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queensland australia

  • 10th January 2012

    8,500 sign Catholic priest’s petition to end “gay panic” defence 28

    Father Kelly is unhappy the defence can even be raised (Photo: Flickr user The Man in Blue)

    11:24 AM — A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia has seen huge support for his petition to have the “gay panic" defence struck out. Defendants claim "gay panic" in murder cases to try and downgrade the charge, saying the victim made a gay advance and they lost control of their actions.

  • 30th December 2011

    Catholic priest petitions to remove Australian “gay panic defence” 53

    Father Kelly said the church had "always defended basic human rights"

    10:14 AM — A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia has started an online petition to ensure the complete removal of the "homosexual advance defence", which has been used to attempt to have murder charges lessened to manslaughter if the victim had propositioned the killer.

  • 24th December 2009

    Father accused of forcing ‘gay’ son to have sex with a prostitute

    The case will be heard at a higher court

    4:59 PM — A father is standing trial in Queensland, Australia, for allegedly forcing his 14-year-old son to sleep with a prostitute because he thought the boy was gay. According to the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, the alleged incident happened in 2007 at a family barbecue.

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