

    Poland’s National AIDS Centre said that some of the rise was down to improved HIV testing

    11:00 AM — A study in Poland shows there were 992 new HIV infections reported in the country last year, and that two thirds of those who tested positive for the virus were in the gay community.

  • 13th December 2011

    100 take part in first gay pride march in Pune, India 6

    India decriminalised homosexuality in 2009 (Photo: Flickr user Jepoirrier)

    12:21 PM — Around 100 people participated in the first gay pride march to be held in Pune, India's eighth largest city. The rally was organised by Samapathik, a local men's sexual health organisation.

  • 27th October 2011

    Government says it must do more to tackle HIV 128

    HIV rates continue to rise

    3:35 PM — Health secretary Andrew Lansley has admitted that the government can and should do more to tackle HIV rates. In a response to a recent House of Lords report on HIV and AIDS, he agreed that investment in HIV prevention would offer "significant savings" in the short and long term.

  • 24th October 2011

    SNP condemns gay blood ban 51

    The lifetime ban will be lifted on November 7th (Photo: Sarah G)

    3:21 PM — The Scottish National Party has approved a motion condeming the blood donation ban on gay men. Delegates at the party's conference in Inverness backed a motion which said that new rules allowing gay men to donate blood if celibate for a year are not good enough.

  • 20th September 2011

    Lib Dems say 12-month gay blood ban must be lifted 27

    The Lib Dem conference voted to urge the government to remove the 12-month ban

    12:02 PM — The Liberal Democrat party has voted to urge the government to go further on removing blood donation restrictions on gay men. Members at the party's conference in Birmingham agreed that the new 12-month deferral period is "a ban by any other name".

  • 8th September 2011

    Peter Tatchell: A 12-month blood donation ban is still unjustified 49

    The lifetime ban on gay men donating blood has been changed to a one-year deferral period

    7:46 PM — Opinion: Although the new policy is a big improvement on the existing discriminatory rules, a 12-month ban is still excessive and unjustified. Most gay and bisexual men do not have HIV and will never have HIV.

  • 23rd November 2010

    Study says daily HIV drug lowers infection in gay men

    Taking Truvada may dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection

    4:50 PM — A study indicates that a drug used to treat HIV after infection can also lower the risk of gay men becoming infected with the virus. The research, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that giving Truvada to gay men at high risk of HIV lowered their chances of acquiring the virus by 40 per cent.

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