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reggae star

  • 18th May 2012

    Video: Raggae star Beenie Man renounces homophobia, supports gay rights 74

    Mr Davis' songs have included the lyrics, 'Tez a bazooka and kill batty-fucker,' though he claims to have evolved his views too

    10:06 PM — The Jamaican reggae singer Beenie Man, whose songs have often been the subject of pronounced controversy over its violently homophobic content, has released a new video where he appears to renounce his anti-gay stance, and proclaims support for gay rights.

  • 12th January 2011

    Ghanaian reggae star calls homosexuality a ‘disorder’ 141

    Blakk Rasta said people should "empathise" with the "disorder" of homosexuality

    4:30 PM — A Ghanaian reggae artist has been criticised after he called homosexuality a "disorder" in an interview. Blakk Rasta told GhanaMusic.com: "It is not the normal concept of life. Every man must sex a woman and not otherwise. Homosexuality is a mental/genetically disorder, in my opinion."

  • 14th December 2009

    Anti-gay singer Buju Banton arrested on drug charges 24

    Buju Banton was arrested on Thursday

    2:12 PM — The Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is in custody pending charges of drug offences. The singer, who has been condemned for lyrics calling for gays to be killed, was arrested in Miami on Thursday.

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