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prime minister of belgium

  • 28th December 2011

    The top international LGBT stories of 2011 4

    2011 saw important decisions taken by states and international organisations (Photo: Steve Cadman)

    11:17 AM — This year saw real change around the world when it came to LGBT rights. Many political milestones were reached, but as some countries progressed, other states faced international criticism for attempts to restrict their citizens' rights.

  • 7th December 2011

    Elio Di Rupo, Europe’s second openly gay government leader sworn in 27

    Elio Di Rupo is the leader of the Socialist Party

    9:28 AM — Elio Di Rupo has been named the new, openly gay, Prime Minister of Belgium, after the country went a year and a half without a government. He will become the second openly gay head of government in Europe.

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